Best Time to Go to Puerto Rico: 3 Must Visit Seasons

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best time to go Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico can have a significant impact on how you see the world. This Caribbean location is worth the journey, thanks to the diverse island animals, hopping urban areas, strange cultural traditions, and lush jungles.

This American territory in the Caribbean has mild weather all year round due to its latitude.

This island’s capital, San Juan, has 330,000 residents and is located on the island’s north shore. The island is covered in tropical rainforests, mountains, and waterfalls.

Over 70% of the population of the island’s capital—2.3 million people—lives in or near the city. They are an amalgam of Spanish, African, Caribbean, and native residents.

Puerto Rico is a lovely getaway with a diverse culture, delicious food, and stunning scenery.

Puerto Rico is a well-liked travel destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. When is the appropriate time to travel to Puerto Rico, then?

Use this information to decide the ideal time of year to visit Puerto Rico because the time of year you pick for your trip is crucial. Also find cheap Puerto Rico vacations options.

Because Puerto Rico has year-round attractions, any time is an excellent time to come. Warm, sometimes even hot, the weather will always be a part of existence.

best time to go to Puerto Rico
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1. Best Time to Go to Puerto Rico

An excellent tropical escape is Puerto Rico. Depending on your preferred weather, festivals, activities, and price ranges, there is a great time to visit Puerto Rico.

It is beautiful all around and a stunning island to visit. But generally speaking, the best time to travel is from mid-April to mid-June.

This is the period following the winter season and shortly before the summer. The spring season is also pleasant.

1.1. Puerto Rico Weather

Puerto Rico has a tropical environment with warm temperatures all year round. The climates of the coast and the highlands differ noticeably and quite clearly, with lower temperatures in the mountains.

Similarly, the island’s south is a little warmer than the north. For instance, in places like San Juan toward Ponce, the heat can be lessened during the warmer months, such as June.

The two seasons of the year, from December to April, are known as dry and rainy, respectively. Like many other Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is susceptible to hurricane damage from August through October.

Puerto Rico experiences somewhat humid weather throughout the rainy season. Be aware that the east coast experiences more rain than the west coast while being more exposed to trade winds.

If you decide to travel at this time, it might be preferable to consider Mayagüez, for instance, in Palmas del Mar.

Puerto Rico’s dry season has the perfect climate, with high temperatures, little rain, and no hurricanes. Everything you need for busy or restful vacations in the sun.

As is well known, Puerto Rico offers one of the most predictable tropical climatic patterns for travelers.

Temperatures in Puerto Rico range from 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit in the mountains and 76 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit on the shore. An annual average temperature of roughly 80°F is the outcome.

Ironically, even the summer is predictable, with its occasionally heavy downpours, flash flooding, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

Although it can be disastrous when storms intensify into hurricanes, there’s a risk between June and November every year.

Three seasons, with some overlapping months, can be used to describe the Puerto Rico weather summarily:

1. It will rain from April through November.

2. March through December is the dry season.

3. June to November is hurricane season.

Almost 6 inches of precipitation falls on average in May during the rainy season, compared to barely 4 inches in June, the hottest month.

Through July, August, September, and October, temperatures remain in the upper 80s; during this time, you risk experiencing stormy days, including hurricanes.

Vacationers can enjoy pleasant sea temperatures that average 84 degrees Fahrenheit on Puerto Rico’s beaches during the summer and fall.

As a comparison, from around January through April, water temperatures were in the upper 70s.

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2. Month Wise Puerto Rico Weather

2.1. January

The mild winter weather and increased visitors to Puerto Rico cause prices for hotel rooms and flights to rise, and there is more significant traffic and congestion in the Old City of San Juan.

Methodical travelers should look for airfare and accommodation savings as early as feasible before their trip.

2.1.1. Check out These Events:

  • Puerto Rico has a lively New Year’s Day celebration, which is a fantastic travel time.
  • On January 6, we celebrate Three Kings Day to remember the Wise Men.
  • A few days later, on January 8, there is a public holiday called Natalizio de Eugenio Mara de Hostos commemorating the well-known author who struggled for Puerto Rican independence.

