Best Time To Visit Greece: The Greek Festivals Of 4 Seasons

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best time to visit greece
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The best time to visit Greece is when there are clear blue skies, pleasant weather, and wonderful cultural festivals. But the question is, when is it?

The Hellenic Republic of southeast Europe is a place of diverse nature, climate, food, and culture. The country is beautiful and unique every month and season and dresses differently for every festival.

It depends on your preferences, which is the perfect time to vacation here.

So the question is not what the best time to visit Greece is, but what is the best time for you?

1. Visiting The Amazing Islands Of Greece

Are you planning to explore the beautiful Greek Islands but cannot decide the best time to visit Greece? Well, the answer is here now.

When deciding about all the crucial planning steps for vacation, selecting the best time to visit Greece is likely the first point on your list.

That is pretty clever, considering a lot depends on that. The costs, the crowds, and most importantly, the climate should all be considered to find the best time to visit Greece.

Well, you have come to the right place as this guide will show you all the things and factors that make a perfect Greek vacation and will reveal the best time to visit Greece.

2. The Best Time To Visit Greece Based On Seasons

The country of Greece changes during each season. A holiday in Greece is entirely different in the winter compared to the months of summer.

Apart from the obvious matter of weather, there are different festivals during different times of the year.

Visit Greece
Image by David Mark from Pixabay Copyright 2017

When you think of the summer capital of the world, the popular and extremely prominent “Greek Summer” is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. And that is completely understandable. Summer in the Greek Islands is a heaven made of warmth, iced drinks, and a colorful assortment of lively nights and fun experiences that you will remember forever.

But each season has its own unique sets of delights and allures. So get ready to find the perfect season and the best time to visit Greece.

2.1) Spring

A Greek Spring is filled with sweet fragrances, rich flavors, and beautiful colors.

While many of the Greece cities have paved paths, there are plenty of areas for trees bearing oranges, tangerines, and lemons.

The unique fragrance and essence of the city during spring is not something you can describe but have to experience for yourself.

The Spring temperature and climate are considered to be just right – not too chilly nights nor too hectic days. It is the best time to visit Greece for long walks and explorations in good weather.

The beautiful explosion of colors and hues – blue skies, sunny days, green leaves, and rainbow wildflowers is an extra reward of the season.

Spring starts approximately in March and continues till May, and the average temperatures are less intense than summer or winter. It is connected with particularly significant anniversaries for Greeks, including the Orthodox Easter and the Independence Day of Greece.

The sea temperatures and the mild weather are a favorite among the tourist crowds. So the months of spring are filled with colors and festivities.

Greece Spring
Image by John from Pixabay Copyright 2021

2.2) Summer

While the summers in Greece can get intensely hot, a mountain area like Mt. Pelion is a great idea.

The hot Summer in Greece is characterized by sunny weather, warm sands, long hours in seawater, and relaxed days sprawling to the notes of the cicada music. It is the time of an amazing collection of home-grown juicy fruits and fresh vegetables. And last but not least, it is the season to seek the gorgeous coasts that Greece takes pride in.

The season of warmth and lazy days in Greece starts in June and continues till August. However, it keeps going on till September and often remains until October!

Greece Summer
Image by Jarek from Pixabay Copyright 2017

2.3) Autumn

Fall in Greece is like the slow dwindling of summer. The temperature loses its burning bite and becomes something much milder.

Like spring, autumn is also characterized by long walks and blue skies, but with the addition of the fiery colors of fall. The white walls and the blue domes scattered around the islands appear even more picturesque in the autumn hues.

It features the harvesting of sweet and juicy grapes and pomegranates, roasting corn, and crunchy chestnuts.

Various festivals and traditions surround the autumn season, the most famous being “Ohi Day,” celebrating Greece’s entrance into the Second World War.

The season which roughly starts in early September and lasts until November, is also recognized as the “first rainfall,” with much cooler weather than the summer.

So if the heat of summer feels like too much, the season of autumn with some essence of summer is the best time to visit Greece for you.

