Bike Shop Brooklyn: Top 8 Best Shops to Go To

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bike shop brooklyn

Want to know more about bike shop Brooklyn and what they have in store? This article covers everything about them.

For the longest time, Brooklyn was just a rest stop for people visiting Manhattan. Today, it has emerged as the most famous New York City borough. This lively city has its unique charm, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Bike Shop Brooklyn: Top 8 Best Shops to Go To

A long history of Brooklyn will tell you the stories of immigrants who settled here and brought their colorful culture. This led to the diverse city and home to many people, several being local New Yorkers.

Popularly for being a hipster spot, Brooklyn has been known for being creative in many ways. Brooklyn can be a great change in your trip as it isn’t often overcrowded with tourists.

1. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Here Are Some of the Highlights of Brooklyn:

  • The Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. It is one of the most famous highlights of the city. You can find the best views of Manhattan while dining on its rooftop bars.
  • Dumbo is a hot spot for trendy cafes, restaurants, and galleries. You can have the famous pizza of Pizzeria Grimaldi and enjoy other artsy venues.
  • For museum lovers, there is the Brooklyn Museum. It exhibits Egyptian and contemporary art. Williamsburg is known for its hipster culture, and you can find yourself getting lost in the local shops and restaurants.
  • If you are a nature lover, Brooklyn Botanic Garden cannot be missed. The quieter side of Brooklyn can be experienced in this garden. The beautiful flowers cover up the land and make the view aesthetic for photographers.
  • Some of the best street art can be found on Bushwick Street. The colorful murals can be viewed through a tour where you can also find vintage shops and cafes.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place to relax and soak up the sun. However, it is not just a regular park. Instead, you can witness outdoor concerts, kayaking, and many more activities.


Bike rides in Brooklyn offer a fresh perspective through which you can view the city. You can be active and enjoy your trip to the fullest, all at the same time. There are many bike shops in Brooklyn available for every kind of cyclist.

A bike can reach places where trains, buses, and cars cannot go. You can ride in the narrowest alleyway and explore the areas of Brooklyn like a local. One can easily experience an enjoyable bike ride in the city.

The Brooklyn bike paths and lanes cover up to 300 miles. You can take a bike ride with your friends or solo but relish the experience either way.

Before looking at some bike shops in Brooklyn, let us look at the best spots for riding a bike.

2. Bike Shop Brooklyn: These Are Some of the Most Famous Bike Paths in Brooklyn:

2.1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

The view of Manhattan across the East River is spectacular. The Brooklyn Bridge offers a path for bikers to ride along the bridge safely.

You can start at Brooklyn Bridge Park and bike to Red Hook.

2.2. Prospect Park

This is one of the biggest parks in Brooklyn and the best place for bikers to ride freely. The spacious bike paths let you ride slowly while enjoying the view of the serene lake.

You can also visit the Botanical Garden and Animal Zoo as these spots are nearby.

2.3. Kent Avenue Waterfront

For a stunning view of the Waterfront, take the Kent Avenue bike path. On the way, you can stop by various eateries and rest in nearby parks.

2.4. Coney Islands

For a calm and peaceful bike ride, take the bike path for Coney Islands. You will ride along with quieter neighborhoods and relax on your trip.

2.5. The Rockaway

If you’re more of a beach person, The Rockaway is the perfect place for you to bike. There is a separate bike lane for The Rockway that can be accessed easily.

You will most definitely collapse on the sand from the long ride, but the beach will make it worthwhile.

These are just some of the places you can tour Brooklyn with a bike. There are many bike tours planned specifically for bikers that are themed. Fun and adventurous, you can make new friends and enjoy your trip in the most exciting way.

If you aren’t the type to mingle with people, you can personally design your preferred route in Brooklyn.

3. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Bike Shops in Brooklyn

Now that you know where to ride bikes and the places to visit, a few important questions arise. Are there rental places that can lend me a bike? Can I get one according to my preference?

The answer to all of these is yes. Many Bike shops in Brooklyn are so famous and well-known that they are widespread in the city. You can find the best of all shops selling all types of bikes at affordable prices.

From road to trek and even tour bikes, these shops specialize in every variety of bikes. You can also find an array of gears needed when riding bikes.

