Best Asian Restaurants In NYC- 10 Best Asian Restaurants In NYC

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Asian cuisine has a lot of varieties as it is very diverse and has a lot of ethnicities. And each ethnicity in Asia has a unique traditional cuisine and New York is a place that is filled with amazing restaurants. If you are craving Asian flavors but don’t know which restaurant to go to, this article is just for you!

After reading this article, you don’t need to search for the best Asian food near me or the best Asian restaurants near me. Some of the restaurants will solve the problem of finding Chinese restaurants around my location in New York. Chinese restaurants are also popular in NYC. People love Chinese food and Chinese cuisine, and as a result, they also want to know about the best Chinese restaurants.

Here’s a detailed list of the 10 best Asian restaurants in NYC or the top 10 Asian restaurants near me! Try out these Best Asian Restaurants In NYC!

Here are the Best Asian Restaurants In NYC :

1. Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC that serves AUTHENTIC Asian cuisine. This restaurant serves the best Ramen in the entire NYC. Make sure to make a reservation before coming to this restaurant to avoid waiting for your table.

IVan Ramen
Image From Ivan Ramen

This restaurant has chinese dishes and a very unique menu. Each dish is unique in its own way and undoubtedly lives up to the restaurant’s hype! They offer a lot of well-crafted ramen choices with different flavor combinations that pair cohesively! Everything in this restaurant is freshly cooked and the ingredients are delicious! This restaurant gives you experience of chinese restaurant.

IVan Ramen
Image From Ivan Ramen

Their Tokyo Shio Ramen, which is a stable chicken-based broth dish is incredible. Their chicken paitan is also a must-try. It is a simple ramen dish served with an egg which must be mixed and eaten with a squeeze of lime. The flavors of the dish are very interesting as the flavorful broth has a great acidic taste to it which makes the dish very unique!

The broth of their pork ramen has a depth of flavor that is completely unmatched by any other ramen in New York City. Vegetarians have an alternate choice of ramen called vegan soy ramen which is one of the highlights of this restaurant.

IVan Ramen
Image From Ivan Ramen

Their Japanese fried chicken is perfectly juicy and has an amazing crunch. It is served with garlic aioli mixed with herbs, balancing the entire dish perfectly! Don’t forget to try their crispy eggplant. This eggplant is soft on the inside and fried to golden perfection on the outside, which makes the entire dish completely delightful!

Their steamed pork buns are incredible. This dish has mushrooms and plum sauce in it, which leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

One of their signature dishes is their triple pork triple garlic mazemen. It is mixed wheat and rice noodle dish served in a thick, flavorful broth along with tender pork and mung beans. The broth is delicious, and it perfectly coats the noodle, which elevates the entire flavor of the dish.

Their yuku cheesecake tastes dreamy. The cake itself is rich and lovely, and it is served with a burnt top which brings out a contrasting taste.

Ivan Ramen has an overall fantastic service and the portions of the food are reasonable for the price.

2. Pig & Khao

If you are craving Filipino fusion food in NYC, you must check out Pig & Khao. This restaurant is extremely beautiful, and the background music played in the restaurant is a mixture of songs that augments the dining experience.

Pig & Khao
Image From Pig & Khao

This restaurant has a cool open kitchen concept. If you want to experience the chefs crafting the dishes live, choose to dine in their countertop seating. This restaurant has an incredibly heavy menu with a variety of meat options. The freshness of products, the complexity of sauces, and the richness of ingredients make the dishes of Pig & Khao completely out of the world!

Their Banh Xeo, which is a light fried crepe stuffed with shrimp, bacon, and pickled veggies, tastes incredible. They serve the best coconut rice in the entire New York City, and their pork adobo is stunning as the pork belly melts in the mouth and the pouched egg elevates the entire flavor of the dish.

Pig & Khao
Image From Pig & Khao

Their Hainanese duck is a must-try as it is very tender and cooked to perfection. It is served with sticky rice, ginger sauce, and chili sauce. The combination of crispy rice and sticky rice tastes heavenly! The ribs served with the sauce are incredible. Don’t forget to try their Brussel sprouts as it has a very bold flavor to them.

Their whole fried fish with chu chee curry, coconut cream, and Thai basil will knock your socks off. They have the best papaya salad you could have ever tried! It is very fresh, crunchy, and has a nice hint of fish sauce.

