10 Best Places to Travel Solo in USA This Year!

In a year there are approximately 79.6 million tourists in America. With all kinds of tourism facilities, it can be quite difficult to curate a list if you’re a solo traveller. So here is a short 10 best places to travel solo in the USA.

Travelling solo in the USA can be a life-changing experience. The country offers a diverse landscape of natural wonders, bustling cities, and a rich cultural heritage.

It provides a perfect opportunity for self-discovery, personal growth, and adventure. Whether it’s soaking up the sun on a California beach, exploring the vibrant streets of New York City, or marvelling at the majestic Grand Canyon, there is something for every traveller.

The freedom and flexibility of solo travel allow you to create your itinerary, meet new people, and immerse yourself in local culture. So, if you’re looking for a unique travel experience, consider hitting the road and discovering the beauty of the USA on your own.

10 Best Places to Travel Solo in the USA

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California is one of the best places to travel solo in the USA. It is a safe city and offers a wide range of activities like art, history, food, and nature.

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Unlike Los Angeles or New York City, San Francisco has an artistic and relaxing vibe. You can expect to talk to strangers here as the city welcomes outsiders and tourists.

As a solo traveller at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, you can take a walking tour and get to know the history of the place. No fishing fleets operate now but you can explore the museums and historic ships and then can enjoy food at any seafood restaurant and see sea lions on Pier 39.

The Golden Gate Bridge is suspended and gives a view of the water and tall buildings. If travelling solo, you can walk or ride your bike here. There are some former military posts like Fort Mason and Presidio at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some other options are the Palace of Fine Arts for concerts and scenery, for some fancy bars and food options visit The Marine, the Coit Tower for murals, and Alcatraz Island to learn the history of the abandoned federal prison.

The Union Square and Financial District are at the heart of San Fransico and are popular spots for shopping, theatres, and bars. The Twin Peaks and Lake Merced are known for distinctive peaks and hiking around Lake Merced. The Golden Gate Park shows the oldest Japanese tea garden in the USA.

For galleries and museums, visit places like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Asian Art Museum of Modern Art, City Light Bookstore poetry evenings, Embarcadero boulevard sculptures, and the wave organ at the Marine.

For shopping at Haight-Ashbury, you can go for vintage. It also has innumerable cafes and restaurants like Chinatown or North Beach, which is the largest Chinatown outside Asia.

At Alamo Square, you can have a picnic or a gathering in the neighbourhood during nice weather or ride a cable car to Lombard Street.

For solo female travel, no doubt San Francisco is safe but one has to take precautions and so it is recommended to avoid Tenderloin at night.

English is the main language here, but there are also a significant number of Mandarin and Spanish-speaking people. It’s not expensive to travel in San Francisco as there are options like light rail, streetcars, buses, and subway (BART system).

Some hotels or hostels also have shops/parks/entertainment like live music and a free walking tour which is suitable for a solo trip and helps you bond with other travellers.

2. Washington DC

After San Francisco, we come to the capital city which is more than just the White House. It is full of culture and architecture. A great destination to know about the USA’s history on solo trips.

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Washington is full of must-see museums and galleries on pretty much every subject, and the best part is that many are free. Visit the National Mall- a landscaped park. Here you can find Smithsonian’s 17 free museums and galleries like Smithsonian Institution and the Lincoln Memorial which is known for Martin Luther King’s speech.

The popular Newseum exhibits current events from the country and the world.

The city is also full of outdoor memorials and monuments which have been dedicated to important figures like presidents and war veterans. The list includes Lincoln Memorial, the World War II memorial, and the Martin Luther King Memorial. Must visit the Washington Monument and experience the view from the top.

The Library of Congress has approx 32 million books and prints in 470 languages with beautiful architecture. Walk around River Street or the Georgetown district or rest at the famous Park Dumbarton Oaks. Take a bike tour along the Potomac Tidal Basin or a nighttime trolley tour to see the US capital being illuminated.

For a natural place, you can visit Great Falls Park, Luray Caverns, and Ocean City. For shopping, visit the oldest neighbourhood of Washington DC- Georgetown. It has many chic shops and boutiques with plenty of restaurants.

