A direction sign of Greensboro City of North Carolina. It is a city that is a must to explore. Discover the best events in Greensboro NC. A direction sign of Greensboro City of North Carolina. It is a city that is a must to explore. Discover the best events in Greensboro NC.

Greensboro, NC Unveiled: Top 10 Must-Attend Events!

Greensboro, a city in North Carolina, is filled with museums and many beautiful attractions. All year round, the buzzing of remarkable events lightens up the mood of the third-largest populated city of NC. The magical world of social celebrations, glittering with beautiful shades of arts and history, is worth exploring. Discover the best events in Greensboro, NC.

The Top 10 Events in Greensboro, NC

1. ICRCM Annual Gala: Re-ignite the Movement

International Civil Rights Center & Museum commemorates the sit-in of February 1, 1960, where the four students denied getting up from their seats at Woolworth’s lunch counter when the official policy refused to serve anyone but whites.

This non-violent resistance of the freshmen led to the Sit-ins Movement and reiterated the Civil Rights Movement.

International Civil Rights Center & Museum, inaugurated in 2010, is solely dedicated to fathoming civil and human rights in the country and the world.

The ICRC  Annual Gala, the wonderful event in Greensboro, NC, honors the local and national advocates who have made an invaluable contribution to advancing human and civil rights.

At this event, all the audience, participants, and award-winners are in for a great advantage just sitting at home as the Gala is presented virtually.

Visit the website www.sitinmovement.org to learn more about the International Civil Rights Center & Museum.

2. Carolina Wedding Show

A screenshot is taken from Carolina Wedding Show's official website by Triad Bridal Association. A romantic couple standing together on a bridge like trail for a wedding and the woman holding the bouquet.
Picture from the official website of Carolina Wedding Show

It’s time to unite couples and wedding professionals. Is your wedding planning making you haywire? Not sure how to gear up for a glamorous wedding?

Greensboro Coliseum Complex presents the wonderful Carolina Wedding Show arranged by the Triad Bridal Association. The wedding show waves its magic wand to beautify the wedding by serving the best planning experience.

They devise all the ideas cataloging from photography, catering, fashions, and everything necessary to perfect the wedding party.

Greensboro, NC, the wedding planning events shed light on the latest trending fashion under Triads professionals’ expertise. Many of the planning experts are on a return to the aid of brides and grooms.

Your wedding planning will get easier as you immerse into it with the florists, decorators, videographers, venues, and more. Don’t forget to seize the inspirational wedding ideas the Carolina Wedding Show has in store.

Get the best help for your wedding at the special Greensboro booth.

3. Sweetheart Serenade Valentine’s Dinner

It’s Valentine’s season, a moment to surprise your Valentine. Relish your Valentine’s Day with Stephanie Quayle’s Sweetheart Serenade, that’ll brighten up your heart with overwhelming love.

The intimate performance based on Stephanie’s new single “By Heart” is better enjoyed over an exquisite dinner prepared by Summerfield Farms, 1618, on location.

The Valentine events in Greensboro, NC, the Sweetheart Serenade Valentine’s Dinner, with its lavish on-site space, is the best blooming gift for lovely couples.

Age – 21+ only

Tickets: Tickets are always limited, so book one before it all gets sold out.

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with Symphony Orchestra

A boy wearing a harry potter costume with a background theme of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, one of the themed events in Greensboro NC.
By Mikhail Nilov/ Pexels Copyrights 2021

Feeling nostalgic over your favorite Harry Potter series?

Well, the events in Greensboro are offering something new for you to swoon over other than the casual books and movies, the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Concert by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra.

The Greensboro crowd is ready to experience the Symphony Orchestra performing John Williams’ Music as the motion picture will dance to the tune of the orchestra of your dearest series.

Experience your favorite Harry Potter series being united with the music of a live symphony orchestra where every note and scene from the series will be featured in the live performing concert.

Enter the wizarding world of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series at the Steven Tanger Center for Performing Arts and re-live the sorcery of Harry Potter from Hogwarts.

5. Cinderella: Greensboro Ballet

A ballerina is dancing on the stage for the show Cinderella: Greensboro Ballet, one of the events in Greensboro NC.
MARLON RIBEIRO/ Pexels Copyrights 2020

Visit the land of fairy tales with its shimmering ballet performances that’ll render you to the extraordinary world of Disney.

The sparkling girl, her fairy Godmother, lost glass slippers, and the charming prince has ruled the hearts of many for ages. Cinderella, the princess from childhood, will ascend on the dance platform to present the astonishing ballet of the year.

Cinderella, the marvelous events in Greensboro, has modernized the fairy tale Cinderella into a classical ballet dancer with a tint of drama, humor, and a pinch of romance.

