A view of a building in Johnson County Indiana with a welcome note in the middle. A view of a building in Johnson County Indiana with a welcome note in the middle.

11 Johnson County Indiana Adventures Await

Johnson County, Indiana, also known as “Indy South,” is a beautiful and diverse city worth exploring at least once.

Greenwood, its biggest city, is 20 minutes south of downtown Indianapolis

You could even hitch a stay or plan a cute vacation here in Johnson County Indiana. But keep in mind that it’s not easy to tour its entire attractions in a couple of hours.

Other fun facts about Johnson County, Indiana are:

  • About 152,000 individuals called Johnson County, Indiana, the home starting in 2016.
  • Johnson County, Indiana, was established and named in 1823 as an adjudicator of the Indiana Supreme Court. His name? John Johnson.
  • CNN Money called Johnson County, Indiana, one of eight spots where the working class flourishes, which means low joblessness rates and decent personal satisfaction.
  • Johnson County, Indiana, is in a similar time region as New York City, which implies no jet lags for East Coasters.

Are you planning to get away for a few days somewhere? Why not try Johnson County, Indiana?

With so many things to do and attractions to see, this county is one of the best places for a short vacation – be it solo or with family.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the things to do in Johnson County, Indiana!

1. The Breweries

A person pouring the beer into the glass from the tap.
Photo by BENCE BOROS on Unsplash
First of all, Johnson County Indiana has some amazing distilleries and Breweries.
Although you could try going through all, for those in a bit of a time constraint- here are the four best spots that you need to check out during your visit.

a. Planetary Brewing Co.

Two people Cheering the beer mugs.
Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

This brewery is for those who have wanted to experience NASA’s tour and have been huge fans of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Dispatched into space in March 2013, Planetary Brewing was the next bottling work in Johnson County Indiana.

Its 120-year-old structure depicts the bottling ventures in the nearby house and transforms it into a music setting/meal corridor.

Planetary’s main goal, should you decide to acknowledge it, is to help customers journey through the “Universe of Beer” and look at all the changed planet’s brews.

Brews You Cannot Miss:

Parallax Vanilla Porter (5.6% ABV), a delicious watchman disinfected in whiskey (generally Maker’s Mark, which gives it a nibble), making it out of this world.

While the IPA on tap (Bosstin Hill, 6.75% ABV) is delicious, please make certain to look at the JJS-550, a supreme IPA that is one of their most mainstream brews.

b. Taxman Brewing Company 

A person pouring the beer from the tap in a brewery.
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

It is high on specialty brew fans’ radar, which implies that you need to visit it. It turns out that three of the distillery’s originators are charge experts.

With the modern feel of its inside and its broad determination of brews, Taxman — which opened in 2014— would be comfortable close to any Seattle or Portland distillery.

Families can taste mixes close to neon orange and yellow-clad bicyclists from the Central Indiana Bicycle Association inside. Simultaneously, young couples can try lagers, and kids can frolic on the open-air deck.

Lager, you Cannot Miss:

Evasion, a 14.5% ABV barrel-matured Belgian-style bold.

c. Shale Creek Brewing

Shale Creek Brewing is “the spot to be” in the Franklin city of Johnson County Indiana, at the end of the week, and it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why.

The brewery, set up in 2013, serves a variety of delightful lager and has an outside feasting territory and occasion scene (which opened in 2016)—drinking some lager while tuning in to unrecorded music. Indeed, please. 

It has an Open-air structure, and in case you are ravenous, attempt the food nearby at Triple Play.

Lagers you cannot Miss:

Peach Pit IPA and Downtown Cocoa Brown have fantastic espresso and chocolate flavors without the flavors being overpowering.

d. Oaken Barrel Brewing Company

Oaken Barrel, which opened in 1994 in Johnson County Indiana, is the most seasoned specialty blend place in Johnson County Indiana. Further, it is the second most seasoned in the entire state.

Try their fine-quality brews with many other nonalcoholic drinks. They make sure to guide you through your choice of liquor, so don’t hesitate to ask the waiter if you don’t understand what to order.

Lagers You Can’t-Miss:

Razz Wheat (5.0% ABV), an overcast and dull pink organic product brew ideal for a warm climate, Super Fly IPA (7.5% ABV), cast a ballot best IPA in Indiana.