One of the most loved dishes by customers is the Chili Pan Mee. It is ramen noodles with anchovies, sausage, and a poached egg. The noodles have a perfect level of chewiness, making it a cozy and warming dish. Their Khao Sai is very flavorful and has a tangy and spicy taste.

Pig & Khao
Image From Pig & Khao

Pig & Khao has an incredible variety of specialty cocktails and mocktails.

3. Hangawi

Hangawi is undoubtedly one of the best Korean restaurants in NYC. If you are looking for some Korean restaurants that serve authentic Korean cuisine, you must check out Hangawi!

When talking about Korean food, we naturally get reminded of spicy, meaty food. But Hangawi does an amazing job is capturing the Buddhist cuisine of Korea, which includes a variety of vegetarian options dishes. Thus this restaurant is highly recommended for both vegans and non-vegans.

Hangawi 0339
Image From The Hangawi Restaurant

This restaurant has a very homely vibe, and it is unique in its own style. You will be asked to remove your shoes as soon as you walk into the restaurant, and the seating is very comfortable. The entire restaurant has a very chill Asian ambiance with an earthy, casual but upscale vibe.

Image From The Hangawi Restaurant

The menu is incredible, and the dishes are beautifully presented and aesthetically served. The food is lovely as the ingredients are always fresh. From the broths to the dipping sauces, everything in Hangawi is rich and full of flavor.

The eggplant Mari rolls have a subtle cinnamon-flavored sauce that tastes very unique, and their spicy baby dumplings are full of flavor.

Hangawi 0049
Image From The Hangawi Restaurant

Their Maitake Mushroom Fritters are definitely to die for! Their organic zen noodles are packed with flavors. Their tofu with broccoli could easily be the best tofu you could have ever tasted in your life. Their spicy rice cakes are incredible as they have the most amazing chewy texture. It is served with a deliciously spicy sauce.

Image From The Hangawi Restaurant

Don’t forget to try out their kimchi bibimbap. It is very crunchy and flavorful. They serve amazing makgeolli in a ceramic bowl which elevates the entire dining experience. They have a unique cocktail menu inspired by Asian flavors. Their lychee mojito and reincarnation drink are some of the best cocktails here! The service at this restaurant is also impeccable

4. Obao

OBAO serves modern Thai and Vietnamese cuisine! This restaurant overall has an amazing vibe. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and aesthetically pleasing, with dark wood, cozy booths and tables, and gorgeous light fixtures.

Image From Obao

Their menu is very perfect, and the dishes arrive very quickly at this restaurant. The Pho Bo served at this restaurant is delicious as it is distinctly different from the other pho dishes. Their lobster pad is rich in flavor, and their kimchi fries are undoubtedly the best!

Image From Obao

If you are a fan of spicy food, you must try their green chicken curry! Their Bun BO Hue paired with the Obao Sunray tastes exquisite. The broth is incredibly flavorful! The green vegetable curry is extremely creamy and combines different vegetables perfectly.

Their Vietnamese Pork Chops are extremely tender, and the Bu Luc Lac is amazing. It is seared beef with veggies and a side of rice. The beef is cooked to perfection, and the marinate is light and delicious!

Image From Obao

Their crab fried is served in a large portion with a lot of crab meat, and their roasted duck noodles are incredible. They also have a unique cocktail menu that complements the flavors on the menu.

This is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC that serves amazing Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

5. Buddakan

Buddakan is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC. If you love Asian Fusion, you must definitely visit Buddakan. This restaurant has low dim lighting, which set a very romantic and relaxing mood. The chandelier room is extremely stunning! The entire restaurant has a very sophisticated atmosphere. If you are craving a slightly high-end execution of Asian food and flavors, you must visit Buddakan!

Host Stand scaled 1
Image From Buddakan NYC

Their menu is very exquisite. Their Dim Sum Platter is amazing. The cauliflower dish is a must-try at this restaurant. It is very balanced and tasty. It is great to blend flavors. Their black pepper beef is always cooked to perfection and is very tender. Their spring rolls are crunchy and delicate, while their pork buns are dreamy!

