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Cook Forest 15 Epic Superb Things To Do

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Cook Forest, one of the eminent forests in the US is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania on route 36. 

Pennsylvania’s weather condition favors the riotous growth of trees and forests. Around 58% of the land of Pennsylvania is forestal area. 

 Plenty of National and State Parks are there in Pennsylvania since it is a place with the oldest trees and is home to many beautiful trees.

Cook Forest is one of the topmost parks among them. It is one of the United States of America’s top 50 parks and Pennsylvanias must-see top 20. 

Cook Forest’s 315 acres of Forest Cathedral is a registered National Natural Landmark in Pennsylvania.

This State Park is an all-in-one-place park. It is a park of beautiful landscapes, plenty of outdoor activities with lodging facilities.

Year-round activities are available here. Here are the 15 things you must do in Cook Forest.



1.Cook Forest – The Enchanting Hiking Place 

Cook Forest

The benefits of hiking are scientifically proven. Hiking not only helps physical balance but is mental exercise also. It helps to keep the mind calm. Hikers can share plenty of benefits.

No wonder people all over the globe started to form hiking communities and groups.

Cook Forest is one of the finest places for hikers as around 50 miles of hiking trails are here. These trails are of different levels – easy, moderate, and difficult. The highly trafficked one is the Longfellow trail.

Whatever the difficulty level, all the trails here spell the incantation of Black Forest on visitors. The lush forest is home to the oldest trees in the US.

Whether it is hiking or trekking or tramping, Cook Forest never disheartens the wandering jews. Nature has healing power. Nature helps us understand the simplicity of life.

Places like Cook Forest need to be on the planet forever because they have lots of stories to share.


2.Picnic Tables & Family Out Door
Picnic Spot

It is a perfect place for family outings so that Paid and unpaid Picnic Pavilions are available. The state park is a potpourri of games for all age groups. 

The availability of varieties of water sports and winter sports attracts families without worrying about seasonal hardships. Pet lovers need not be worried here because it is a pet-friendly park.

The Forest Family Fun Park, the picnic table, and the fishing pond will entertain the kids as much as the family members.

3.Pitching Tents / Forest Cabins
Camping Cook Forest Cabin Cook Forest

Cook Forest shelters the overnight visitors. Cabins, Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Campings, Festivals, Education, Arts everything is here.

Around 25 cabins are here. Staying in the forest with listening to the rhythm of river water or the whispering of wood is exquisite. 4 to 12 guests can stay at a time. Lodgings here provide minimal facilities for its visitors.

Coin-operated laundry facilities, a campground, showers, sanitary dump station are some of the provisions. Cabins are pet-friendly also.

4.Clarion River & Aqua Sports 

Cook Forest Water Sports

Aside from camping and hiking Cook Forest is one of the prime places for Aquaphiles.

It is a land of diversified aqua living. The streams here are extremely cooled and worth relishing.

Clarion River is loaded with water sports that it put forwards almost every fun activity like Fishing, Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, Tubing, and a lot more aqua games.

Trout, panfish, and warm water game fish are the Clarion River’s main species for fishing whereas a fishing pond is there for children and the disabled. Kiddie Fishing Program is there.


5.Environmental Learning Center- Education

Environmental Learning Center is the education center in the park. It conducts many hands-on activities and training. 

It is a display center too. It displays taxidermy animals, lumberjacking tools, models, and many.

It furnishes space for programs also.

This Learning Learning center was built for the Conservation Corps and was their living quarters. Later it had become a restaurant then the Learning Center.


6.Riders’ Place
Cycling in Cook Forest

Bikers need not be disappointed here. Cook Forest offers bike routes from easy to challenging levels.

Riding through the tallest or oldest trees in the United States is worldly. Deep wood riding is exciting, whether it is easy or challenging, controlling steers along the Clarion river road is thrilling.

Bikers are not allowed on hiking trails. Helmets are compulsory for children under 12. Light on the bike must be mandatory for night riders.

7.Hunting – Trapping

Forests of Pennsylvania and its State Parks permit hunting facilities. Deer are the most popular prey as deer hunting helps to reduce the overpopulation of deer species. Black bears, squirrels, pheasant, rabbits, waterfowls are some other game species.

Groundhog hunting is forbidden here.

Approximate 4000 acres are left for hunting, trapping, and dog training however hunting license is mandatory and one is obliged to follow the regulations.