One of the perfect solo travel destinations especially for female travellers as you can even walk to the attractions.

If you’re on a solo trip on a budget, the local transport here is cheap. You can use buses and rails. They are tourist-friendly as they run to all major destinations.

3. Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is the best region, and Seattle represents that very well. It is a perfect solo destination as well. The capital of Washington State is surrounded by water and mountains and has the best food and outdoor activity.

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The city is also home to Frasier, Amazon, Bill Gates, Jimi Hendrix, Starbucks, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana.

For a solo traveller, here are some must-visit places. The Pike Place Market is Seattle’s primary market, opened in 1907. A good place for food and wandering in the alleys. Do visit the popular fish-throwing booth.

Pink Door, since 1981 has been an Italian-American place with the best food. Here you can also see trapeze artists and tarot readers. At Hot Cakes in the Ballard neighbourhood, you can taste the molten choco lava cake as never before. Many food places in Seattle have a communal area to eat so you can socialize as well if you’re alone in the US making it a great solo travel destination.

This major city takes art seriously. Visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition which has whimsical vibes and shows displays from artist Dale Chihuly. It has glass sculptures of all sizes and shapes. The place is usually closed as it also hosts private events, so it’s recommended to check the schedule before going. The Museum of Pop Culture is considered quirky and is a tribute to pop culture.

Visit Puget Sound using a Washington state ferry or a private company. You can ferry to Bainbridge Island where the Hawley Cove Trail starts. The path around the beach includes scenic scenes of forests, parks, and cosy places. The island has approx 7 wineries so that you can go for wine tasting.

Smith Tower is a 38-story building in Pioneer Square. It is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle since it was made in 1914 and the tallest skyscraper in New York City when built. You can see the entire city from here. You will feel like stepping into the 1920s cause of the interiors and the marble used.

The Unicorn Bar has a theme of Carnival and is best for drinks, cocktails, corndogs, fried peanut butter balls, live music, and arcades. The place is also home to several film spots, including “Thrift shop” by Macklemore.

If you’re a shopper, Fremont Vintage Mall is THE place. It has unique art, jewellery, clothes, and décor. This 30-year-old market is of European- style. At Aurora Bridge, try out the food trucks.

When travelling, you can learn much about the city through the underground tour, especially beneath the streets. On an underground history tour, you can learn more about Great Seattle Fire, Klondike Gold Rush, and more.

Other fun places in the city are the Space Needle, Art Museum, Kerry Park, Great Wheel, and Waterfront Area. Seattle is called Emerald city cause of its natural beauty, and because of being in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is always pleasant. Boat, bike, find the best hiking trails, or just drive around Green Lake or any other mountain. In the east, there are the Cascade Mountains and the Olympic Mountains in the west.

The cheap fare also makes it easy to travel near places like you can go for a day trip to Portland on the Amtrak train in just three hours and to travel in the city or go to see natural wonders like Snoqualmie Falls. Many places are in the best cities, including Seattle, as there are options like buses and domestic flights to international airports.

4. New York City

NYC is one of the best places to travel solo in the USA since no one here really cares about your business so you can wander at your own pace. It’s common here to make friends since people are welcoming and accepting, making it a great solo travel destination.

New York city sunrise.
New York city sunrise. Source: Depositphotos

You can start by visiting institutions along Museum Mile or going to neighbourhoods like West Village and SoHo. Here visit the Statue of Liberty and learn about the history of immigrants besides touching the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and the twin reflecting pools and gold panels which have names of everyone who couldn’t survive the tragedy.

To know more about the museums in NYC- Click Here.

You can see the city limits and observe city life, like One World Observatory, the Brooklyn Bridge, the top of the rock entrance, and the Empire State Building.

In this one of the best cities, you can go alone in the USA can go biking around central park and see places like The Mall leafy canopy, Jackie Onassis Lake, Bethesda Fountain, and Gapstow Bridge.

Washington Square Park is a spot for movie lovers as it has been spotted in famous movies. You can also visit the famous New York Public Library and take a free building tour.

