Lookout Mountain Parkway: 8 Amazing Events And More

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Lookout Mountain Parkway

Lookout Mountain Parkway, located at the North-East corner of Alabama, North-West corner of Georgia, and along the southeastern Tennessee state line in Chattanooga, is a perfect venue for vacation.

The mountain ridge stretching 93 miles includes waterfalls, canyons, scenic brow vistas, state and national parks, preserves, unique towns and villages, and many more natural wonders. Different seasons bring flowering rhododendrons along which you can enjoy scenic drives.

The lookout Mountain Parkway organizes The World’s Longest Yard Sale, which takes place in August annually. Along with many attractions, It is home to many events that happen throughout the year.

Attractions Along The Lookout Mountain Parkway


1. DeSoto State Park

A beautiful park filled with majestic waterfalls and canyons, which also allows overnight accommodation. Hiking and biking trails, tennis courts, campgrounds, swimming pools, and picnic areas are what awaits you at the DeSoto State Park of Lookout Mountain Parkway.

Lookout Mountain Parkway

2. Alpine Camp

A 350+ acre camp in Alabama, solely dedicated for boys. The camp with deep forests, scenic waterfalls, and gigantic rocks is the perfect place to enjoy summer camp for boys. Children enjoying summer camp relish the feeling of adrenaline flowing through their bodies while exploring pleasant natural wonders around the Alpine camp

3. Little River Canyon National Preserve

Capture the beauty of scenic vistas and gushing waterfalls for free at the Little River Canyon National Preserve. Horseback riding is also available at designated locations along this 23-mile preserve with your own horse.

Lookout Mountain Parkway

4. Cloudmont Ski Resort

Light snows that gently covers the lookout mountain at America’s southernmost ski resort makes it a beautiful skiing destination.

Lookout Mountain Parkway

5. Noccalula Falls Park

A 90-foot waterfall surrounded by botanical gardens, villages, wedding chapel, hiking/biking trails, and mini-golf is truly a magnificent natural wonder. Souvenir shops and children’s playgrounds are also available at Noccalula Falls Park, Lookout Mountain Parkway. 

6. Town of Mentone

Away from the city’s hustle-bustle lies the Town of Mentone, at the top of Lookout Mountain. Rejuvenate yourself by spending time with nature, and you will experience a trip worth remembering.


1. Cloudland Canyon State Park

A rugged terrain spread around 2,200 acres consists of ravines and a waterfall. With the best views available, it is a number one spot for sightseeing.

2. Lookout Mountain Hand Gliding

World’s largest Hand Gliding Resort and Training center is perfect for people looking for an adventure. Hand Glide with an instructor by your side or take lessons to become an expert yourself; it’s your choice!

Lookout Mountain Parkway

3. Rock City.

Experience Rock City’s Majestic view of seven states at Lover’s Leap! The seven states include Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Encounter incredible rock formations, caves, and flowers along the 4,100-foot trail.


1. Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map & Museum.

A treat for all the history fanatics. Learn about the Chattanooga area’s Civil War history as the battles are brought to life by projecting them onto a spectacular three-dimensional, panoramic battle map.

2. Lookout Mountain Incline Railway.

Known as ‘America’s Most Amazing Mile,’ Lookout Mountain Incline Railway climbs the steep hills. The incline railway trolley is also known as funicular railways, is run by cables allowing smooth passage along the steep hills.

Lookout Mountain Parkway

3. Ruby Falls.

It is a destination that has been named one of the best things to do in Tennessee for over ninety years. Ruby Falls is the nation’s tallest and deepest underground waterfall, offering a delightful view to all. A panoramic view of the Tennessee Valley and Tennessee River from Lookout Mountain Tower is also made available.

Lookout Mountain Parkway

Events Along the Lookout Mountain Parkway

1. Annual Wildflower Saturday

Learn about many blooming plants at this annual event held at DeSoto State Park at Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, Alabama. The event starts with a welcome social and guest speaker program, followed by a day full of hikes and, lastly, a guest speaker night to finish off the event.

It is generally held around April end or the beginning of May.

Lookout Mountain Parkway

2. US 11 Antique Alley Yard Sale

Held around mid-May, this sale will help you explore delightful historic communities and downtown districts at the Antique Alley Yard Sale.

3. Mentone Rhododendron Festival.

A spectacular collection of Arts and crafts vendors. You will find unique things at the festival ranging from candles to hula hoops, a basket, to birdhouses. Local musicians also grace the festival with their mind-blowing performances.

It is a free event for the public. This is also held around mid-May, which is the peak blooming season for Rhododendrons.


Lookout Mountain Parkway

4. World’s Longest Yard Sale

This 3-day yard sale held in August is the World’s Longest Yard Sale is 690 miles long, the route spans six states Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

This yard sale is home to thousands of people, shoppers, and vendors, from all over the country. If you want, you can become a vendor and sell anything you like at these events in Lookout Mountain Parkway.

5. Boom Days Heritage Celebration

Organized on September 18th, the annual Boom Days Heritage Celebration is an art and music display event. It is held at Fort Payne, Lookout Mountain Parkway, and the celebrations start a week prior to the intending event.

6. Mentone Colorfest

This fest is held around October 16th every year. Enjoy the Fall season by attending the annual Mentone Colorfest held at the Mentone Brow Park and downtown Mentone. The event includes live entertainment, music, art and crafts, delicious food, and much more. It is free for the public.

Lookout Mountain Parkway

7. Spookapalooza

This Halloween special celebration is a definite treat. As the name suggests, Spookapalooza guarantees a perfect way to spend the spooky season.

Trick or Treating, live animals, story-telling, Games, and much more awaits you at these events in Lookout Mountain Parkway. The event is free of cost to all and suited for every age-group.

Lookout Mountain Parkway


8. Creative Spirit Market

It is held around November 13th  every year.

An art fair but with a creative twist added to it. Creative Spirit Market is an open-air showcase with artist displays, locally and regionally created fine and folk art. Visitors can look through the market and watch artists in their process. Goods can also be purchased by painters, potters, culinary artists, fabric spinners, and artisans.

Lookout Mountain is beautiful, and these events at Lookout Mountain Parkway enhance its beauty. It also includes unique towns and villages, state, National parks, and preserves, allowing people to bask in the wilderness and explore many new different things.

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