Greece Autumn
Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay Copyright 2021

2.4) Winter

The islands of Greece become an enchanting winter wonderland when December rolls in.

Frequent and yearly snowfalls are common in the northern parts of Greece, while the south gets heavy rainy days making damp weather.

But don’t let the north snows or the southern rain fool you! Most of the time, you will be blinded by a bright winter sun. But that does nothing to bring up the temperature.

So don’t make the mistake of not wearing the warmest and coziest winter clothes.

Winter is a great time to enjoy Greece with tours to museums, ancient ruins, and other historical sites, as the low season brings fewer visitors.

It is a great time to learn about the rich history and culture of the country, especially about St. Nicholas and, of course, Christmas.

Greece’s snowy towns decorated in colors, along with their delicious hot drinks and food, will feel like something out of a fairy tale.

Mouthwatering treats like melted cheeses baked and flavored with peppers and honey wine with a dash of cinnamon are an experience that only the winters of Greece can offer.

It is the most wonderful time of the year and might be the best time to visit Greece.

Greece Winter
Image by John from Pixabay Copyright 2019

3. The Best Time To Visit Greece Based On Festivals

If you are more interested in experiencing Greek culture rather than the most pleasant weather or climate, festivals are the best way to do so.

3.1) Greek Orthodox Easter

Greek Orthodox Easter, also known as Pascha, is the most notable sacred festival of the year. It has many traditions and ceremonies have been an aspect of Christianity for around 2000 years.

It is a beautiful festival with colorful fireworks and delicious feasts. The traditional stew dish is made with lamb, rice, dill, and lemon and is shared among loved ones.

This holy week celebration is of extraordinary significance in all the Greek islands, but some areas, like Corfu and Chios, are comparatively more known for their Easter festivities.

Pyrgos of the Greek island Santorini is also full of amazing splendor and celebrations during the Greek Orthodox Easter. The Greek Easter week is a great time to visit and enjoy the Hellenic Islands.

3.2) Salsa Spring Festival

One of the most distinctive and striking celebrations, the Salsa Spring Festival is most popular in Athens.

The event is filled with fun, music, various DJs, and a dance competition!

This festival generally takes place in May, so if you have the heart and feet of a dancer or enjoy a good performance, this is the best time to visit Greece, especially Athens.

Greece Athens
Image by user32212 from Pixabay Copyright 2017

3.3) August Moon Festival

The August Moon is considered the brightest and most glorious moon of the year, so it makes sense that the most stunning Greek festival is celebrated on that day.

The moon, on that day, almost matches the sun in its shine and radiance.

The day of August moon is a celebration of many unique festivals, the most prominent being the Olympic games.

Greatly associated with Greek mythology, the event was held in honor of the lightning God and king of Olympus, Zeus.

Today, it is believed to be a good fortune if the day of the Olympics and August Moon matches.

The tours and concerts of the Greek museum are fascinating experiences, especially if you are a mythology and history nerd.

3.4) Chania Rock Festival

Dating back to 2002, the Chania Rock festival is recognized as one of the greatest celebrations of Crete.

This festival of the northeastern part of Crete – in the city of Chania occurs between the end of July and the start of August.

So if you are a fan of the rock and metal music genre, make sure to book your tickets at the earliest because this will be the best time to visit Greece.

Greece Chania
Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay Copyright 2021

3.5) International Music Festival of Aegina

So it may seem like there are a lot of festivals based on music in the Greek Islands. And that is completely true.

Greece is a place of rich culture and arts, and what is a better way to express that than music?

This Festival of Aegina constitutes performances by celebrated Greek and other global musicians and artists from the classical music community.

So appreciators of classical music should write down August as the time to step into the lands of Greece.

3.6) European Music Day

Another music festival… what a surprise! But seriously, you cannot miss the country’s biggest annual event in thirty cities.

The longest day of the year – the summer solstice- has brought together the endless debutant and widely famous artists from around the world since it first started in 1999.

The summer season is already considered to be the best time to visit Greece by many. Add this festival of live music and concerts in June to the mix, and the summer appeal of the country increases further.