2.2. February

Since the busy travel season continues this month, be prepared for higher pricing and to make reservations well in advance.

As a coffee harvest celebration, a half-marathon is also offered for those more athletically inclined.

2.2.1. Check out These Events:

The Maricao Coffee Festival, often referred to as the Coffee Harvest Festival, is a sizable celebration marking the conclusion of the annual harvest.

With around 1,500 runners, the San Blas de Illescas Half Marathon is Puerto Rico’s premier running event.

In Puerto Rico, Valentine’s Day is extensively observed, so keep an eye out for restaurant promotions and make reservations in advance.

2.3. March

Even if it’s the entire final month of the busy winter season, March is still an expensive month to travel to, even if the Ponce Carnaval, one of Puerto Rico’s most famous festivals, takes place there.

2.3.1. Check out These Events:

The Ponce Carnaval is held in Ponce the week before Ash Wednesday (also known as the Carnaval Ponceo).

On March 22, Emancipation Day is observed to commemorate the year 1873, when slavery was abolished.

2.4. April

When the last spring break travelers have left, mid-April marks the conclusion of the hectic tourist season that began in the winter.

Although rainfall depends entirely on where on the island you are, the rainy season starts in April and lasts until November.

2.4.1. Check out These Events:

The “Father of Puerto Rico,” a notable legislator and attorney who fought for the island’s independence, is honored on Jose de Diego Day.

Celebrations for Good Friday and Easter are held all across the island.

By PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay Copyright 2022

2.5. May

With average high temperatures of 87 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) and average low temperatures of 76 degrees Fahrenheit, May is also a fantastic season to visit Puerto Rico (24 degrees Celsius).

The entire month of May includes one of the best jazz festivals in the Caribbean.

2.5.1. Check out These Events:

The Heineken Ventana Jazz Festival takes place each spring in Puerto Rico and is one of the most significant music events in the Caribbean.

La Campechada is an annual celebration of Puerto Rican art and culture that each honors a notable artist. Plan because the city varies from season to season.

2.6. June

With an annual high temperature of 89 degrees Fahrenheit (31 degrees Celsius) and a low temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), June slightly increases the temperature. Still, Puerto Rico has not yet seen much rain.

Budget travelers should depart right away because plane travel is less expensive.

2.6.1 Check out These Events:

The Pineapple Festival, also known as the festival de la Pia Paradisaca, is held in Lajas from June 7 to 9.

On June 23, a ceremony known as Noche de San Juan honors San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

2.7. July

By July, the summer rainy season is formally underway, but regional festivities are also underway. Attend the Loiza Carnival or, for those who prefer an active lifestyle, the El Gigante Marathon.

2.7.1. Check out These Events:

The alpine community of Aibonito hosts the Aibonito Flower Festival from the last week of June to the beginning of July.

The third Monday in July is a public holiday in honor of Luis Munoz Rivera. The poet and author campaigned for Puerto Rico’s separation from the United States.

A busy Vejigante Parade highlights the Festival of Saint James the Apostle, commonly known as the Festival de Santiago Apostol.

2.8. August

August is the rainiest of the year, with 7 inches (18 cm) of rainfall and average high temperatures of 89 degrees Fahrenheit (31 degrees Celsius) and 76 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively (24 degrees Celsius).

2.8.1. Check out These Events:

A must-attend event, the International Billfish Tournament is hosted at the opulent Club Nautico de San Juan.

2.9. September

If you schedule your trip for the fall, hotel rates can be considerably cheaper, but you face the danger of being subject to the Atlantic hurricane season.

2.9.1. Check out These Events:

Each month’s final Sunday at twilight, Plaza Darsenas holds a concert. Various food trucks will be on-site, so bring your dancing shoes and hunger.

2.10. October

Despite being in the hurricane season, October has an average high temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit (31 degrees Celsius) and an average low temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius).

2.10.1 Check out These Events:

Every Tuesday in Fort San Cristobal at 6 o’clock, the Le Lo Lai Festival presents traditional Puerto Rican music and dance.

2.11. November

Although it is still hurricane season, temperatures calm down in November slightly. The start of Puerto Rico’s baseball season, which goes through January, is another advantage.

