A close-up of a stand-up mic in the comedy club in the dark. A close-up of a stand-up mic in the comedy club in the dark.

Discovering Delight:7 Popular Brooklyn Comedy Clubs

Let’s forget all your worries for a while and laugh at these best shows of comedy.

Brooklyn is popular for being the bedrock of amusement in New York City, and among all kinds of delights, watching live stand-ups is a euphoric activity. It is a very good place to spend your weekends at ease.

People say laughter is the best form of medicine, so why not spend your time at the top Brooklyn Comedy clubs?

So, are you ready for a good time filled with unlimited humour? Then let’s start the fun ride & have a look at these famous comedy palaces of Brooklyn, NYC.

Best comedy shows NYC
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This combined list of the seven best Brooklyn Comedy Clubs will make your weekend decisions more comforting and stress-free.

List of the Best Brooklyn Comedy Clubs of New York

1. Dark Horse Comedy Club                             

Dark Horse Comedy Club was named one of New York’s Best comedy clubs by the Times Out, NYC.

It is situated in the heart of Tribeca, New York City. Dark Horse is also an all-time hub for the great comedy shows of Tribeca’s most honoured Comedians.

Such shows include Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, and Comedy Central.

They also feature some of the most delicious food; here, you will get a wide range of varieties to choose from.

The atmosphere of this club is light and professional. Along with that, you get comfortable booths to sit & enjoy sufficing drinks.

2. East Ville Club                             

Native New Yorkers was initially founded in east Ville.

It was established in Manhattan in 2008. East Ville Club is considered the only authentic club in Brooklyn. They offer an inspiring set of cocktails & an unlimited supply of drinks.

The drinks at this Brooklyn venue are served without any classic 2-drinks, only minimum rule. This comedy venue is located right by the Barclays Center.

East Ville Comedy Club offers 120 seat spaces for the audience to enjoy stand-up.

Some of the exclusively popular and experienced comedians perform at this venue. They also organize private parties, kid events, and magic shows.

The location of this Comedy club is perfect for open mike shows and mesmerizing nightlife.

Candyce Musinski Eastville Comedy Club 06 22 16

3. Gotham Comedy Club                                 

Gotham is very famous since the mid-90s. Recently, Gotham opened its new 10,000-square-foot flagship location as well.

This comedy club in Brooklyn is a great place to catch the stand-up scene in New York.

The entry walls also feature popular shutterbug Dan Dion’s photographs. You can catch up with some of the world’s most recognizable faces in the comedy scene here.

To experience all kinds of comedy ranging from observational to anecdotal, visit this Comedy venue for sure.

Catch up on the best stand-ups by Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock at this comedy club.

Sebastian Maniscalco Live at the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC

4. New York Comedy Club                          

New York Comedy Club comes among the topmost Brooklyn Comedy Clubs. Since 1989, this Brooklyn comedy club in NYC has been serving the best comic shows.

With its usual brick wall background and neon lights, it’s one of the most chill and exciting places to try new material in comedy.

The crowd is super tolerant & supportive. This comedy club is known for its featuring seven nights a week of stand-up specials.

They also possess an updated front bar offering pre and post-show drinks every night.

The New York Comedy Club

5. Laughing Buddha                       

Laughing Buddha is a unique set of comedy learning schools and comedy clubs in NYC. They provide comical stages & pioneering opportunities to learn stand-up comedy, Youite sketches for TV, etc.

Through open mics, talent shows, and workshops, young comics get an amazing supportive start here. Laughing Buddha Comedy School was featured among the top 10 Comedy Spots in NYC by USA Today.

Great shows of this club featured here include Marc Marron, Pete Davidson, Dave Attal, Jim Gaffigan, Gilbert Gottfried, and Tracy Morgan.

Nyc best Comedy Club Jon Star Laughing Buddha

6. The Tiny Cupboard                        

The Tiny Cupboard is an underground and terrace Brooklyn comedy club in NYC. And Just because it tines, it does not mean it’s a smaller club compared to other comedy clubs.

It is exclusively famous for its exotic hipster location & firing comedy scene. Tiny Cupboard is located on the border of East Bushwick & Bed-Stuey.

For an all-night party experience filled with laughter and mesmerizing drinks.

They also provide a tiny art studio, a wide comedy space, and a large rooftop for all kinds of comedy shows. They manage both online and offline comedy events in Brooklyn, NYC.

The Tiny Cupboard, Brooklyn's Indie Speakeasy Comedy Club

7. Laffaholics Comedy Club                

Laffaholics Comedy Club is one of the most popular comedy clubs located at Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY. Laffaholics, as the name suggests, offer a super intoxicating humorous experience to their audience.

They present local, national & celebrity comedians coming from all parts of NYC. Laffaholics have been in the comedy club business for around 15 years.

Their menu is also extensive, ranging from classic American to the most popular “crab legs.” Enjoy your nights with comedy, food, drinks, and amazing people all at the Laffaholics zone!

Desi Johnson | Ray Dejon's Laffaholics | Ep 711

Closing Thoughts

These 7 Best Brooklyn Comedy Clubs are the best night-out zones for umpteen laughter & offer a wide range of scrumptious food and hilarious jokes.

Whether you are into Eastville Comedy Club, Comedy Cellar or West Side Comedy Club, these comedy clubs are perfect for Saturday night and avoiding dance party dates.

If you want to suggest any other exciting shows in Brooklyn, then please go ahead and comment below!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit these great comedy clubs today!

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