Visit Green Village, Brand Hunters, and The Lion’s Den at the Metropolitan collection. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has more than 5000 old pieces of art. Visiting Times Square, especially during New Year, is one of the best places to travel alone, as you can see the iconic ‘ball drop.’

The Grand Central Station is also a classic example of NYC architecture. Known for series like Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, and the performance by the biggest boyband BTS. Also, visit the park High Line for a view of the Hudson River and comedy, and head over to SNL or Brooklyn’s Bell House.

English is the main language in this vibrant city, but you can find language diversity of up to 700 cause it’s a big immigrant destination. This also allows you to explore cultures and cuisines like Italian on Arthur avenue, Irish dance classes, Chinatown, El Museo del Barrio for Latino culture, and many others.

NYC is one of the best cities for pizza and bagels, and EatWith is the best to taste them. The food scene does not end here. Established in 1975, Joe’s Pizza is considered incredible, besides Chelsea Market, where you can find vendors with wine/coffee/food.

NYC is also known for hot dogs. Head over to the 100-year-old family-owned Katz Deli for that. Opened in 2004, Momofuku Noodle is not noodle-focused and has other dishes. The amazing matcha tea and avocado toast are no joke at Chalait, and it is the best place for breakfast or brunch.

With something new going on every minute in this big city, you can check out park calendars for free events or sign up for newsletters like Secret NYC or The Skint if you’re alone in the USA.

The popular opinion is that NYC is expensive, but it’s the best city for solo travel. The city is easy to navigate so you can walk to most of your destinations, and is pretty safe. You can use cycles or public transportation like buses, Uber, yellow cabs, or the famous subway.

Public transportation also helps to understand the city locally. As a solo female traveller, there is nothing much to be concerned about as this is a safe place.

5. San Diego, California-

Due to the best safety and low crime rates, San Diego is one of the best places to travel solo in the USA. Tourists can walk around at night without fear here. In this “America’s Finest City,” the list of places to visit is long, and you can also find many other solo travellers.

In the Downtown/Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, you can do many things, including partying. It also has the best restaurants so that you can try out the local cuisine at its best.

Talking about the food of San Diego, here’s the list. There are outdoor activities like dining/breakfast/brunch places with every cuisine possible. The Morning Glory restaurant is perfect for your Instagram pictures with a pink background. Taco Tuesday offers cheap tacos and the best margaritas. The Little Italy neighbourhood has good bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Head over to James Coffee Co., Nolita Hall for woodfired Pizza Ballast Point for beer tasting, and go to RoVino, Juniper & Ivy, or Herb & Wood for dinner. If vegetarian or prefer Parakeet Café, Craft and Commerce, Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar, Ceysarina, and Coasterra.

At Balboa Park-Hillcrest, you can visit innumerable museums and zoos and find gardens and hiking trails. Hillcrest is an LGBTQ-friendly community. The neighbourhood of North Park is known for cafes, diners, boutiques, cottages, and craft breweries.  The Old Town Mission Valley is one of the historical sites where the Spanish first settled in California.

Other places include the USS Midway aircraft carrier or whale watching. San Diego has gorgeous beaches. At Pacific Beach, there is a party vibe, and Ocean Beach is known for laid-back vibes. Mission Beach is one of the best places to travel alone. It is popular for parties, bars, coffee shops, and many beachfront rental properties.

Point Loma-Ocean Beach is perfect for boutique shopping, hippie, and a laid-back vibe. La Jolla beach has the best seafood restaurants, and Coronado Island is an island resort with beautiful houses.

The city is one of the best solo travel destinations as the locals welcome fellow travellers. As a solo traveller in San Diego, you can also take their recommendations.

6. Boston, Massachusetts-

This historic city, the capital of Massachusetts, is a great destination if you travel solo. With a town ambience, travelling is safe, especially for solo female travel.

Boston has multiple options to choose what you want to do, from parks to shopping. The crowd here is young as well.

The 1st place can also be called a historic district as it has 16 places telling about how American Revolution happened and how the British were kicked out. The place is Boston’s Freedom Trail and is 3km long, marked by red tiles. You can also expect to see the Boston Tea Party or Prudential Tower, which gives a 360-degree view of the city.