Their Dungeness Crab Rice is filled with spicy crab meat. The saucy of their chili rock shrimp is very creamy and has a little kick of spice to it which makes it delicious. Their Mongolian Lamb chops are amazing, and their Glazed Alaskan Black Cod is an absolute Dream.

Image From Buddakan NYC

This is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC that serves amazing tofu dishes. Their crispy tofu is a must-try dish there. The tofu is perfectly cooked as it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It is served with an amazing sweet soy glaze sauce. The Edamame Dumplings are a very popular dish at this restaurant. The edamame is very smooth and flavorful. It has a glass skin on the dumpling, and the broth is perfect.

2018 10 Buddakan MAY7074 JenMayPhoto scaled
Image From Buddakan NYC

Their Chinese sausage fried rice comes in a generous portion, and it has an authentic Chinese sausage flavor; their broken chili chicken is stunning! They serve perfectly cooked boneless chicken, which is very tender and juicy on the inside and a flavorful crisp on the outside!

They have plenty of delicious varieties of desserts. Their Chocolate Cremoso is very delightful, and their Ube cheesecake is delicious. The cheesecake has a blueberry compote, and it is served with some ice cream which makes the overall dessert a perfect bite with a mix of creamy and crispy textures. Their crying chocolate tastes very rich.

They also have a fun variety of cocktails. Their cocktails are very unique and refreshing! So make sure to visit this restaurant as it is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC!

6. Tao Uptown

Tao uptown is an Asian Fusion style restaurant that serves Thai food. This restaurant is truly a hidden food gem in New York City as it is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC. It is one of the best asian food restaurants nearby Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

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Image From TAO Uptown

The ambiance of this restaurant is incredible. The place is decorated in a quasi-Asian theme. A 15-foot Buddha is floating over a pool in Tao Uptown. The restaurant has a dimly lit atmosphere and the first floor has a cozy fancy bar and the second floor has a dining area.

It is recommended to order online as this place gets crowded quickly! Their menu has various options consisting of authentic flavors and a refined medley of flavors, making it one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC.

Satay of Chilean Sea Bass 1
Image From TAO Uptown

Their Chilean sea bass satay tastes incredible with Uber flavorful miso-glazed sea bass bites. Make sure to order The sushi plates; it is very heavenly. Their tuna tartare is very fresh and flavourful. Their duck roll undoubtedly exceeds all your expectations. Their scallops with red Thai curry are a chef’s kiss, the scallops are always cooked to perfection, and the Thai curry makes sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Their red snapper is the best way you could ever have a snapper as the crust is very perfect, and it is served with a sauce that has an enhanced flavor. Their pork fried rice is out of the world. Their chicken gyoza is inexplicably good with the red chilies and dipping sauce. Their beef lo mein is also extraordinarily delicious as it has a good amount of perfectly cooked protein.

It is recommended to try out their dessert platter, which has a giant fortune cookie, ice cream, molten chocolate cake, and banana pudding. Everything tastes heavenly.

Lychee Martini Tao Uptown 2 scaled 1
Image From TAO Uptown

The drinks and cocktails served at this restaurant are very fresh and refreshing. Their martini drinks are always on point. They also serve flavourful sake.

The service is excellent in this restaurant. The employees go above and beyond to understand the customer’s allergies to substitute them with other flavors. The staff is very kind and attentive.

7. Wagamama

Wagamama is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC. It is a UK-based Japanese chain restaurant with many branches in New York City. It is a very beautiful restaurant, and it has a very welcoming atmosphere.

Image From Wagamama

The dishes on the menu are always fresh and flavorful. They have a lot of options to choose from. Their broth is light and very flavorful, and their noodles are always cooked perfectly. This restaurant does an amazing job is substituting flavors according to the customer’s preferences and allergies. This restaurant also has an amazing variety of vegetarian options.

The Asian wings and chili shrimp are amazing at this restaurant. Their duck wings are phenomenal! It is very juicy as it has a jerky sauce that balances the duck’s fattiness. Udon noodles with teriyaki sauce and salmon are also incredible at Wagamama. The teriyaki chicken wings are also amazing. It is lightly seasoned with chicken wings, which are overall very tasty and crunchy!

Image From Wagamama

You MUST try the Ramen here. Especially their Short Rib Ramen, Kare Burosu Ramen, Wagamama Ramen, and grilled duck ramen. The flavor combinations in the ramen are completely out of the world! The taste and presentation of ramen at this restaurant are beyond perfection.

