Top 13 Incredible North Shore Beaches Hawaii

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north shore beaches

This article covers everything you need to know about North Shore Beaches in Hawaii.

The 50th state of the USA, Hawaii, is a famous vacation spot worldwide. Volcanic activity, diverse culture, and the Hawaiian pizza (yes, topped with pineapples) are just some of the things the state is known for.

north shore beaches

Nicknamed the ‘Islands of Aloha,’ this paradise is nothing short of breathtaking scenery and tranquil weather. It is also renowned for a luau, a traditional Hawaiian party usually combined with entertainment and serving traditional cuisines.

The tropical climate of Hawaii is also ideal for the abundant beaches found in the state. North Shore beaches are one of the most famous places that attract tourists. The calm waters in summer and enormous waves in November are perfect for water activities.

Whether are you are on a romantic vacation, a trip with friends, enjoying yourself with your family, or traveling solo, these beaches are known to be everyone’s favorite.

You can participate in surfing events, swim in the sublime waters, make hundreds of sandcastles or relax on the shore while sipping a margarita. North shore beaches offer more than one’s expectations.

Top 13 Incredible North Shore Beaches In Hawaii You Should Not Miss

1. Waimea Bay

Waimea beach is one of the most popular north shore beaches. Along with a mesmerizing view, this beach offers exciting winter and summer activities.

The most famous sport conducted here is surfing. With waves towering at almost 30 feet, Waimea Bay is a popular surf spot for many surfers.

The Waimea bay itself offers an incredible view of the ocean and is filled with distinctive landmarks. The most famous is the Big Rock, a huge rock that sits at the water entrance.

north shore beaches

In summer, the calm waters of the beach become ideal for swimming. It would be best to build confidence to jump off the 30 feet edge and dive straight into the water.

The real action of surfers can be spotted in the winter season when the waves become enormous.

The surfing contest observes various legendary surfers who take part in the competition.

If you want to be a spectator, you can watch the whole show from the hillside of Waimea Beach Park.

north shore beaches

There also exists the luscious Waimea Valley, which offers an impressive view of the mountains.

2. North Shore Beaches: Ehukai Beach Park

Ehukai Beach Park is one of the most famous surf spots in the world. The waves tower over 9 meters long from November to February.

north shore beaches

You can witness the splendid view of surfers from the shore who ride the waves in surf contests. Various competitions are organized amongst the best surfers, filled with adrenaline and entertainment.

The famous Banzai Pipeline, a surf reef break located off Ehukai Beach Park, is known for its huge waves.

north shore beaches

The trees along the beach’s coastline offer enough shade to have your own picnic while witnessing an incredible view of the ocean.

3. Sunset Beach

Living up to its name, the sunset beach is a highlight of the north shore beaches.

In the summertime, the calm waters give way to the activity of snorkeling. You can view sea turtles in their natural habitat. The colorful reefs are a sight to explore with vibrant fishes and other aquatic animals.

north shore beaches

It is one of the north shore beaches with a long stretch of sand that travels along the Kamehameha highway.

Out of all the north shore beaches, this beach is at the top for providing comfort to visitors. Large trees on the beach have picnic tables under them to enjoy the perfect tropical picnic.

north shore beaches

4. Haleiwa Beach

A spacious hub for activities, Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park is also a surf beach. One can get an incredible view of the Kaena Point and Waianae Mountain Range. The picture-perfect beach was also featured in the popular television series ‘Baywatch.’

north shore beaches

You can also visit Haleiwa, which is famous for its shops, restaurants, and museums.

Activities such as sky diving, zip-lining, snorkeling, and surfing can be enjoyed here.

Haleiwa offers many options to suit everyone’s preference and is known to be a popular tourist spot.

5. Shark’s Cove

This beach in Oahu is included in the top 12 shore dives in the world. Shark’s Cove has crystal clear blue waters housing various aquatic animals.

The beach is one of the best spots for snorkeling and surfing. You can also search for tide pools full of fishes like salamanders, parrotfish, angelfish, and many more. It is also renowned for its underwater rock formations.

north shore beaches

You can easily spot sea turtles and white-tipped reef sharks sailing in the water if lucky.