At the Boston Public Market, you can get fresh vegetables. On a solo journey, head over to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for typical American and Mexican food, especially the Quincy market there. Other food places include Lobster primary.

Try the $1 oyster deals at restaurants. Visit Beacon Hill’s Acorn Street, where you can also see the Black Heritage Trail and take a self-guided tour.

For nightlife, visit places like Bukowski’s Tavern Pub drive bar or take a ghost tour. This is a harbour city with a 43-mile park. It is along the shoreline, so taking a stroll here is therapeutic. There are whale-watching tours which you can join or old pubs. The city is a natural beauty, so it’s perfect for outdoor activities for solo travellers.

If you’re alone in the US on a budget, you can get the subway and buses, which are cheap and connected to tourist landmarks. For accommodation, cheap hostels are available. As a city that welcomes solo travellers, you can take walking tours. There is an international airport so you can easily reach here and even travel to places like NYC.

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7. New Orleans-

New Orleans is one of the best places to travel solo in the USA because it is also the most welcoming and offers much to solo travellers. It is a great place for parties, food, and attractions. You can do plenty of things here, from cemeteries and learning voodoo to Jazz music.

Bourbon Street has various nightclubs, places to eat, and gift shops so you can take souvenirs back home. Do not miss the French Quarter here, a famous name in New Orleans’ entertainment and nightlife, although the place is peaceful before 9 pm. Here you can see Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral, and Jackson Square.

Besides the French Quarter, if you’re on a solo trip, you cannot miss the Mardi Gras Carnival. Popular in the world, it takes place in February and is known for float riders and parades.

The National WW2 Museum tells about the experience of the World War from an American perspective like why it took place, how it was won, its meaning, and more.

The Garden District is a place with greenery, shopping places, and mansions. You can take tours here and learn about the history of the place. The French Market is open 365 days and is good for coffee, shopping, and food. You can also go for a picnic in Audubon Park and City Park. The Museum of Art has paintings, glass items, and sculptures.

For foodies, at NOLA, you can try authentic cuisine. Creole cuisine is fantastic, including the sweets like pralines. Some other places and food options are- Poor Boys (famous for sandwiches since the 1900s), Beignets (an ideal place for French cuisine- Café Du Monde), Antoine’s Restaurant (the best place for Oysters in the city), and Jambalaya- an African-French-Spanish dish.

The city is not large, so it’s easy to approach locals or other travellers. New Orleans is a walkable city. There are cheap buses and streetcars available if walking isn’t your thing. The old fashion streetcars have 4 lines and you can choose one based on your want.

8. Miami, Florida-

Miami on USA’s East Coast is the best place for solo travel as it is safe due to better law enforcement. Many places are open till midnight, so it never feels dull or deserted if you’re alone in the US. Miami is famous for its art, culture, food, and beaches. It mostly has good weather on the east side of the country. The locals are welcoming to tourists.

South Beach neighbourhood is a perfect place for a beach day, and if on a solo trip, there’s nothing to worry about; it is a safe place, and your belongings won’t get lost. The beaches have colourful huts here, giving a relaxing vibe.

For food, head over to Sriracha House, which serves the best Asian food. Try rainbow doughnuts at Happy Place Donuts. Some other places include- Little Havana- the largest neighbourhood of Cubans outside Cuba; for food here, try anything in seafood, Cuban sandwiches at the Old Havana Restaurant, or Azucar Ice Cream.

Little Havana gives an experience of local culture. The Wynwood Walls has static art galleries as well as rotating murals. For adventure in Miami, go to Everglades National Park which is 1.5 million acres and you can explore, bike, hike, and see wildlife.

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9. Las Vegas, Nevada-

Popular throughout the globe for a fun and safe atmosphere, Las Vegas is one of the many best places to travel solo in the USA. It is also referred to as Sin City and is one of the best cities if you’re alone in the US. It takes time to explore the architecture and the parties, so arrive with time in hand. You get every party combination- poolside, lounges, clubs, and more!

The Strip, Las Vegas, has 30 hotels with luxury casinos, unlimited entertainment options like comedy, magic shows, dance, and popular restaurants.  Some of these hotels have daily shows for free, like Volcano at the Mirage Hotel. You can go for a walk on the boulevard and see street performances.