Their chicken Katsu Curry is one of the most ordered dishes at this restaurant. Their BBQ beef bao hits the spot. Also, try out their ahi tuna bowl. The tuna is perfectly seared and has a wonderful texture. The quality of the tuna is also very fresh. Their chicken firecracker is outstanding! The spices and flavors in the curry are quite addictive. Their shrimp kimchi is also very delicious.

They also have a variety of cocktails and juices. The Blossom cocktail is beautifully balanced, and the Up Beet Juice is refreshing! From the warm welcome to the entire dining, the service is very prompt in Wagamama. The staff is always very friendly and helpful! Don’t miss out on this restaurant as it is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC that serves the best Japanese food!

8. Adda

If you are craving AUTHENTIC Indian food in NYC, you must definitely check out ADDA. The interior is extremely cool with a Bollywood vibe.

Image From ADDA

They have various options in their canteen-styled menu, which isn’t the usual classic Indian menu. The flavors of the dishes are unbelievably delicious with a spicy and homemade taste, making Adda one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC.

Image From ADDA

The spices in the food are perfectly incorporated, making each dish in this restaurant phenomenal. You MUST try their biriyani. This restaurant probably sells the best biryani in the city. Their Lucknow Dum Biryani is out of the world! It is made with basmati rice, saffron, and slow-cooked goat. The rice perfectly blends with the tender goat meat. The goat is extremely soft and well seasoned, which elevates the quality and flavor of this dish. They sometimes serve the biriyani with a garlic naan which is very soft and buttery!

Their butter chicken is also quite interesting as it was made with Kasturi methi, makhni curry, and deghi mirch. The tender chicken melts in your mouth! One of their signature dishes is their Lotus Root Kofta. This is a classic malai kofta. The kofta comes along with rice and has a very good consistency and excellent texture.

Image From ADDA

Their chili Paneer Tikka is very flavorful as the paneer is extremely soft and goes well with the spices incorporated in this dish!

This is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC that serves authentic Indian chats. The pav bhaji is also highly recommended in this restaurant. This dish has a lot of butter, and it is perfectly toasted. The spices incorporated in the Gobi Manchurian are also incredible!

They also have excellent Dahi Batata Puri, made up of yogurt, mint chutney, potato, and tamarind chutney. It has an amazing texture and is a perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors.

Their aloo channa chat made with chutneys, potatoes, and chickpeas is also very delicious. Also, don’t forget to try out the Kale Pakoda! The masala chai and mango lassi are also extremely tasty!

Adda is probably one of the best Asian restaurants in Nyc. It is definitely worth trying.

9. Hanoi House

If you are craving for Vietnamese food in NYC, visit the Hanoi house! This is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC. Their menu has a variety of Vietnamese dishes, craft beers & wine. They serve huge portions of soup!

best Asian Restaurants In NYC
Image From Hanoi House

You must try out their Pig Ears. It is one of their signature dishes. It has a great depth of flavor, and it is very crunchy! Their bone marrow pho is incredible as it is super rich and filling! It is served with perfectly cooked noodles and many different meat cuts!

best Asian Restaurants In NYC
Image From Hanoi House

Their shaking beef is also incredible, and their pho dac biet broth will blow your mind!

Make sure to visit this restaurant to experience the best Vietnamese cuisine, as this restaurant is one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC!

10. Vatan

Vatan is an amazing representation of regional authenticity in Indian cuisine. They serve AUTHENTIC Gujarati cuisine, making it one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC. The interior is decorated in a village-style decor of Gujarat.

best Asian Restaurants In NYC
Image From Vatan Restaurant

This restaurant offers a fixed-price menu with many Appetizers, main courses & desserts to fill you up. Each item has a unique taste and is made with fresh ingredients.

All the items are perfectly made, and it is not your typical Indian restaurant as they serve Gujarati cuisine, which you cannot find in all Indian restaurants. Thus, this restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC!

Best Asian Restaurants In Nyc
Image From Vatan Restaurant

Now you know about fancy asian restaurants near me or best asian food places near me in New YorkMake sure to visit this restaurant in NYC to experience the diversity and richness of Indian vegetarian cuisine.

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