A sandwich served on a white plate. A sandwich served on a white plate.

Savour Chicago’s Flavours: Loop Secret Food Tour

Foodies of Chicago!  Chicago Loop Secret Food Tour is here to let you explore and discover the vibrant food culture of Chicago, with the tour embarking from Gino’s East Pizzeria, located at Dearborn Street, and being hosted at 11:30 a.m. on numerous dates.

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A perfect tour for the foodies out there and get ready to experience the culinary scene of Chicago with your friends and family.

1. What to Expect at the Food Tour?

This 3-hour-long tour is the ultimate food tour who want to explore the street-style cuisine of Chicago.

Explore the ambiance of the friendly mid-western metropolis with the help of a local guide who will share all the top secrets and stories that lie between the streets.

If you are keen on tasting the famous Italian beef sandwich of Chicago, this is your spot because you are going to hit the place where this sandwich was first invented.

Being in Chicago, and not indulging in the popular and delicious deep-dish Chicago pizza is a sin. Worry not, because the tour has got you covered.

Additionally, interact with the local people and immigrants who helped in building the food scene of Chicago.

Discover Chicago's Food Culture at the Loop Secret Food Tour
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2. When Is the Event Happening? 

The Chicago Loop Secret Food Tour is taking place on various dates and you can choose the dates while purchasing the tickets.

Get your tickets now to have a unique food tour experience!

3. Where Does the Event Occur? 

The Chicago’s Loop Tour begins at Gino’s East Pizzeria, settled at  Millennium Park.

You will be visiting six eatery joints to indulge in appetizing dishes and at the end of the tour, you will be dropped off at the starting point.

Sometimes the locations may change due to the unnatural weather conditions. 

4. What Dishes Are Included in the Food Tour?

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The food tour includes dishes like fresh Gourmet popcorn, Classic Chicago-style Hotdogs, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Deep Dish Pizza Chicago Style Pizza, and Brownies.

It does not end here, because you are even going to try a scrumptious secret dish that will be revealed during the tour.

5. Timings

The Chicago’s Loop Tour begins at 11:30 AM and runs for 3 hours; also, there will be no change in the timing of the event. 

6. Tickets

Buy your tickets from FeverUp.com or at the app store of FeverUp. Here, you can only purchase tickets individually, for a group of people (minimum 12 people) as well as private tours. 

Purchase the tickets as per the number of people who will be attending the event and the tickets are not refundable and can not be changed either, once purchased.

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7. Additional Details 

  • ADA Accessibility: There is no ADA accessibility available on this tour. 
  • Duration: The Chicago’s Loop Tour will last for 3 hours and sometimes it may extend to an extra half an hour.  
  • A local guide will be available to assist you throughout the tour and don’t hesitate to reach out to your guide if you have questions or want help.

8. Get Ready to Experience Chicago’s Loop Secret Food Tour Today!

  • What: Loop Secret Food Tour.
  • When: On numerous dates.
  • Where: At Gino’s East Pizzeria, Millennium Park, Chicago (departure point).
  • Timing: At 11:30 AM.
  • Ticket: Buy from FeverUp.

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