With a tour, you can expect to see Bellagio fountains, the architecture of the city from the Eiffel Tower, shopping, the Stratosphere to NY Brooklyn Bridge, the Venetian- a gondola ride, and go to any Michelin Star restaurant. One cannot miss the Neon Museum, which is known for its quirkiness.

To shop at the outdoor mall- LV North Premium Outlet or the indoor South Outlet with 140+ stores can be overwhelming no matter your shopping habits.

Unknown to many, Sin city is also a place for mountain biking trails and hiking trails. You can do that at the Red Rock Cayon National Conservation Area, which is 196,000 acres outside of Vegas.

Other fun things include dining at places like Lounge 34 or Restaurant Le Signe, taking a view from a hot air balloon, or simply dancing at any club which can be found at every corner.

The city is walkable, but there are numerous other options like an uber. If you’re on a solo trip, take guided tours, which can also help you bond with other travellers.

10. Charleston, South Carolina-

One of the best places to travel alone, Charleston in South Carolina has a perfect balance of history (being one of the oldest cities in the country) and modernity.

Raleigh North Carolina
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Downtown, some carriages are horse-drawn, antebellum architecture, and cobblestone streets. With tours like the Strong Women of the South History Tour, you can explore Charleston and visit historical places and museums. Stroll along the seawall for a beautiful view of the parks.

Outside the city’s downtown, you can make day trips as a solo travelers to Kiawah Island and see the beaches and tour plantations like McLeod Plantation, where you can also learn about the experiences of the enslaved. You can also go for wine tasting at the famous Deep Water Vineyard.

Try wandering through Rainbow Row, which has a long line of pastel homes. Watch the sunrise at Folly Beach, go kayaking, and visit Mongolia Cemetary, Angel’s Oak Tree, Amethyst Spa, Calhoun Mansion, Fort Sumter, and Waterfront Park.

Charleston is one of the best places for a food tour. Make sure to have a booking before. Some other recommendations are as follows. At Chez Nous, you can get a romantic 19th-century vibe. It’s a French restaurant and has a new menu every day.

For breakfast and brunch, visit either Millers All Day (known for biscuits, gravy, and cinnamon rolls), Harken Café (try any baked recipe and a cup of joe), or Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit (Famous for bakery, and you can even sign up here for cooking classes).

For lunch and dinners, try Rodney Scott’s BBQ, 167 Raw (Famous for seafood, try their swordfish or lobster rolls), Xiao Bao Biscuit (which serves the best Asian cuisine in the city, try their okonomiyaki cabbage pancakes), Malagon (this Spanish restaurant is known for its tapa menu and international wines) and Basic Kitchen, Leon’s (it is a Southern-inspired oyster place with the best-fried chicken in the city).

Other places for dinner include- Chubby Fish, The Grocery, Melfi’s, Halls Chophouse, The Ordinary, and Le Farfalle. For the best cocktails, visit- Prohibition, Rarebit, High Cotton, Vintage, The Belmont, and Bin 152. Dessert places include Sugar Bakeshop or the Market street sweets.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, traveling solo in the USA is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons, challenge yourself, and make unforgettable memories. With its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and friendly people, it’s a destination that’s perfect for solo travelers. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or self-discovery, the USA has something to offer.

So, What are you waiting for? If you craving a solo vacation then traveling solo as solo traveler might be for you..and since one can start by just visiting popular cities like salt lake city, hiking  tails on places like blue ridge mountains or just visit nearby national parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What are some safety tips for solo travelers in the USA?

A: Always be aware of your surroundings, don’t display valuables, and trust your instincts. Consider taking self-defense classes and investing in travel insurance.

2: How can I save money while traveling solo in the USA?

A: Book off-season, stay in budget-friendly accommodations, cook your own meals, and use public transportation.

3: How do I meet other travelers while solo traveling in the USA?

A: Join group tours, attend cultural events, join social media groups, and stay in hostels.

4: What are some must-see destinations for solo travelers in the USA?

A: New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, and Miami.

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