Where To Find Korean BBQ Los Angeles: 11 Finest Restaurants

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korean bbq restaurant
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A place is famous for mostly three things: its surroundings, people and food. Going to places or restaurants and trying out their new food is the real vibe for the people. Except for restaurants, there are impromptu places where food is cooked on a portable gas like Korean BBQ Los Angeles.

BBQ is the star of every place and trip because the main enjoyment of it is found there. Every food has its own speciality with the way they are cooked or complementary dishes served with them. The vibe of the food always makes people filled with happiness.

Korean Barbecue
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About Gogi-Gui (Korean Barbecue):

There are two things to know about Korean people: first, they love to maintain themselves and second they love to eat. We always see in dramas that Koreans love to eat and there is not one dish but various dishes with mandatory side dishes to complete.

Korean BBQ restaurants are one of the popular places for Korean people and tourists. Korean Barbecue or Gogi-gui is a popular method in Korean cuisine of grilling meat, pork, beef or chicken. The dishes are prepared on gas or charcoal grills built into the dining table itself.

Some restaurants do not have a built-in grilling, so they provide portable stoves for the diners at their tables. There are two options for using the BBQ grilling, one by themselves and another one by the chef.

Making BBQ is a ritual for the Koreans especially because it brings people together more often and the center of the table displays the making of the food which is quite fascinating. The Korean style BBQ is usually very thin-sliced marinated beef or short ribs.

There are two popular ways to cook and eat Korean BBQ and without that the Korean BBQ is incomplete.

Marinated Barbecue Meats
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1. Marinated Barbecue Meats:

Grilled Bulgogi is the most popular variety in making Korean barbecue in many restaurants. Before putting the slices of meat or pork for grilling it is marinated with a mixture of various things like soy sauce, sugar, ginger, scallions, sesame oil, garlic and pepper.

Galbi is a Korean word for rib containing marinated beef short rib in a sauce that has mirin, soy sauce, water, garlic, brown sugar, sugar and sliced onions. The Galbis can be cooked raw as well on a tabletop grill usually by the diners themselves.

Dwaeji Bulgogi, or spicy pork, is a popular dish marinated with gochujang (Korean red pepper paste). The favor is more enhanced if made with a fattier pork belly.

Un-Marinated Barbecue Meats
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2. Un-Marinated Barbecue Meats:

Chadolbegi is a dish made by cutting thinly sliced beef brisket. It is not marinated and as it is cut so thin it gets cooked very instantly.

Samgyeopsal is a slice of three-layer meat or grilled pork belly that is found in almost every Korean BBQ restaurant.

There are also many other choices on how to eat grilled meats in Korean BBQ that totally depend on the person.

Things About Korean BBQ Restaurant:

As BBQ is so famous in Korea there are many Korean BBQ Spots one can find easily. One can see people hanging out with their friends and family gathering around just an atmosphere of whole happiness.

The popularity of Korean BBQ has made it worldwide. In many countries in the world, there are many Korean restaurants to be found. Not only has Korean BBQ become famous but as well the basic dishes of Korea have become quite popular.

Koreans don’t eat one dish but a small part of every dish they like. With Korean BBQ some dishes are mandatorily served in the restaurant. Cold noodle soup, fried rice, kimchi fried rice, kimchi stew, cheese fondue, glass noodles, steamed egg and there are many others depending on the person’s choice.

Other than main side dishes, Koreans love side dishes and dipping sauces. Without them, any Korean dish will be incomplete. While talking about side dishes the number one and the most important that should come is kimchi, any Korean food is incomplete without it.

While meat is cooking on the grill many people put various veggies as well on the side, so all the flavor of the meat gets on the veggies and it tastes delicious. Vegetables like bean sprouts, green onions, tomatoes and varieties of them.

Any restaurant in Korea from big to small serves high-quality meats so the people can have the best Korean BBQ Los Angeles experience.

Korean BBQ Los Angeles
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Korean BBQ Los Angeles:

Everybody is familiar with the popularity of Korean food across the world. Korean BBQ Los Angeles places in many countries are big famous spots to visit and Los Angeles CA is not behind. Many Koreans migrated to Los Angeles and started their own Korean restaurant and some restaurants are run by the original citizens of the city.

In the city of Los Angeles CA there are many varieties of cuisines available with many types of restaurants that serve authentic food. From Mexican to Korean cuisines many restaurants can be easily found in LA that one can enjoy fully.

Korean restaurants are found in many places in LA but there is a neighborhood in Los Angeles CA called Koreatown or K town. By the name itself, all the things one is going to find are about Korea. There are so many best Korean BBQ restaurants in the area that one needs to go and try them.

Koreatown has the originality of Korean people who try to create and spread their authentic culture of food in the western culture. If one wants to try and enjoy the proper Korean vibe and food, Koreatown is an amazing place to visit as well as Korean BBQ Los Angeles.