2.11.1 Check out These Events:

At the end of November, the National Indigena Festival honors Puerto Rico’s indigenous heritage and Taino culture.

On November 19, the island of Puerto Rico observes Puerto Rico Discovery Day honor Christopher Columbus’ voyage there in 1493.

Puerto Rico Cocktail Week honors the territory’s local (alcoholic) tastes. We recommend you try the rum.

2.12. December

The driest time of the year, from December through March, is when Puerto Rico experiences its most pleasant weather.

The abundance of celebrations is another advantage of traveling in December. The only drawback is higher expenses, but astute travelers can budget ahead for their subsequent vacations.

2.12.1. Check out These Events:

Puerto Ricans celebrate Christmas in various ways, such as the Hatillo Masks Festival, the Illumination of Bethlehem Town, and the Old San Juan White Christmas Festival.

Visitors can book special Christmas meals at restaurants on the island of Nochebuena or Christmas Eve, known in Puerto Rico as Nochebuena.

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3. When Does the Hurricane Season Start in Puerto Rico

Tourists frequently enquire about Puerto Rico’s hurricane season, as with any Caribbean location. Hurricanes can significantly affect your carefully planned vacation, so it’s crucial to consider that.

Puerto Rico will have the same hurricane season as most other Caribbean islands in 2022.

The peak hurricane and tropical storm seasons in Puerto Rico in the twenty-first century have been August, September, and October, so you should plan extra caution in those months.

Hurricanes, often referred to as typhoons or tropical cyclones, are intense storms that can cause tornadoes, dangerous currents for boaters and swimmers, strong winds, inland flooding, and storm surges in Puerto Rico.

When visiting Puerto Rico, stay aware of the weather, keep an eye on storm forecasts, and be familiar with evacuation protocols.

Make minimum storm preparations because flights and cruises may be postponed or canceled. Keep a bag with necessities like a battery-operated clock and radio, medication, first aid materials, a torch, and local cash.

Carry a small portable power bank because cell phone service and electricity may be disrupted. Keep printed directions and phone numbers in your wallet.

4. Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico with Family

Puerto Rico is a lovely getaway with a diverse culture, delicious food, and stunning scenery.

Puerto Rico is a well-liked travel destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. When is the appropriate time to travel to Puerto Rico, then?

The optimal time to travel to Puerto Rico is early June before the vast summer crowds arrive.

If you visit Puerto Rico in October or November, you may avoid the crowds and save money. Puerto Rico experiences a stunning spring, but the months of March through May are incredibly busy with tourists.

Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for family vacations in June. Not many people are on the island yet, and June is not an especially hot month.

With your family, you may easily enjoy various outdoor activities in the mid-80s.

The island celebrates festivals and carnivals throughout June, but there is typically enough to do near your lodging.

There are many great activities to do with the family, like parasailing, hang gliding, and swimming. Take your family to the southern shores to see the Caribbean Sea while the weather is so lovely in June.

By jarmoluk / Pixabay Copyright 2022

4.1. What to Expect: March Through June

Avoid visiting during the school spring break, typically in March, when there is a lot of partying, the bars are packed, and the beaches are busy, detracting from the beauty of the region’s renowned crystal-clear seas.

During these weeks, costs also soar at resorts in Puerto Rico and other well-liked vacation destinations.

The ideal months to visit Puerto Vallarta are April, May, and June, when there is less chance of rain and accommodations are less expensive.

Travelers often consider April and May the ideal months to visit Puerto Rico. Prices are declining; fewer people are around during the winter and holidays, and breezy afternoons tease the upcoming summer heat.

4.2. What to Expect: June Through November

Due to the Atlantic hurricane season, copious rains, and excessive humidity, June through November are considered the low season in Puerto Rico.

Naturally, it’s also the most affordable time to visit Puerto Rico. You can get great deals on lodging, travel, and some attractions in Puerto Rico, but you’ll also enjoy less crowded eateries, shopping, and public transportation.

The Taino aboriginal culture and some of the best coffee plantations may be found on Jayuya Mountain, the highest point in Puerto Rico.