As there are no lifeguards stationed in Sharks ‘cove, it is strongly recommended to go in the summer when the water remains calm.

All in All, Sharks Cove is a paradise for scuba divers found on north shore beaches.

6 Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay Beach, also known as Kukae’ohiki, is located near the Kahuku point. As the name suggests, the beach is famous for sighting turtles in a large number.

north shore beaches

Visitors flock around Turtle Bay to have a glimpse of turtles who reside close to the shore.

While swimming activity cannot be performed efficiently due to the water currents, the area beyond the reef is considered excellent for surfing, diving, and fishing.

Adjacent to the bay, the luxurious Turtle Bay resort can be found. This hotel is the largest on all of the north shore.

Turtle Bay is among the must-visit place on north shore beaches.

7. Laniakea Beach

Also known as Turtle Beach, it is famous for its giant sea turtles. Along the shore, one can easily spot these turtles basking in the sunlight.

north shore beaches

In the winter, waves are rough and ideal for surfers to practice their surfing skills. Along with that, the miles of coastline stretching on Laniakea beach make it ideal for a stroll.

If you want to dive into the water for snorkeling, this beach provides the perfect experience. You can view giant turtles swimming in the water when they aren’t resting on the shore.

8. Pua’ena Point Beach Park

Located next to the Haleiwa beach, it is one of the best north shore beaches known for surf sport. Surfing lessons are also conducted in Pua’ena beach.

A beach is a great place for beginners who want to learn surfing or experience the sport. The waves here are much smaller compared to other north shore beaches.

north shore beaches

This beach offers ample shade with a beach view for a great picnic experience while spending time with water.

A few distances along the shoreline, one can visit the Pua’ena Point, where the famous North Shore Surf Girls conduct lessons for visitors.

9. Chun’s Reef

Chun’s Reef is a beautiful beach on the north shore, famous for its surf spot for all surfers. The calm waters are ideal for snorkeling and exploring the marine life of Chun’s Reef.

Offering shade and soft sands, you can swim, climb rocks, and longboard at this beach.

north shore beaches

The name of the beach comes from a man named John Chun, who was an avid surfer. As he was spotted almost regularly at the beach, a close friend of his kept the name Chun’s Reef, which became well known.

10. Pupukea Beach Park

Pupukea beach is a popular spot to watch the big waves crash on the enormous rocks. It also offers a mesmerizing site of calm waves in summer.

Pupukea beach has various restaurants available where one can sit and eat while enjoying the view of the beautiful beach.

north shore beaches

During the summer, the beach is a desirable spot for divers and swimmers. Snorkeling can also be undertaken to catch glimpses of different shells, corals, and fishes found in the waters of Pupukea.

Many tide pools are formed by rocks, enhancing the experience of swimming at this beach.

11. Kawela Bay

Kawela’s white beach is safe for swimming and taking a stroll. It is known for being a local’s beach situated in a secluded spot. The waves are much gentler, making it ideal for beginners to surf.

north shore beaches

To explore the bay in detail, one can go kayaking and take a tour to spot green turtles and other underwater animals.

Kawela’s waves are perfect for professional surfers as well as children trying to waddle on boards.

You can explore the wildlife and spot endangered monk seals and crabs on the shore.

Kamela Bay is perfect for relaxation under the blue sky and surrounded by pristine water.

12. Velzyland Beach

Velzyland Beach is located at a spot much secluded than other north shore beaches. As there is not much crowd flocking, one can feel a private beach in Velzyland.

The beach is a popular spot for surfers, and many visit it even during the winters when the waves are rough.

north shore beaches

The beach is one of the beautiful north shore beaches and is a hidden gem of Oahu.

13. Mokuleia Beach

To conclude the list, we have the Mokuleia beach surrounded by shallow reefs and is a favorite spot for swimmers, surfers, and divers.

Along with surfing, you can also enjoy snorkeling and spearfishing as well.

north shore beaches

As there are ample shade and picnic tables available on the beach, you can calmly enjoy a picnic while relishing the local food.


While visiting Hawaii, it is impossible to miss out on these north shore beaches, which are a favorite of every visitor.

They provide ample options for those who want to surf the waters or relax along the shores.











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