Rooftop Bars in Brooklyn: 10 Best to Check Out

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Rooftop Bars Brooklyn
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Most people love to eat food hence they always look for famous and best places to eat some delicious foods. Similarly, some people love to drink in popular and best scenario places. This town is quite popular, having several bars that count on the top of the list of rooftop bars in NYC. Now you might think that every city has bars on every corner of the town. What is new in this? But that is where the real thing comes. The rooftop bars in Brooklyn are not only charming, but they are one of the best in the entire country.

You might want to enjoy your drink on a rooftop with the city’s best view. In this city, you will see top-notch rooftop bars, which not only serve good drinks, but you will also find the beautiful sight of nature. In this article, we have discussed some of the best rooftop bars in Brooklyn and placed them according to rankings.

Rooftop Bars in Brooklyn

Brooklyn city is not only known for its beautiful rooftop bars, but it also has a unique community culture with some world-class museums and other incredible art scenes. Most tourists visit this place once in their life. However, the biggest attraction of this city is the magnificent vistas over the Manhattan skyline.

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To explore the New York skyline, you need your travel bags, chilled drinks, and wonderful sights. Brooklyn city gives you everything. Major tourists visit this city. Let us see some top-notched rooftop bars where you can relax and enjoy your drink after your journey.

1. Hotel Rooftop and Garden Bar

You will find nothing in New York to compete with the Hotel Rooftop and Garden Bar. This top-notch hotel can be a bit expensive, but the price you spend in this hotel bar is worth it. The bar is comparatively empty but comes alive once the sun sets. However, if you love spending time alone and chilling with your drink, you can visit this place in the morning.

This bar turns into a magnet for the locals during the evening time. Here you can click some outstanding pictures you can share with your friends. You will even find a small drink and food menu. The rooftop bars even welcome some international hotel guests. It is a must-visit bar if you are in Brooklyn and exploring the best bars in this city. However, this rooftop bar has certain restrictions. You must be above 21 years and must have a government-approved ID to enter this bar.

 2. Westlight – Willian Vale

The Westlight rooftop bar in Brooklyn is the most hyped and coolest in the city. You can find this bar at The Willian Vale of Williamsburg on the 22nd floor. You can order from any of their delicious cocktails, which many customers love. The sights of this bar are so beautiful that you will find nothing like this in Brooklyn city.

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It will be best if you try their signature cocktail, which is made with green chartreuse, gin, and Cocchi Americano. They serve some craft beer, and on some referrals, they will also help you with some rare spirits and wine. You can even try their foods inspired by global street foods if you are hungry.

3. Winterly Summerly

The Winterly Summerly rooftop bar in Brooklyn city is the perfect place for you to enjoy your drinks irrespective of any season. They are known to be coined Winterly during the winter and Summerly during the summer. This rooftop bar in Brooklyn offers some of their seasonal cocktails, which are the best in New York. You can even try their foods which are so perfect that you can’t go wrong with anything. This Hoston’s rooftop bar is ideal for enjoying your drink any time of the year.

Enjoy your cocktail peacefully on this seasonal rooftop bar with panoramic views. During the wintertime, the place is kept warm with blankets and heaters. It is recommended that you try their hox toddy, which can be a relaxing drink if you are trying a cocktail in Brooklyn for the first time.

4. Rooftop Reds

This rooftop bar is most tourists’ favorite place. It is located at 299 Stands St, Navy Yard. The Rooftop Reds is also known to be the first commercial urban rooftop vineyard, the only wineries available on the rooftop. The Rooftop Reds is also quite familiar as an actual winery in Brooklyn. You can enjoy their fine wine with your friends and the sights of the Empire State Building. The series of lights along this building makes the scene beautiful.

However, visiting this place is very tough. Since this Brooklyn rooftop bar has such a delightful sight, many people from around the city come to enjoy their drinks. So, if you also wish to visit this place, you will have to reserve your seat. It is tricky for the first-timers to reserve their seats here since you will be passing through a studio, so you must pay close attention to the instructions.

Rooftop Reds even hosts several events. Besides this, they have a rooftop cinema where customers are offered outdoor movie space. This makes Rooftop Reds a romantic place for a romantic date in NYC.  

5. Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge

This Brooklyn rooftop bar is also one of the most popular and best rooftop bars in Brooklyn. Since this place is loved by many, it can even be considered the best rooftop bar in Brooklyn. You might have to reconsider the rankings when you visit this place. 

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Harriet’s Rooftop bar is considered the best of best for a reason. It will give you a sight which you can never forget in your life. You can get a beautiful view of two famous bridges from the top of the building. The two famous bridges include Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge

6. Time Out Market New York

 You will find this bar in DUMBO, rooming on the border of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It offers the best view of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge, the  East River, and the NYC skyline. This rooftop bar is located in the building of the Empire Stores. It was previously a warehouse.