Many of these bike shops in Brooklyn also repair bikes, sell certain parts, and even find the right bike for you!

Offering all of this and so much more, these Brooklyn bike shops will further enhance a rider’s love for bikes.

4. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Check Out These 8 Bike Shop Brooklyn That Can Easily Be Found in the City:

4.1. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Bicycle Habitat

Bicycle Habitat sells a variety of bikes, apparel, and accessories needed for cyclists. They also provide services such as bike repair and bike fitting to let you have an enjoyable ride without any issues.

This bike shop in Brooklyn has specialized bikes that support every type of bike. From Mountain to Fitness and even Kids’ bikes, you can find your perfect bike at Bicycle Habitat.

Their bike apparel is upgraded for every season as well as innovative bike gears can be found here.

4.2. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Ride Brooklyn Bike Shop

Ride Brooklyn Bike Shop offers many options for cyclists according to their preferences.

They have simple road bikes to commute every day for office workers and students. If you are an adventurer, bikes for terrains and mountains are widely available in the shop. And if you like electric bikes because of the comfort they provide, you also select them.

While you can find any bike in Ride Brooklyn Bike Shop, there is much more the store has to offer. Their services also include bike services and fitting various components of your bike.

But the best service of this shop includes Bike Trade Up. This makes your future bicycle purchase even more affordable.

Ride Brooklyn Bike Shop not only offers this service but also helps find the right bike for you.

4.3. Bike Shop Brooklyn: 718 Cyclery

Located in Park Slope, 718 Cyclery is an independent bike shop in Brooklyn. Along with having almost all kinds of bikes and gear, they also provide exciting bike tours.

One interesting service offered by this bike shop in Brooklyn is classes that teach participants the basics of bicycle maintenance. You can bring your bike to class or learn on the shop model.

4.4. Bike Shop Brooklyn: I&M Bicycle Shop

I&M Bicycle shop has the perfect bikes for every type of cyclist. You can find your preferred bike, including mountain or simple from the shop.

This bicycle shop has all sorts of cycles for adults and kids alike. They also sell individual parts of a bike, help you find the perfect gear, and repair your bicycle as well.

Their bikes’ maintenance includes a majority of repairs and teaches customers the basics of maintaining their bicycle.

4.5. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Bicycle Roots Bike Shop

Bicycle Roots Bike Shop is a full-service bicycle store that offers a range of bikes and accessories to different cyclists.

However, there is a bonus given by Bicycle Roots when you shop from them. If you buy a bike from their store, they provide free mechanical adjustments as long as you own it!

4.6. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Verrazano Bicycle Shop

Verrazano Bicycle Shop offers only the best bikes from quality brands. You can find all sorts of performance gear and apparel in the store.

The shop helps you select the right bike for you and offers a fitting process. While many shops take a day or two for repairs, Verrazano Bicycle Shop provides same-day repair services.

This store has the newest bikes and gear available for cyclists. Aside from this, Verrazano Club Rides are available for riders and an organized group takes a cycling tour in Brooklyn.

This store has a racing team that runs bicycle races for everyone. They are one of the official teams in New York City.

4.7. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

An interesting fact about Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is that they manufacture bikes and name them after Brooklyn’s streets! Built on hard work and comfort for customers, this shop makes sure every product is of the best quality.

You can find a wide range of bikes, from simple to adventurous, in the shop. This bike shop in Brooklyn has accessories available for every type of bike.

4.8. Bike Shop Brooklyn: Roy’s Sheepshead Cycle

To conclude the list, we have the oldest bike shop in Brooklyn. Roy’s Sheepshead Cycle has been in Brooklyn since 1931 and continues to stand strong.

Their bike categories include Mountain, Gravel, Hybrid, Fitness, Cruiser, Kids’ bikes, and many more. They sell the best bike essentials, from helmets to lights and even repair kits.

Roy’s Sheepshead Cycle helps you find the right bike for you and offers biker services, including Trek financing.

If you ever go to Brooklyn, make sure you consider exploring the city while riding a bike.

The mentioned bike shop in Brooklyn is a must-visit for anyone looking for the perfect bike. You are bound to have an enjoyable trip riding and exploring the borough on a bicycle.

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