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Resurrection Pass Trail
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Alaska is best known for the different trails, which vary from different elevations to the hiking experience you have. There are more than 750 trails available in Alaska you can choose from. Some of the trails are short and usually situated near the towns for better amenities, whereas some are steep.

These steep trails are better for experienced hikers. These trails are long enough and can take days to reach the top of the mountains, perfect for adventures. Devils pass Alaska is underrated than normal trails in Alaska. This trail has just one cabin throughout your hike.

You have to carry your own stuff to stay here, and you can see wildlife animals like moose, eagles and even bears sometimes. Except for these, the picturesque natural scenic beauty is to die for. In the cabin, spend some amazing time, just don’t cut trees for a bonfire as it is prohibited to cut down trees.

With an elevation of 2428 ft. (740.05 m), situated in the Chugach mountains, this is one of the best trails for hikers. As the name suggests, Devils pass Alaska is not so harmful to regular hikers; the first three miles are gentle.

The trail is usually broad and gentle enough, which can help you focus on the scenery.

Devils Pass Alaska

The Devils pass Alaska is basically a 10 miles long trail, connecting the 39 Seward highway and Resurrection Pass Trail. There is a ‘V’ elevation, which is much steeper for 5 miles as you climb up. Devils creek valley can be seen for the 5 miles. As you’ll go higher, the dense forest will convert into picturesque tundra.

As a background, you get to see the beautiful Kenai mountains and Gilpatrick mountain for taking mesmerizing pictures.

1. General Information About Devils Pass Alaska

  • Devils pass trail or devils creek tail is full of surprises and hidden gems. This particular pass is quite underrated than the other tracks. There are some precautions to keep in mind, but other than that, you can’t miss out on anything, from the fantastic sceneries to Devils lake.
  • Devils lake can be found near the top of the trail, and there are many other lakes available near Devils Pass Cabin. These lakes provide fishing areas, so carry a fishing rod to make your trip even more exciting. Close to the Devils Pass is Juneau lake, which is also equally attractive and has fishing options.
  • Avoid going during winter due to bad weather; this trail is sometimes closed, so always check their website for updates.

2. Places To Go From Devils Pass Alaska

Devils creek trail has access to many other parts, which are suitable for groups and are equally fun to explore. There are some restrictions during the winter season, so it is best to go there during the summertime to get hassle-free hiking time.

Devils Pass Alaska
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2.1 Devils Pass Cabin

A rustic cabin is situated in a remote south-central Alaska area after hiking for another 1.5 miles by Devils Pass, Alaska. The cabin has excellent views and will be loved by anyone wanting to hike, hunt, or snowboard. This cabin can be found along with the popular resurrection pass trail.

Devils pass cabin gives space for a maximum of 8 people, which is quite spacious. There are tables and benches and a stove for heating the room, but don’t forget to bring stove oil. A drawback is there is no bedding, cooking utensils, or electricity.

Devils pass cabin is the best place to camp but always carry sleeping bags, a cooking stove, and basic necessities. If you are going with a group, the cabin can be accessed by hiking, biking, skiing, horseback, or snowmobiling. But Snowmobiling can be used on the Devil Pass trail every other year.

An outhouse is also available for much better scenic views. Visitors can enjoy wildlife views in abundance by exploring through the forest region. Tourists are supposed to bring their own stuff and take care of their own travel arrangements and safety. In the nearby lakes, you can fetch water for drinking or even fishing.

2.2 Devils Pass: Summit Creek Loop

This is a 20-mile loop for backpacking from Devils Pass Alaska, to the summit creek trail. Though not suitable for bikes and winter, this is a hiker’s paradise, and the sceneries are also perfect. If this is the first time for you, an overnight hike is just perfect for your group.

The hike starts from Devils Creek Trailhead parking lot. After roughly 10 miles, you get to choose whether you want to go south to the resurrection trail or north.

2.3 Resurrection Pass Trail

Resurrection Pass Trail
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There is a part where you can choose this trail to continue the rest of your hike. This trail attracts hundreds of tourists during winter and is the most famous trail for hiking. The scenic beauty of the Kenai River can be observed from here.

This trail is family-friendly too, where you can take your kids cause of the wide hiking path. Even multiple waterfalls can be seen while hiking, which is perfect for taking rest between your hike and enjoying the calmness.

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The distance from devils pass to Resurrection north trailhead is 32 miles. And the distance between Devils Pass Alaska to Resurrection South Trailhead is 27 miles.

3. Precautions Before Going To Devils Pass Alaska

The place is no doubt beautiful and perfect for hiking, but some things should be kept in mind before going there-

  • Weather Conditions– Some places in Devils Pass Alaska, are unavailable for winter travel as it can be snowy and bad for hiking. And always prepare for an extended stay because the weather can be a bit problematic.
  • Wildlife– The place is bear friendly and consists of other animals too. Always try to go hiking with a group and try to make sounds or sing to alert the animals.
  • Avalanche– Wintertime tourists can get avalanches and ice conditions. Always try taking warm clothes and be prepared for frosty nights.
  • When fetching water from the lakes or streams, don’t forget to boil them before consuming them.

Keeping everything in mind, Devils Pass Alaska is one of the best places to go hiking with your group. This trail is usually less preferred, so you get to enjoy your hike as you prefer. Just stay alert as you never know what you are surrounded by at night.

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