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Famous Art Gallery In Hawaii: 5 Places to Visit Surely

Hawaii is a state in Western America that lies in the Pacific Ocean and about 3200 km away from the U.S.A. Hawaii has many art galleries which are listed among the most famous art gallery in Hawaii all over the world, with beautiful and charming nature, wonderful beaches, and tropical forests.

In Hawaii, various art shops, galleries, and museums are showcasing the work of art and creations of local and international artists. Hawaii had always a rich history in arts and a unique tradition of artistic things that boasts a developing culture of scenic arts.

Some famous art galleries in Hawaii are popular in the international marketplace. Hawaii state art museums, galleries, and other group exhibitions are the most popular art galleries all over the world where you can explore and enjoy fascinating artworks and glimpses of the artists.

We will explore these museums of arts one by one and know the tips on how to explore Hawaii’s art galleries and enjoy the vibrant culture of Hawaii:

1. Honolulu Museum of Art Galleries:

  • Honolulu is the largest art museum located in the center of Hawaii. The art museum offers a wonderful and diverse collection of arts over 50,000 artworks spanning centuries of artists from around the globe. This museum was founded by Anna Rice Cooke in 1922, and since it become the premier cultural institution of art galleries on the island.

  • Honolulu Museum of art galleries is the most popular, fascinating, and prosperous art gallery for every enthusiast or visitor looking for unique art. The Honolulu museum is itself an amazing example of vibrant, unique, and masterpiece arts, and culture showcased in the museum that attracts everyone interested in arts.

HONOLULU: Hawaii State Art Museum, what to see (Hawaii, USA)

  • It has a wide range of collections from Asia, Europe, and America and also a significant number of pieces from Hawaiian and pacific islands. One of the centerpiece attractions of the Honolulu museum is its collection of works by popular American artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

  • This museum works as a cultural hub for the community of Hawaii that offers several events and educational programs, and exhibitions to celebrate the diverse art and beauty of the community.
  • Visitors can explore the best arts of O’Keeffe such as ‘Black Iris‘ and ‘Hibiscus with Plumeria‘ as well as other famous pieces of her work that describe his outstanding talent.

  • The Asian art collection in the museum is a major attraction for visitors, including artistic work from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The gallery has also a vigorous collection of Japanese art with popular features on ukiyo-e prints and paintings from the Edo period. Visitors can enjoy a range of textiles, ceramics, and other unique and decorative arts from across the globe.

  • For visitors who are interested in Hawaiian islands and Pacific islands art, the Honolulu museum of art galleries has a wide range of collections of enriching works that reflect the local traditional art of islands paintings. The gallery has stone tools and carvings, contemporary art, and sculptures that provide a fascinating glamor to the traditional Hawaiian arts and its surrounding islands.

  • For those with an interest in the visual arts, paintings, old tools, carvings, and photography, and curious about arts then the Honolulu Museum is the perfect destination. This museum is a worth it space that offers everything for everyone to explore and enjoy, and it is a must-visit destination to experience the artistic culture.

  • Haleiwa Art Gallery is a beautiful, attractive, and charming art gallery, situated on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The gallery showcases the work of local artists in Hawaii. 
  • Haleiwa Art Gallery aims to promote the local artists of Hawaii and highlight their art in the gallery which makes this gallery apart from others. This gallery work as a platform for the residents of Hawaiian artists to encourage their work and sell them to exhibit.
  • The Haleiwa Art Gallery is itself a masterpiece example of art with its renovated plantation-style building, which adds attraction, glory, and charms to the gallery. The interior design is airy and bright with high ceilings and large windows that allow light to enter the gallery naturally and make feel the actual culture and tradition of Hawaii.

Haleiwa Art Show North Shore Oahu

  • You can explore a range of mediums and styles that shows the vibrant tradition of the Hawaii state art museum. Mediums and styles are made up of acrylic paintings, oil paintings, ceramic sculptures, and mixed-media installations.

  • One of the unique features of Haleiwa Art Gallery is its commitment to being environmentally friendly and promoting sustainability. Various artworks are made of recycled materials, reflecting that the gallery is committed to promoting an eco-friendly environment.

  • This art gallery also offers several events and hosts some of the events in addition to regular exhibitions, such as artist talks, live music performances, and workshops on arts. These events provide more knowledge about arts and the creative processes of artists to the visitors or enthusiasts to engage and enjoy.

  • Haleiwa Art Gallery also reduces the gallery’s carbon footprint by focusing on sustainability with energy-efficient lighting and operations. This is a wonderful destination for visitors interested in arts and paintings, which focuses on local artists to encourage them.

3. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center:

  • Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center is a dynamic and diverse institution located on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The center focuses on visual arts specially and offers a queue of programs and services designed to promote arts and encourage the Maui community.

  • This was the boarding school for girls that was built in 1917 and housed in this historic building. It was not converted into an art center directly but repurposed as a retreat center till the 1970s. Nowadays, this building is an inspiring art of Maui residents and has a perfect setting for classes, events, and the center’s exhibitions.

  • One of the highlights of Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center is its commitment to education. It features a range of classes and workshops for everyone, allowed to people of all ages, from beginners to talented artists. The classes are held in the center and cover the topics such as painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, and fiber arts.

