9 Best Comedy Shows NYC: Let’s Laugh

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Best comedy shows NYC
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What should you do when you need a good laugh? See comedy videos, read jokes, or search for memes. No!

Besides getting social through your phone, why not get in reality? The internet has become one of our laughter sensations nowadays.

You look out for comedy videos and read jokes and memes on your phone—however, there are several other ways to become happy.

New York, the city of love and joy, has given us many beautiful destinations to explore and thrive. Besides all, the best comedy shows in N.Y.C. are one of the favourite activities for visitors and locals, making New York City the best. 

From uprising stars to very much-prepared humorists, the city offers parody shows all week long – a significant number of which are exceptional. 

Far better is that many of them are free or practically free. U.S.A. Tales has made you a rundown of the best comedy shows in N.Y.C., so you don’t need to chase them alone.

Best Comedy Shows in N.Y.C.

Following are the best comedy shows in N.Y.C.:

1. Gotham Comedy Club

One of the best comedy shows in N.Y.C. is the Gotham Comedy Club.

It was started in 1996 by two New York natives, Chris Mazzilli and Michael Reisman; they began the comedy club to be more unique than others.

Photo by Israel Palacio on Unsplash. Copyright 2017

The Gotham Comedy Club is referred to for its plan and mood, just as its excellent arrangements.

They embrace a 1980s live theatre vibe, so you feel you’re being shipped back to the brilliant period of live diversion as you stroll through the red-covered lobbies.

It has been highlighted in numerous T.V. shows and movies, for example, Jerry Seinfeld’s 2002 Miramax film “Entertainer” and Larry David’s pilot of “Control Your Enthusiasm.”

This place has become one of the best comedy shows in N.Y.C.

2. Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar is a comedy seller. Being the second-best comedy show in N.Y.C., the Comedy Cellar was founded in 1982 by Bill Grund fest.

Why Comedy Cellar? It is famous due to the celebrity who performed there. The best privilege you get there is the guaranteed laugh, as the best comedians are there to make you laugh in any way.

Comedy Cellar additionally has various shows for seven days at different scenes. They have exhibitions directly down the road at the MacDougle St. Satire Cellar, Village Underground, and the Fat Black Pussycat. 

A few notes to make are that the jokester lineup can change without notice once you reserve your spot, and on the off chance that you intend to carry an 18-20-year-old to the setting, you should contact Comedy Cellar before the show.

If you are hoping to go with a vast gathering, if it’s not too much trouble, realize that bunches bigger than eight individuals won’t get in because of clamour grievances.

3. Tribeca Comedy Lounge

Located in Manhattan, the Tribeca Comedy Lounge is 90 minutes non-stop laughter club where people eat, laugh, and enjoy.

The Lounge came with the idea of togetherness, laughter, and great memorable meetings. ]

Best comedy shows NYC
Photo by Michel Grolet on Unsplash. Copyright 2021

One of the definite reasons for visiting Tribeca is the delicious menu specially designed by the best chef in New York, Gran Morsi.

It stands apart here at Tribeca Comedy Lounge because they work hard to have entertainers with different comedic styles perform during a show. You genuinely get an assortment as a visitor.

The Lounge likewise has two beverages at least, yet the passes to the occasion are genuinely modest. There are additional coupons online that you can look for that will help decrease the expense!

4. New York Comedy Club

New York Comedy Club has been presenting the best satire in the city to the Gramercy area and Manhattan since 1989.

The exemplary block divider behind the stage, candlelit display area, and conventional beverage menu honours its inheritance.

Under a new proprietorship since 2014, N.Y.C. includes the best joke artists in the city seven evenings per week and a refreshed front bar with pre-and post-show drink specials and other fun, anything-can-happen vibe.

Comedian Jess Salomon performs a due act of his wife and himself, serves a blast of laughter and cries in the New York Comedy Club. 

5. The Q.E.D.

What’s Q.E.D.? The abbreviation came from Latin Phrase “quod erat demonstrandum.” What’s unique about Q.E.D.? Q.E.D. Astoria is the only independent club that a woman owns.

Conducting more than 100 events per month, the Q.E.D. is a complete entertainment package, including art, music, movie shows, board games, parties, workshops, writing classes, and other activities.

You will find all stages of comedians, from beginner to professional comedians.

It doesn’t get over here!

Best comedy shows NYC
Photo by Rob Gloor on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Q.E.D. brings a great little book and blessing shop with jigsaw puzzles, games, diaries, notecards, and a pleasant choice of books.

Besides, we have a great lager, wine and juice, espresso, tea and soft drinks, and low-proof rum, vodka, and tequila.

For food, we have a little hot nourishment menu graciousness of Zorba’s, cakes from This Chick Bakes in L.I.C., chips, nuts, sweets, and new, hot popcorn.

It’s likewise accessible to lease for private occasions, film shoots, podcasting, and then some. So, how can we forget Q.E.D. in the list of the best comedy shows N.Y.C.

6. Magnet Theater

Just like it sounds, it is a magnetic theatre that attracts visitors to visit and laugh again. Magnet Theater is a generally valuable space and preparation ground that is the most splendid comedic in New York City.

Since 2005, it has been at the focal point of the city’s developing comedy development—and today, it was perhaps the city’s most conspicuous comedy school and theatre.

Magnet Theater has widely praised shows and classes in comedy, musical comedy, sketch, narrating, and more every evening of the week.

In the wake of setting himself up as a significant voice in the local Chicago comedy area during the 1990s under the mentorship of the amazing Del Close, Armando Diaz accumulated powers with other Chicago improvisers, for example, Ed Herbstman, to make Magnet Theater in 2005.

Magnet Theatre has created its space between one of the best comedy shows in N.Y.C. with a clear vision of growth and empowerment.

7. Union Hall

A 5000 square feet venue in the heart of Brooklyn, conducting music and comedy shows, offering a comfortable fireside, an impressive library, two indoor bocce courts, outside nursery seating, and a first-floor bar with music and satire.

New York Press says Union Hall “offers downtown style blended in with Brooklyn’s brand name practical invitingness.” 

8. Broadway Comedy Club

brt scaled
Photo by Andy Willis on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Broadway Comedy Club, the best comedy show in N.Y.C., owned by AI Martin, a phenomenal comedian, gave chances to other comedians to grow their future under his guidance.

After opening two successful clubs, he started with the Broadway Comedy Club in New York in 2003.

He turned into the main event in numerous T.V. shows during his vacation. He hung out in the parody business by filling in as the V.P. of the Professional Comedians Association.

His abilities and information have helped him acquire a spot as one of the best comedy shows in N.Y.C.!

9. The Knitting Factory

How could we list the best comedy shows in N.Y.C. and not include the knitting factory?

This endeavour, Knitting Factory Management, handles the vocations of rising and widely praised recording specialists in the U.S. and abroad. It is the West Coast craftsman, the boarding wing of K.F.E.

In 1987, Knitting Factory was known for its venues — the two clubs and show houses in Brooklyn, Boise, and Spokane — K.F.E. likewise advances public visits, creating the hit Broadway melodic Fela!


In the city, where everyone is in a constant spiral of hustle-bustle, there should be a moment when we spare some time to be relaxed and free. This guide brought you the nine best comedy shows in N.Y.C., United States. 

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Then, why not try this medicine today itself?

One of the significant advantages of all comedy shows is the togetherness and socialization we lack in today’s era. There couldn’t be a better place to chill, meet and laugh.

Live, Love, and Laugh!

Love exploring!

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