Boaters and beachgoers frequently cite summer as the ideal season to visit Puerto Rico because of the milder sea temperatures and the abundance of ocean areas for water sports like surfing and jet skiing.

4.3. What to Expect: November Through January

Although they can be hectic, seasoned tourists often consider the best most delicate time to visit Puerto Rico. The reason quickly becomes clear: the exceptionally long Puerto Rican holiday season is when some of the best parades and festivities occur.

This period, known as La Navidad, lasts only 45 days, from the end of November until the middle of January.

Famous rum distilleries accessible to the public all year round is some of Puerto Rico’s most beloved contemporary cultural icons.

By taking a beautiful ferry trip from Old San Juan, you can reach the chic Bacardi Hacienda, which offers mixology workshops, rum tastings, and historical excursions.

Summer visitors travel to Jayuya to cool off while learning about the considerably stronger Puerto Rico, a legal variant of the previous moonshine preserved with fruits underground. Outdoor music concerts at Bacardi are popular in the milder winter months.

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5. Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico to Avoid Crowds

October through November are the best months to visit Puerto Rico to avoid crowds.

Many tourists travel to Puerto Rico in October and November, just before it gets too cold in most places.

In either month, Puerto Rico offers the chance to witness the stillness before the tourism storm. An added benefit is the inexpensive hotel and airfare rates from October to November.

In contrast to the spring and summer, public celebrations are less prevalent in October and November.

This can make finding your way across town and avoiding crowds at a restaurant or hotel much simpler. Warm weather that occasionally reaches 85 degrees or higher is still possible.

6. Cheapest Time to Visit Puerto Rico

The cheapest month to travel to Puerto Rico is October because hotel rates and airfare are low.

In Puerto Rico, the peak travel season finishes in the fall, which can significantly reduce costs. In October, a hotel room in Puerto Rico can be reserved for no more than $70 per night with free wifi and free parking facilities.

To put that into perspective, a hotel room in Puerto Rico during July typically costs between $140 and $250.

Although round-trip airfare to Puerto Rico might be pricey, depending on the carrier, it can be as low as $260 in October.

Spirit Airlines has some of the most affordable flights to Puerto Rico throughout the year, but this is especially true in October.

7. What to do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is renowned for its rich cultural traditions and various ecosystems. The optimal time to visit Puerto Rico can be determined by planning what you want to do there. Boat trips to Puerto Rico is the best way to reach there.

Walking through the El Yunque National Rainforest, swimming in waterfall pools, and looking for the fabled coqui frog are all enjoyable activities for nature lovers.

Unknown bioluminescent bays, like Mosquito Bay in Viesques, are popular tourist destinations. Take a glass-bottom boat or kayak out to explore fascinating glow-in-the-dark creatures.

Keep some time aside for the city’s renowned nightclubs, rooftop lounges, and cabaret clubs.

Don’t miss the Las Placita de Santurce celebration, which changes daily from a rustic farmer’s market to a sultry outdoor club as the sun sets.

Puerto Rico’s art culture is vibrant and alive, with everything from street murals to contemporary art exhibitions at numerous galleries and museums.

The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in Santurce houses timeless collections dating back to the 17th century.

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8. Final Words

Ready to start your travel arrangements to Puerto Rico? Before taking off, ensure you have scheduled some activities and locations you wish to see.

When to visit Puerto Rico is another thing to think about. This often depends on your travel tastes and expectations (as well as your financial constraints!).

Do you prefer cold winter evenings and fewer packed attractions than hot summer beach days?

Have you ever daydreamed about salsa dancing in Old San Juan or swimming in bioluminescent waters off Puerto Rico’s coast at night? A journey to Puerto Rico hits all the boxes, from nightlife to nature, history, and eco-wonders.

Puerto Rico is a great place to go on vacation in the Caribbean. It is a well-liked Caribbean Island and cruise destination. The most acceptable time to travel to Puerto Rico is from the middle of April to June.

While this is a terrific time to visit, it can also be congested. Puerto Rico is a visiting island at other times, save the hurricane season.

The location provides activities like scuba diving, hiking, tubing, cave exploration, and local celebrations.

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