A visit to Hui No'eau - a visual arts center located in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

  • The center also hosts various exhibitions throughout the year to showcase the work of locals and visiting artists by providing this center as a platform for them. It showcases a range of styles, from cultural Hawaiian art to contemporary art that draws on various global influences.

  • There exists a residency program in the center to support artists from around the globe to work and live on Maui for several weeks to months. They are highly competitive, and the center selects highly skilled and unique crafts to demonstrate and praise them.

  • One of the attractive features of this center is its commitment to sustainability. This art center has produced a range of development towards recycling, composting, and solar power to reduce environmental problems. The classes are also held to learn more about how to make eco-friendly materials crafts and arts.

  • Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center is rapidly growing and inspiring for many institutions that play a crucial role in promoting arts and supporting creative artists.

  • You should surely visit here if you are curious to know about arts and Hawaiian tradition and their unique and wider art community.

  • It is located in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a contemporary art space that is committed to showcasing Hawaiian art. NaPua Gallery was founded by Nick Blitz in the year 2019, an art collector and entrepreneur. This art gallery features an awesome and vibrant collection of art that focuses on the traditional richness and natural beauty of art in Hawaii.

  • NaPua Gallery is also a platform for various local artists of Hawaii to showcase their work and talent, encouraging the artist community and their work in the area. It supports local artists very strongly and the Hawaiian art and community.

  • This gallery works closely with residents and their art organization and offers to host events and exhibitions that highlight their unique talent. This gallery also partners with the Hawaiian local schools of arts and non-profit organizations to enhance their children in the area of arts and their culture, and to inspire the next emerging generation

  • NaPua Gallery has a wide range of collecting art styles, from traditional art to contemporary art that influences Hawaii’s traditional arts and culture. You can see paintings, sculptures, installations, and mixed-media works here that highlight the beauty and Hawaiian culture.

  • In the gallery collection, you can also explore various unique traditional arts of Hawaii such as Hula implements, Kapa, and featherworks. These arts are a reminder of the traditional heritage of Hawaiian arts and how they have preserved their traditional art forms for future generations.

  • It also highlights the contemporary arts that showcase the cultural and vibrant diversity of Hawaii. It includes works from various fields such as Native Hawaiian art, Filipino art, Japanese art, and Chinese art. This culture highlights various styles and mediums that display from bold to complex, graphic paintings, and mixed-media installations.

  • The collecting art in the gallery only aims to promote contemporary art in Hawaii. Various events are hosted to remember these artists’ works and their exhibitions to foster a thriving community of artists and become a crucial role in Honolulu to encourage artists.

  • Napua Gallery is a wonderful place that promotes its traditional and contemporary arts, and they have preserved them by hosting events throughout the year. If you are searching for seasoned art or started to explore the artistic world, then visit NaPua Gallery surely as it gives you satisfaction and interest in experiencing Hawaiian art.

5. Lahaina Galleries:

  • It is located in the heart of Lahaina, Hawaii on the island of Maui, established in 1976. This gallery is an exceptional example of art collections, contemporary art, and traditional art from famous artists around the world.

  • This gallery highlights a variety of art genres, such as paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media installations. These collections have been featured by various artists such as Robert Bissell, Mark Yale Harris, Roy Tabora, and many other creational artists.

  • The gallery is committed to promoting the artist and their art from Hawaii and the Pacific island’s neighborhoods. This gallery is also dedicated to enhancing customer service and satisfaction by providing a guided tour of the gallery and giving proper attention to each client.

  • The buildings of Lahaina gallery have large windows and high ceilings to become airy and open, and natural lighting is also present throughout the day. Every staff and working member of the gallery is skilled and knowledgeable about the arts and able to tackle every question of visitors and provide the perfect resolution to their clients.

Lahaina Galleries - Newport Beach California

  • Lahaina Gallery also promotes exhibits and contemporary art by hosting several events every year frequently. This gallery also participates in various art fairs competitions such as Art Maui and the Maui Plein Air Invitational, in which various galleries showcase their collections. It brings various artists from around the globe to Maui for a week painting event competition.

  • The unique feature of Lahaina Galleries that makes it apart from other art galleries is its consultation and custom farming services offered to the clients. The expert team helps clients in selecting the desired art for their needed place i.e. home or office. The team also offers advice on installing farming and preserving the environment.

  • It is a well-known and respected gallery in Hawaii that competes with other art galleries in every factor. You will be fully satisfied with the art collection of the gallery if you are searching to explore unique gems of art. This gallery is the perfect space for both seasoned artists and visitors. If you want to explore artistic things, visit Lahaina Gallery must to enjoy the exceptional art.


We have guided every city in this topic on the big island of Hawaii like Oahu, Maui, or any other that make up Hawaii a unique destination for visitors who love arts and paintings. Hawaii’s state art museums have a vibrant scenic culture that offers something for everyone.

It would be a transformative experience for everyone who visits Hawaii’s state art museum and could expect to see various scenic, rich, and natural beauty and artwork of this awesome island of the U.S.A.

Various galleries offer free educational programs in the area of arts, paintings, and graphics that provide opportunities to learn more about the artistic world. You and your family should surely visit the art galleries of Hawaii to explore the unbelievable arts and culture.


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