3.7) Festival of the Aegean on Syros Island

This global festival takes place every year in the Cyclades islands of Greece.

Greece Cyclades
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay Copyright 2014

The celebration is unique and multifaceted, with a little of everything – opera, choirs, dancing, plays, and even classical music.

Generally an extravaganza of July, this festival also features many workshops and creative lessons in poem, lyric, and dance that are accessible to the public.

So if you are interested and fascinated by the vibrant Greek arts and culture,  the festival of the Aegean on Syros Island is something you should undoubtedly experience.

3.8) Athens Festival

Also called the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, this event celebrates music, theatre, and Greek culture.

Athens and Epidaurus have a legendary legacy of the Hellenic rich culture that needs no introduction, and this festival is a perfect way to highlight it.

Starting in May, the festivities filled with music, dance, and drama go on till October.

You will never find a more mesmerizing or perfect representation of the arts that can rival the Athens festival. So visit Athens and be prepared to have your mind blown by the most extraordinary performances that you will ever see in your whole life.

3.9) Navy Week

The Greeks devote an entire week to glorifying the sea. During Navy Week, historical performances occur throughout the region, with various festivities in late June. The maritime ceremony with dance, song, swimming, and sailing are commemorated, especially in Soudha. The whole week is committed to honoring and celebrating the heroes who played a role in the war for freedom.

The coastal and fishing towns are most invested in this celebration, with Hydra and Volos being important locations for the festivities.

Greece Volos
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay Copyright 2019

The week is characterized by stunning performances, delicious cuisine, and the burning of flower crowns.

Check and confirm the dates locally if you are coming for a navy week, as it alters almost yearly.

3.10) Greek Christmas and New Year

Starting on Christmas Eve, the Greek holidays last for two weeks. Instead of lighted trees and turkeys, the Hellenic Christmas is characterized by shining boats, Christ bread, and roasted pork.

Instead of Santa, St. Basil brings presents and joy to the islands, and New Year’s day is named after him as a Greek national holiday.

So if you feel like some festive Greek cheer, winter is the best time to visit Greece!

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5. FAQs About The Best Time To Visit Greece

Keep reading the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions to know more about the best time to visit Greece and have the most wonderful beach holiday.

5.1) What is the Best Month to Visit Greece?

Greece is loved for its amazing summer months with a climate characterized by warm weather, blue skies, and sunshine. September is ideal for a Greece vacation when balancing the most pleasant weather with crowds.

5.2) What is the Most Affordable Time for a Greek Vacation?

For a trip with less expense, it is wise to avoid the peak season of summer and instead go for the shoulder season like that of May or October.

The cheapest time for visiting Greece is the low season of winter months which gets fewer tourists.

5.3) What is the Best Greek Festival to Attend?

Any of the many music festivals of Greece is a good choice to experience the country’s rich culture. Navy Week is another good option. Athens and Epidaurus Festival is another great way to introduce yourself to the vibrant Greek world. For sightseeing, you can visit Greece in early November.

5.4) What is the Best Season to Visit Greece?

While the Greek summer is a popular tourist visit, you should go for the spring or fall months for a more pleasant climate than intense hot weather. With clear blue skies, the perfect temperature, and fewer crowds, these seasons are the best time to visit Greece.

 Closing Thoughts

You know of the Greek seasons. And you know about the Greek Festivals. The rest is up to you.

Greece is a beautiful and unique country full of rich history, colorful culture, and vibrant music. It is a year-round destination, and each season and festival is characterized by its distinctive essence and events.

Image by Doug from Pixabay Copyright 2017

Every season, every month, and every festival is the perfect time to visit, explore and fall in love with Greece. How can you not love such diverse beauties?

But time is of the essence, and every individual has particular preferences. So go through this guide and see whether one of the seasons or festivals speaks to you. Feel which one of them calls out to you most. Maybe it’s the historic Navy week, winter snows, or any delightful music festivals.

And if you can feel a tug in your heart while reading about any of the seasons or celebrations? Well, you have discovered your perfect match – that is the best time to visit Greece.

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