Elephant Rocks State Park: 4 Interesting Facts

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Elephant Rocks State Park
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Do you want to know everything there is to know about the elephant rocks state park? You can get all the details about this unusual park with giant granite boulders here. If you are history buffs interested in the history of a place, then this state park has a rich history, and it is also a great picnic spot.

One of the unique features of Elephant rocks state park is its braille trail. The trail winds through the park and allows people with visual disabilities or physical disabilities to experience downtown streets.

Another best part about the park is that you can also take your pets to the park.

1. Elephant Rocks State Park

There are some things you need to know about elephant rocks state park before you visit it as they will help you enjoy the place even more. It is one of the most beautiful Missouri state parks with elephant-shaped boulders. It is also an area where people like to go to relax as it encompasses an outcropping of Precambrian granite in the Saint Francois Mountains in the United States of America.

1.1. Name of The Park

There is a line of giant granite boulders that resembles a string of pink circus elephants, and thus the name of the park is Elephant rocks state park. The rocks that resemble circus elephants are formed of granite, and these rocks also create a lot of curiosity among geologists. There are many elephant-shaped boulders and giant elephant rocks in the park. Hence the name.

1.2. History Of Park

Pink and red granite has been quarried in the park for a long time. There is an abandoned quarry in the park as well. The stones quarried from this old quarry site are used for many monuments, and the stone is thus also known as Missouri Red monument stone. These giant granite rocks are also used for many buildings in the state. The area’s quarrying sites have immense historical value.

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1.3. Park Hours

The timings of the park with the giant elephant rocks vary according to seasons. There is more crowd in the park on weekends as compared to weekdays. The parking lot of State Park elephants gets overcrowded. The usual time of this unusual park is from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The park opens for a longer time in summer.

1.4. How To Reach

The state park elephant is more than two hours away from Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri city. You can travel by road to reach one of the unique state parks in Southeast Missouri. The shortest route is via US Highway 63 S. You can also take a train from Missouri to reach the park, as it is one of the cheapest modes of travelling there.

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2. Things To Do in Elephant Rocks State Park

Now that you know what you need to know about elephant rocks state park, here are some things you can do in the park or near it and have so much fun that you will remember always.

Whether you are a person who enjoys the history of a place or if you like doing outdoor activities, this state park offers you all options. This park is also suited for people with visual and physical disabilities as it has ramps.

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2.1. Picnic

There are as many as thirty picnic sites in the park. These sites also have picnic tables, where you can have a picnic lunch or sit and enjoy the views of interesting geologic formations found all over the park.

One of the best parts about the state park is that the picnic tables are scattered everywhere, so you do not have to look specifically in one place. You can pack light snacks as a picnic lunch and enjoy it here.

2.2. Take the Braille Trail

There is one mile Braille trail in the Elephant rocks state park, and this trail leads the people with several signs written in English and braille. This trail takes visitors who have visual or physical disabilities.

The trail passes through the old railroad engine house, and it can be accessed by people who use wheelchairs as well. The trail leads to the main trail and the paved trails. It is one of the first paths that accommodate people with visual and physical disabilities.

2.2.1. More Details

The trail winds through the engine house, which is a remnant of the railroad history of the park. This railroad history was used to provide service to other quarries, and coarsely crystalline red granite was transported using it. The area’s quarrying sites are the oldest in the state, and the granite outcrop was rich.

3. Witness the Created Formations

The spur brings visitors for many reasons, one of which is the maze that people of all ages can enjoy. While standing atop any of the rounded boulders, you can see the geological formations in the park.

There are also various giant boulders and huge rocks in the park that are extremely attractive and will make you think about their origin. Also, there is no point overlooking the paving blocks as you may not get a good view from there.

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4. Fishing

One of the other activities you can do in the park is fishing. Apart from this, the park offers a variety of other outdoor activities like hiking and climbing. Therefore, if you are a person who likes to try adventurous outdoor sports, you can try any of these activities. The park has separate natural as well as wild areas designated.

Many interesting geologic formations are found in elephant rocks state park, located in Southeast Missouri, but this is not the park’s unique feature. The giant granite boulders, the quarry pond, the scattered boulders, and the animal life make it a park worth visiting.

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