11 Finest Korean BBQ Restaurants In Los Angeles:

When something becomes popular one gets to see it everywhere, the same goes with the Korean BBQ Los Angeles CA as well as every part of the world. The popularity of Korean people, dramas and foods are known worldwide.

It is hard to find any country where Korean BBQ restaurants are not available. Los Angeles is a popular city in the world and also a great spot to find many Korean food items. Korean BBQ Los Angeles is a famous place to have fun and relax with family.

Quarters B
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1. Quarters Korean BBQ:

The Quarters Korean BBQ is located at 3465 W 6th St. #C-130 Los Angeles, CA 90020. It is one of the luxurious BBQ spots found in LA. The restaurant serves proper Korean food that is in high demand by the people.

The restaurant has combo platters of various meats from pork jowl to beef brisket with meat quality at its best. Other than combination platters the place also serves every variety of Korean marinated and un-marinated barbecue meat.

Beef tongue, beef belly, and spicy pork are quite famous in the place. The menu of the restaurant names all the possible items that a Korean BBQ restaurant should have. One can find combination platters, beef, pork, seafood, and chicken with side dishes like cold noodles, kimchi fried rice, and kimchi pancakes with Korean tapas (appetizers).

If one wants to enjoy a proper authentic Korean BBQ with a Korean vibe, Quarters Korean BBQ restaurant is the perfect place to visit.

Genwa Korean BBQ
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2. Genwa Korean BBQ:

Genwa Korean BBQ is located at two places in Los Angeles CA, one in Downtown and another in Mid Wilshire. As Korean BBQ can be done by the people as well as the chef, the option depends upon the restaurant and the people.

The Genwa Korean BBQ has the facility for the people to be their own chefs and make themselves a dish that they desire. The restaurant offers traditional Korean food from appetizers to seafood; everything is top-notch.

The option of Korean dumplings, soup, rice and definitely different kinds of meat and chicken complete the perfect Korean BBQ feel. The restaurant offers dining as well as delivery and picks up services that are available 7 days a week.

If one wants to be their own chef and experience that kind of feeling then Genwa Korean BBQ is one of the best choices to visit. Other than Los Angeles there is another branch of the restaurant located in Beverly hills.

Eighth Korean BBQ
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3. Eight Korean BBQ:

It is one of the oldest Korean BBQ restaurants located at Western Ave, Los Angeles CA. There is also a branch in Koreatown. Since 2008 the restaurant provides all the culture of Korean in the form of food as well as feel. The inside of the restaurant is made exactly the way it is in Korea.

The menu lists out all the items and combos that one wants to have in a Korean BBQ place. There are all pork combos, pork belly combos, and prime beef combos that are all seasoned with red pepper paste and miso paste.

The place also has a wide selection of meat and Korean traditional dishes, the speciality of them. With all the traditional dishes the place also offers burgers that are known as KTown Smashburger.

To enjoy the great food and want to spend some quality time, Eight Korean BBQ is one of the best Korean BBQ Los Angeles.

Park's BBQ
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4. Park’s BBQ:

Park’s BBQ is located at Vermont Ave, Los Angeles CA. The owner of the restaurant Chef Jenee Kim born in South Korea, moved to LA and opened the restaurant in 2003. The popularity of the place is no joke because one needs to make a reservation beforehand to have the taste of their delicious food.

The restaurant comes under the finest category of one of the best Korean authentic food and the owner itself has begged many awards and featured in many media. The place serves high-quality food to its people made with the finest ingredients.

The KBBQ restaurant specializes in meat, chicken, beef, soul, noodles and their special ribeye steaks and ribeye roll. They serve pork belly, prime boneless short ribs, galbi and vegetables to finish off the perfect dishes.

To have the finest Korean barbecue and with the atmosphere being pleasant then Park’s BBQ is the perfect place.

Swoon Galbi
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5. Soowon Galbi:

Soowon Galbi is a Korean BBQ restaurant located at Vermont Ave, Los Angeles CA. The restaurant is run by a family that has been serving mouthwatering galbi (marinated short rib) for three decades. The dining area of the restaurant is one of the attractions for the people because of outdoor dining.

The restaurant serves a tabletop grill with various options to choose from like prime boneless short rib, prime beef, spicy pork belly, beef tongue, chicken, and seafood. There is also an option of a tabletop grill of vegetables cooked like a BBQ for more flavor and taste.

Other than the tabletop grill there are many other items found on the menu that includes appetizers, Korean dishes, noodles, combo special, beverages and banchan (Korean side dishes). Soowon Galbi also takes orders for special events hosting as well as catering for the people who wish to have Korean BBQ at their house.

dry-aged beef
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6. Jeong Yuk Jeom:

Located in Western Ave, LA the Jeong Yuk Jeom (Butchers Shop) is a popular and modern Korean BBQ spot in Koreatown situated on the first floor of Madang Mall. The speciality of this BBQ spot is that they serve dry-aged beef that includes dry-aged ribeye, dry-aged prime ribeye, and aged prime ribeye.