8. Saw Mill Center for the Arts
Saw Mill

The Saw Mill, once John Cook – the first American settler, had prospered his lumber business, turned into a fascinating place of arts.

It is a craft emporium with unparalleled craft items.

Other than craft items, it is a live theatre and an excellent learning center of pure arts. Mass comes to relish festivals and theatre performances every year.

It is an ideal place for family gatherings.

9.Swinging Bridge
Swinging Bridge

Another charisma of the lush forest is Swinging Bridge. Cook Forest State Park is famed for its years old virgin white pine and hemlock trees. This bridge also helps you to connect with nature. 

Tucking between trails, it is a favorite spot of the hikers. It is a place to enjoy the scenery and take pics.

10.Fire Tower & Seneca Point

One can sacrifice anything in return for the breathtaking view of Seneca point. Clarion River valley’s scenic view will be staying forever.

Seneca is a fenced rock that proposes exotic views. 

The 85 feet Fire Tower is one of the most sought-after spots in the park as the stunning riverscape must make anyone feel fortunate. 
Seneca Point

11.Saw Mill Dam

This Sawmill Dam witnessed the peak and failure of the sawmill. Though the sawmill is no more, the tantalizing dam is still here.

Visitants will fall in love with the dam at the very first sight.

Beautified with weathered rocks, the only waterfall in the forest is easy to find when hiking from Gravel lick road.

12.Horseback Riding

The growth forest acts as a promised land for horse riders as it has plenty of discovered and undiscovered trails. It welcomes all kinds of horse riders.

They are allowed to exploit the exhilarating and appropriate opportunities on their horseback.

Horse riding

13.Sledding and Ice Skating

Cook Forest is affectionate to its visitors every season. One can visit here at any time of the year.

River road awaits the visitors in the winter for icy larks like sledding, skiing, and skating.
Three groomed ski trails – Fire Tower Road, Toms Run Road, and Part of Forest Drive are here. Skis and headlamps should be brought.

Acres of sledding slopes are for other icy tasks. Other than the perks like Snowshoeing or hiking through the oldest trees in winter, cabins and hot beverages are the other appendages.

14.The Memorial Fountain

There is always friction between man and nature due to the thanklessness of man. But there will always be someone to raise a voice against ingratitude.

This 8500 acres of fairytale landscape continued to be the threatening of disappearance once. In the 1920s, the Cook Forest Association was formed.

They raised funds to protect the virgin white pines and the hemlocks. Because of those naturalists, the forest is still here.

Cooks Forest Association Memorial Fountain was established in 1950 for the remembrance of those eco-nuts.

15. The Real Occupants

Cook Forest Winter

Regular visitors can casually watch amazing visitors-friendly animals anywhere in the Cook Forest since it is a house of thousands of animals, birds, mammals, insects, and reptiles.

Cook Forest offers year-round accommodations for wildlife watching. Raccoons, otters, opossums, squirrels, blue heron, red fox, and coyotes are some of the animals found in Cook Forest.

Cook Forest is a perfect example of aquatic biodiversity. The streams here are sheltered by the hemlock trees and it helps the water to get a cooling capacity and it leads to the diversity of aqua life.

Almost 18 different species here are over 150 years old.

Hemlock trees play indispensable roles in the ecosystem as some birds strongly depend on hemlock trees to live and some can’t even survive without these trees. So the extinction of the hemlock trees will lead to the disappearance of many species. A recent issue found was the insect attack on hemlock trees.

The Blooming Beauty

Cook Forest never disappoints its visitors, despite the seasons. Spring comes here in late June and June is the month of festivals. Pennsylvania’s state flower is Mountain Laurel. The plethora of Mountain Laurel is admirable.

The phenomenal Rhododendrons spell their charm and leave the visitors speechless for hours.  Rhododendron is in its full bloom in mid-July. 



30% of the earth is forested and is vital for all living being’s survival provided that it is the source of the air we breathe, the water we consume, or the food we eat.

Trees are the silent watchers of ‘time’s running’ even if older trees can remind us that we are nothing in front of God’s creations. Forests are the aesthetic and spiritual touchstones of humans. Forests are not only blessings but they play a crucial role in human existence also.
The baldachins of the gigantic white pines and hemlocks in the Forest Cathedral remind visitors that “the poetry of the Earth is never dead.”

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