2. Greenwood Trail System

A trail in the middle of a forest area.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Large numbers of the paths have an association with each other. So you can play at one park and ride to the following one if you live around there.

It is a great recreational activity for kids and those who want to have a peaceful stroll. 

3. Ranchers Market

Vegetables are displayed in the market to sell.
Photo by Scott Evans on Unsplash

During the mid-year months, local families appreciate visiting the Farmer’s Markets in Franklin and Greenwood. Why not try out the same?

Shop for a large variety of high-quality health products and organic foods. The entry here is free of cost.

4. Swap Meet in Bargersville

Make sure to check out the swap meet in Bargersville. They sell old toys, collectibles, garments, and so forth. 

The swap meet has all the more a fair sort environment with food trucks and merchants.

5. Apple Works

ripe apples on the tree.
Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

For those of you who love orchards, Apple Works are just for you!

They have decent grounds, a petting zoo, labyrinths for the children, and delectable Apples if you search for a sound bite.

Stop by and pick out the juiciest and the reddest apples to take back home. Admission here is free of cost.

6. The Historic Artcraft Theater

Watch an exemplary film on a Friday or Saturday night at the Historic Artcraft Theater. They show families well-disposed motion pictures.

They also offer art for the children, like face paintings and paint tattoos. Ticket per person ranges from $3-$5.

7.  Museum of History

A person looking at the art in the museum.
Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

The set of experiences gallery has fascinating ancient rarities and shows to find, the shows change regularly.

They show an extraordinary presentation about computer games exclusively—no ticket charges for this place.

8. Greenwood Community Center and Franklin Park

Another park for all you walkers!

Join a sporting event or sports association at the Greenwood or Franklin Community Centers. Although, they may levy a small charge for the maintenance of their offices.

9. Johnson County Public Library

For all you bookworms and avid readers, the library has a great collection of books. Get comfy on a sofa or a table and read your favorite book for a relaxing evening.

10. Blue Heron Park and Wetland

A blue bird flying.
Photo by William Foley on Unsplash
Blue Heron Park and Wetland incorporate:
  • A Jungle gym
  • Athletic fields
  • Ab-ball court
  • An outing cover.

Gatherings can learn group building and how to communicate with each other on a 22-component challenge course.

Guests searching for an extraordinary view can appreciate the 12 acres of land full of wildflowers.

A footbridge and promenade associate the 55 acres of the land park and the 300 acres of land wetlands and are home to various birds and natural life. These include sandhill cranes, herons, egrets, otters, and gators.

Things for Kids to Do

Indiana’s climate is a long way from unsurprising. But, even on inauspicious, stormy days, the kids are jumping and brimming with energy.

In case you find yourself trapped with your youngster due to sudden rain on your vacation, here are a few things you could do to keep your kid from boredom.

1. Monkey Joe’s Play Area

Run, play, and leap as much as you might want at Monkey Joe’s play area off Somany Road. There are many big inflatables for hopping jungle gyms.

Also, there’s a unique spot only for littles too!

2. Wright’s Fundamentals Gymnastics

Visit other play region top picks, including We Rock the Spectrum and Skyzone Indy South!

You could even look at Wright’s Fundamentals Gymnastics’ two southside areas (Southeast and Center Grove) during their open rec center time. Or then again, drop in at Gymboree!

3. Greenwood’s Pristine Kid City

Climb, envision, and work at Greenwood’s Pristine Kid City play space in the recently renovated Greenwood Community Center.

Complete with an overwhelming light brilliant board, a gigantic Lego table, a craft focus with provisions, floor-to-roof Buddha sheets (painting with water), and floor-to-roof climbing structures.

4. Baxter YMCA

Run, slide, float, and investigate the labyrinth play region within the Baxter YMCA in their Kidzone.

Tables on the side give parents space to set up an outing or read a book. Wifi and TVs keep grown-ups engaged too.

YMCA individuals can likewise pack their bathing suits and drop by the indoor pool during open swim time.

5. Pottery

Make a magnum opus at one of the Southside’s ceramics by your areas!

Off 135 and Smith Valley, there’s the Upaint Pottery, and You Are The Potter on Madison Avenue close to the Greenwood Mall.

EndNote: Johnson County Indiana

Johnson County Indiana has the whole package for all your family members of all ages. Visit, and share your happy experience in the comments section!

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