All About The Amazing Cherokee Rock Village 2021

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Cherokee rock village
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Traveling to Cherokee rock village should be high on the bucket list this year if you want to visit a place where rocks tell a tale and nature is at its peaceful best.

Considered the magical land of shadowed routes and dinosaur-like rocks, Cherokee rock village is the ultimate destination for ardent nature enthusiasts.

Got fascinated, right? Well, let us know more about this fascinating place then.

Cherokee Rock Village: The Enchanted Places

1. Some tidbits about the place

Nestled in the northeastern region of Alabama, in the Cherokee county is the Cherokee rock village covering 200 acres of land. It is located near the town of Leesburg and offers some spectacular vistas of Alabama.

Cherokee rock village sits atop a large outcropping on the southern end of the Lookout mountain overlooking Weiss lake. The place is a maze of rock and boulder formations. And it meanders its way through cliffs, natural arches, and caves of the place.

Cherokee rock village is famous for its noteworthy massive sandstone boulders that rise to 200 feet in height and date back to the Pennsylvanian period. The place’s name comes from an outcropping found in the place, which looks like a cluster of homes.

The habitat atop the ridge is adorned with Virginia pines, Chestnut Oaks and Hichories. As you move down the southern part of the ridge, Cherokee provides tremendous and breathtaking views of open skies and soaring birds in them.

Do you know how this pristine slice of nature came into popularity? 2006 film “Failure to Launch” scenes starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker were shot in this place. It provided the village with much-needed fame.

Cherokee rock village holds a great significant value in American history. This place was home to Native Americans from 8000BC to 1838, when the Indian Removal Act forcibly removed them. This brutal Act led to the infamous Trail of Tears incident, which caused more than 4000 Cherokee deaths during the evacuation.

The history of Cherokee rock village has been covered. Let us now see what the main attractions of the place are.

2. Things To Do

Cherokee is a popular spot for all nature enthusiasts. The sights are breathtaking, and each crevice and crack offer a slice of history to you.

Wander through the crevices or hike up in towering rock walls. Enjoy the panoramic views of Coosa River Valley and Weiss lake from atop the Lookout mountain or enjoy the various adventure sports that the County park provides. There is something for everyone.

Some of the popular tourist interests that can be availed to are as follows.

2.1 Rock Climbing

rc scaled
Photo by Brook Anderson on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

Also known as the Sand Rock by the climber’s community, Cherokee is a popular place to get out and try your climbing skills.

Rock climbers from all parts of the world are drawn to the climbing opportunities provided by the huge rock faces and boulders.

The variety of climbing routes and rock faces provides alternatives and challenges that can accommodate every ability from novice to expert climbers.

If you do not have any experience in rock climbing, some boulders are easily accessible, which you can try. It gives you some stunning panoramas of Alabama. That being said, however, remember the facilities provided here for rock climbing are the bare minimum. Therefore, do not forget to bring your pieces of equipment with you.

2.2 Nature trails

rc1 scaled
Photo by niklasfotografics on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

If you are an advent nature lover, but rock climbing is not your forte, then do not worry. Cherokee provides amazing trails to be explored. Meandering the path through the silent valleys and chasms, you can enjoy nature at its peaceful best.

Avail to nature trails like Tohi Nature trail and Adohi trail to witness the gorgeousness of nature. These are approximately 0.8 kilometers of lightly trafficked loop trails used for walking, nature walks, and bird watching.

2.3 Camping

rc2 scaled
Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash. Copyright 2017

Cherokee rock village is a famous camping site. It provides amazing camping views of the Coosa River valley and Weiss lake.

Most of the campsites are based on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can rent it for a daily use fee. The campsites are easily accessible through roads, or you can use passenger vans to reach your desired destination.

The village provides amazing campsites along the ridgeline just next to the entrance. You can also move further down the road if you want a more secluded place. The sites are marked with primitive fire pits. However, keep in mind that camping along the ridgeline can get windy, therefore make sure to keep your tents tightly secured to the ground.

It is also a popular picnic area providing adventures, fun, and frolic for the young.

2.4 Witnessing nature at its best

The beauty of Cherokee rock village is that it is nestled in the lap of mother nature. It overlooks the Weiss lake and Coosa river valley, which provides some amazing scenarios during sunrise and sunset.

Weiss lake covers approximately 30,200 areas and comprises water coming from the Coosa River, Chattooga River, and Little River. It offers 447 miles of shoreline, shallow flats, large cover, underwater drop-offs, and deep channels.

On the other hand, the Coosa river forms the major tributary when it joins the Tallapoosa River near Wetumpka to form the Alabama River.

Did you know the fact that Cherokee was used for religious worships and ceremonies by the Native Americans? And that can quite be justified when someone visits the place. The first rays of the sun, when it hits Weiss Lake, it create a magical atmosphere all around. The blue waters of the lake beautifully reflect and showcase the unfolding of the dawn.

No wonder Cherokee is so famous as a campsite. You can visit other places near Cherokee, like the Star falls lookout and County club golf courses.

3. How and When to Visit?

The airport that you can avail of to visit Cherokee is the Cherokee county regional airport. With more than 550 flight options to Cherokee, finding a flight suitable for your visit should not be a problem.

For a visit to Cherokee, September to late November is considered the ideal time. Not only can tourists watch beautiful birds soaring through the sky, but they can also witness Cherokee rock village in all its fall glory.

There you go; hopefully, all the inquisitiveness about Cherokee could be solved through this article. Cherokee is much more beautiful than it can be described in words.

Cherokee deserves a spot on your travel list with nature, history, and culture wrapped in one rocky package.

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