7 Beautiful Hikes in Eagle Lake in Alaska

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Eagle lake Alaska

What is better than relaxing by a lake while surrounded by your family and friends with good food?

Eagle Lake, Alaska is situated in Chugach State Park and is a wonderful site for a relaxing weekend trip. Eagle Lake Alaska is a 777-meter surface elevated with green milky color.

Adjacent to Eagle Lake lies Symphony Lake, it is rich blue aquamarine color. The contrast of colors between the lakes is a natural wonder and one of the main attractions in the enormous Chugach State Park.

The difference in colors of Eagle and Symphony Lake is an interesting feature, but there is a scientific reason behind it. Both the lakes are fed by two different sources hence, the difference in colors.

Eagle Lake gets its water from Flute Glacier, located in the southeast of Eagle Lake, Alaska. While Symphony Lake, with a Caribbean shade of turquoise, is fed by precipitation in the valley and run-down snow.

Eagle Lake Alaska
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Along with Eagle and Symphony Lake hikes, many side hikes are available near Eagle lake Alaska that you can try.

1. Eagle And Symphony Lake Hike

It covers a distance of 12 miles and an elevation gain of about 1,500 feet. Eagle and Symphony Lake Hike trail is rated as being of moderate difficulty.

This great hike start is fairly easy as the trail climbs are not very steep. South Fork trail continues to a bridge and is laden with berries in August and September.

Next, you will be required to cross a bridge over the South Fork of Eagle River, after which the trail will continue to Hanging Valley. After crossing another bridge over the South Fork of Eagle river, you will arrive at Boulder field.

Eagle Lake Alaska
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The Boulder field signifies that the two lakes are nearby, but they should be crossed carefully and with the utmost attention. Losing balance is very common as it is an uneven path.

Following the same path, you will be able to see the lakes.

2. Side Hikes Near Eagle Lake Alaska

2.1. Hanging Valley

The best time to visit the Hanging valley hike is around June to September. With a distance of 6 miles and 2000 feet of surface elevation, Hanging Valley is considered an easy hike considered a good destination for a day hike.

The first half of the Hanging Valley hike is the same as Eagle and Symphony lake hike; just a detour after crossing the first bridge over the South fork eagle river is required.

Hanging Bridge
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The steep ascent will take you to a beautiful lake, but that’s just not it. Continue on the trail, and you will be rewarded with yet another magnificent tarn.

This place is considered the best place for camping in the Hanging Valley.

2.2. Harp Mountain

Harp mountain near eagle lake Alaska, is considered a difficult hike, but its view is worth the trip. The trail, on an elevation of 2500 feet, is about 3.6 miles long.

Harp Mountain

The steady climb up the mountain trail will allow you to experience nature as you have never before. The best part is always the journey, and that holds here.

The delightful aerial views of eagle and symphony lakes, hanging valleys, and many attractions will take your breath away.

2.3. Rendezvous Peak

With moderate difficulty, the Rendezvous peak is a 1.5-mile-long trail with an elevation gain of 1400 feet. The best time to hike along this trail is from April to September.

Rendezvous Peak
cottonbro/ Pexels

There are two ways to reach the Rendezvous peak with different levels of difficulty.

For an easy and gentle climb up the mountain, choose the Arctic Valley Side, if you are in for an adventure and want some challenge, the Eagle Riverside is your option.

Glances of Eagle and Symphony lakes are seen when taking the trail along the eagle river Alaska with a spectacular view of South fork valley.

2.4. Hunter Pass

Hunter passes near eagle lake Alaska, which is a 3.5 miles long trail with an elevation of 1,900 feet. Hunter’s pass is rated as hard in the difficulty level.

It also offers a backdoor path through which you can climb to Rendezvous Peak. Hunter pass is easily accessible as it is situated only within a half-mile distance from the parking area.

The trail is somewhat steeper which goes from relatively flat to straight up the mountain. During the trial, bird-watching is considered the best activity.

2.5. Eagle Peak

Eagle peak near Eagle Lake Alaska is one of the tallest peaks in Chugach State Park. The trail stretches for about 11 miles with an elevation gain of 5500 feet. 

Eagle peak is not easy to climb hence its rated difficulty is hard, the best time to go on this one-day hike is around July to September.

eagle lake Alaska

Once you’re at the top of the mountain you will be amazed by the exceptional views. In the East direction, you can see Eagle River, Eagle and symphony lake to your west, and Flute Glacier to the south.

The First half of the trail to Eagle peak is the same as Eagle and Symphony Lake. After reaching the lake, you have to continue to the south of this lake to start an exhilarating journey to the summit’s top.

Be very sure that you want to continue as it is not the easiest task.

2.6. Triangle Peak

Triangle Peak is considered a moderately difficult hike. The hike is 9.5 miles long with an elevation gain of 5500 feet.

Visiting this hike near Eagle Lake Alaska from June to September is perfect as, before that, there is too much snow making it difficult.

The first half of the trail for Triangle peak is also the same as Eagle and symphony lakes, there is also another way to reach Triangle peak and it is somewhat easier than the first one.

Take the trail for the Rendezvous peak, and just before crossing the bridge, walk along the small trail path. You’ll reach your destination if you keep following the trail. 

Closing Thoughts

Eagle Lake Alaska will be seen first as it is longer than Symphony lake, it will come into view once you have exited the Boulder field.

You can climb the hill dead situated opposite the lakes for an aerial view of the two gorgeous lakes. The aerial view of the lakes is amazing to watch; make sure you have your camera to capture this natural beauty.

A destination worth visiting for sure!

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