On Sergei Prokofiev’s music, the real-life Cinderella will tiptoe their magical ballet for the audience, awe-tucking them into the real world of daydreaming.

You are invited to visit the ball of your favorite princess at the historic Carolina Theatre in Greensboro. A bunch of 10 or more friends or family will buy for an additional discount.

If you have spare time, enter the magical world of Princess Tea before Cinderella’s Ballet.

6. Ronnie Milsap, Events in Greensboro

The picture of the legendary singer, Ronnie Milsap. He is in town to enlighten the audience with a mind-blowing performance thriving over the high-rated events in Greensboro NC
Photo by Bart Sherkow on Shutterstock

The legendary singer Ronnie Milsap is in town to enlighten the audience with a mind-blowing performance thriving over the high-rated events in Greensboro.

The blind-born child sent to the North Carolina State School for the Blind to seek a bright future is supposed to share the stage with a special guest, rising country artist Stephanie Quayle.

The tune of music captivated little Milsap, deviating him away from the academic curriculum and journeying to the kingdom of race music, rock and roll, and jazz.

Ronnie climbed the steps of the biggest pop/AC and R&B artists of the late ’70s and early ’80s by creating his recordings by breaking all the genre rules. The new album, the Duets, was recorded in Ronnie’s Place, built by him for his high-attuned hearing.

CMA Entertainer of the Year, Six Grammys, and four Album of the Year Award-winner, Milsap is an inspiration for budding stars with his strong affection for songs and great music taste.

CMT’s Next Women of Country class of 2019, Stephanie Quayle, celebrates a breakthrough year in country music alongside Milsap at Steven Tanger Center for Performing Arts, a noteworthy event.

7. ACC 2021 Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving

Swimming and diving have ruled the world of sports for a while now.

Greensboro Aquatic Center Greensboro is, for the first time, selected to host a consecutive series of C+ championships of the most famous events in Greensboro, the men’s and women’s NCAA Division I swimming and diving.

The approval of the 2021 NCAA Division I men’s swimming and diving delighted the men’s and women’s committees.

Considering the center’s size and the previous records of hosting numerous national and international swimming competitions, they agreed that the venue was a perfect choice.

The home to 4 pools and 1,848 seats, Aquatic Center, will make history by organizing the women’s and men’s championships in a row where all the top swimmers and divers will unite for stiff and intense competition.

8. Darci Lynne and Friends

The NBC winner of America’s Got Talent, Darci Lynne Farmer, an American ventriloquist and singer, tends to rise with the performance alongside her singing buddies Petunia, a girly bunny; Oscar, a shy stuttering mouse; and Edna Doorknocker: a sarcastic older woman.

Darci, the girl from Oklahoma City, first experienced ventriloquism at her church, and her curiosity led her to pursue a career in ventriloquism. Since then, she never failed to impress her fans.

In Greensboro, NC, this event. Darci Lynne and Friends at Steven Tanger Performance Center is another of her show-stopping achievements that amaze the audience.

Don’t miss out on this ventriloquism event of the shy girl who overcame it with her dummy friends and worked wonders to gain stardom.

9. Greensboro Symphony: Sting

A close up of piano keys with musical notes underneath and a twig kept on the piano keys. A visual of Greensboro Symphony, one of the events in Greensboro NC.
By Elina Sazonova/ Pexels Copyrights 2020

Music director Dmitry Sitkovetsky

Sting is a singer, composer, author, actor, and activist, the most infamous and unique artist. The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra is honored to welcome Sting back at Steven Tanger Center of Performing Arts.

In 2001, a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall Fame, Sting set up a fabulous performance at the Coliseum, leaving the crowd in awe.

Now, the remarkable artist with 17 Grammy award-winner a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and a nomination for 4 Oscars and Tony has planned a rocking entry beside Greensboro Symphony Orchestra at the Gate City, scaling it in the top-rated events in Greensboro.

Tickets: The concert is only accessible to the Masterworks, Chamber, and POPS Series subscribers. The tickets for the general public will be available subsequently.

10. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Music has turned our lives over the years.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, one of the wonderful events in Greensboro, NC, presents truly inspiring music that tunes the minds and hearts of the audience.

The awe-inspiring performance of Carol Klein, a Brooklyn girl filled with passion for music, narrates the extraordinary story of her rise to celebrity.

This music legend crawled her way to the business recording as a teenager and shone brightly in her solo acts’ musical history. Savor the beautiful music of Carole King at Steven Tanger Performing Arts!


The city of arts and history, Greensboro, is always buzzing with events. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets and set off to the land of events. Discover the magic this beautiful city has reserved for years!



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