This rooftop bar will give you an idea about the real estate of this borough, with some of the best dining alternatives on the lower levels. You can reach their rooftop terrace using the lift or the stairs. The best part of this rooftop bar is that you need any reservations here. You order from their eateries which are available indoors and then go to the rooftop to view the gorgeous bridges and skyline.  

You might want to reach the rooftop by taking the stairs. If you take the stair, you will get the fifth-floor rooftop bar in the DUMBO area. In addition, Time Out Market New York also allows visitors during midnight or morning hours.

7. Alma

This rooftop bar in Brooklyn is located on the Columbia Street of Cobble Hill. This restaurant is known to serve the best Mexican cuisine along with some famous classic cocktails. This Mexican restaurant can offer you wonderful sights of Manhattan and the skyline. Going to their rooftop will give you the best view of Brooklyn city.

You must have a reservation at the rooftop bar to visit their rooftop. Bring your other companions here to see the beautiful sight of the city from the rooftop. You can even enjoy yourself with your drink. Also, it would be best if you take a stroll around the nearby places to get some idea about the area. In addition, you can check their walks in Brooklyn to get a detailed view of their routes.

 8. Slate Rooftop

It can be found on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Often locals, tourists, and some international visitors come to this place to enjoy their drink with the beauty of nature. However, most people visit this rooftop bar for its extraordinary view, especially in the summertime. It would help if you headed upwards on the rooftop. The spacious rooftop terrace combines with a spacious lounge and spaces to sit and enjoy the fresh air. You will even find some tables and bar seating on the rooftop.

rooftop bars in Brooklyn
Courtesy: Slate NYC

The Slate Rooftop bar opens mainly on afternoons and nights. You can order a large shareable dish if you are with your friends or other members. It also serves Cheeseburger Sliders, Korean Spicy Cauliflower, and several other signature cocktails made in Liquid Lab NYC. The great rooftop bar of Slate Rooftop even serves a rotating selection of beers, but on the tap. You must visit this rooftop bar if you are looking for a place to enjoy your drink and feel relaxed.

9. Ainslie

This rooftop bar in Brooklyn is the best rooftop bar for a reason. It has the best al fresco brunches in the entire city. It also serves a unique bloody Marry or vodka tea, which is quite popular among tourists and locals. If you are thinking of some mouthwatering pizza or pasta with eggs, then checking out this rooftop bar would be worth your time.

In this rooftop bar, you will find a heated seating feature that is perfect for the evening. In addition, you can even enjoy their Happy Hour and the DJs rocking the bar floor. So, when you step into this rooftop bar, you can expect to find a lively environment.  

The Ainslie bar is located inside a warehouse near the Lorimer stop. The building also features outdoor patios and ample tables for their customer to sit comfortably. If you are bringing your friends in, we must say that this rooftop bar is the best you can have in Brooklyn.

10. Laser Wolf at The Hoxton

The Hoxton in Williamsburg holds this top-ranked rooftop bar. They offer rooftop couches or tables with a beautiful front view. This restaurant is also quite popular for being one of the best Williamsburg rooftop bars and restaurants. With the perfect view of the Manhattan skyline, you will not get a better place to approach your other half.

They are not only known for their panoramic views and settings of the rooftop bar, but they also excel in delivering the best drinks in the borough. You will get their incredible Israeli cuisine with the classic hummus. On the drinks menu, they have some classic cocktails, beer, mocktails, and also some spirits and wine.

Other Brooklyn Rooftop Bar to Visit

  1. Sprawling rooftop bar

  2. Breezy rooftop bar

  3. Wythe hotel’s rooftop bar

  4. Swish rooftop bar

  5. William Vale hotel


Are you looking for the best rooftop bars in Brooklyn? Well, we hope after reading this article, we have got some idea about the best Brooklyn rooftop bars. However, the best part of the rooftop bars in this borough is that across the East River, you will find rooftop bars and restaurants with the best view of the skyline.

If you are wondering what you can expect to see from the Brooklyn rooftop bars, then you must know that they are the best place to get a rough idea about the borough. You will see the beautiful sunset, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Williamsburg Bride.

Along with this, you will even find a rooftop pool in some of the Brooklyn rooftop bars. Some of the best Brooklyn rooftop bars also feature different rooftop bar sports. If you are looking for some rooftop bars on Wednesday and Thursday nights, there are plenty of options for you. Some bars even feature a rooftop deck, outdoor patio, indoor lounge, and other features.

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