The place menu includes food items for BBQ that are some appetizers, main meal that includes items like Bibimbap, miso pork jowl, and spicy pork with the meat section covering all the items that a person needs to have a fully Korean BBQ taste.

The place offers dining, as well as takeaway options for the people as well as the servers here, take the charge of making the BBQ an amazing experience for the people. The spot is amazing if one wants to spend their time having Korean food and BBQ with family and friends. This modern and beautiful restaurant Jeong Yuk Jeom Korean BBQ Los Angeles is a place to visit.

Kimchi Fried Rice
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7. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong:

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong popularly known as Baekjeong Town is one of the finest and most modern Korean barbecue restaurants in LA. Located in Chapman Plaza of W 6th Street Los Angeles CA as well as KTown.

The place is quite popular among the locals for its amazing BBQ experience. The place is always filled up with people and there is quite a seating for the people with a little extra seating specially for the group guests.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is pleasant with K-Pop songs running in the background and the chattering voices of the people echoing throughout the space. The menu of the Baekjeong Town is very known among the locals for its Korean BBQ items that include meat, pork, beef and combos of one choice.

One can find appetizers, meals like Bibimbap, cold noodle soup, kimchi fried rice, pork kimchi stew and various other famous Korean dishes that one can enjoy till they desire. The place gives a very much feel of the Korean atmosphere, so to enjoy the whole Korean vibe and food Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is a great place to have Korean BBQ.

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8. Hae Jang Chon:

A nice and luxurious dinner can only get complete if a place seems like it too. Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ restaurant screams luxury with amazing food and friendly staff at service. Hae Jang Chon was first known as all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant established in 2002.

All you can eat Korean BBQ located in Koreatown, Los Angeles CA was established with the motive of serving people fresh and high-quality food. Offering their food from lunch till late night dinner, the restaurant is open till 2. 00 AM in the morning and seven days a week.

The place has appeared in many newspapers with great reviews from the people. Many Korean BBQ Los Angeles places have metal grills but Hae Jang Chon have a stone grill for all the Korean BBQ cooking and that is one of the unique features that attract people to their restaurant.

The menu of the place is something to talk about because by just looking at it a person knows that it is worth it. There are almost 30 items on the menu for the people to choose from, so it makes a variety of options for having a full-blown experience of Korean BBQ.

Prime short rib, marinated beef short rib, un-marinated beef short rib, steak, beef tongue, beef brisket, pork, chicken, seafood, salads, and rice can be found on the main menu of the place with vegetarian options as well on the side. An amazing place for spending money and time in return for a happy and fulfilled heart and stomach.

Cold Noodles
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9. 7th Korean BBQ:

7th Korean BBQ restaurant located in the 7-Vermont Ave Plaza, Los Angeles CA. The restaurant serves amazing Korean BBQ to Korean hot noodles in the hustle-bustle lives of people in Los Angeles. It is situated at a place where people are always coming and going so sometimes it is nice to visit and have a nice Korean Barbecue and dishes.

There are multiple options for the people to have the taste of the 7th Korean BBQ restaurant. From curbside pickup to delivery at home gives a convenient option for the people. From their restaurant website, one can place an order online for the food that will be delivered safely at home.

One can order spicy beef, spicy short ribs, beef short ribs, bibimbap, tofu soup, spicy pork, pan-fried chicken and beef, tofu pancake, glass noodles and cold noodles, sweet potatoes noodles, kimchi and many more Korean traditional dishes to be found in 7th Korean BBQ restaurant.

It is a great place for grabbing some lunch on the go or even a hangout place with friends in Korean BBQ Los Angeles.

Sun Ha Jang restaurant
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10. Sun Ha Jang Restaurant:

Sun Ha Jang restaurant located on Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA is one of the best KBBQ restaurants of all time. It is a family-friendly traditional Korean restaurant that provides authentic traditional Korean food.

The place is known for its mouthwatering roasted duck, spiced rice and kimchi. The menu also includes ducks cut in different ways, bibimbap, cold noodles, kimchi stew, fried rice and beverages. There is also a vegetarian option on the menu which allows people to have their own BBQ of grilled vegetables.

The Korean barbecue in the place is done very perfectly because the place has a friendly staff. There is also an outdoor patio for the people who like to have a seat outside and enjoy the weather. The Sun Ha Jang restaurant is a great spot if one wants to have a taste of proper authentic traditional Korean BBQ.

sj 8UW4lhzPzhw unsplash scaled
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11. Soot Bull Jeep:

Soot Bull Jeep located on W 8th Street, Los Angeles CA is a Korean BBQ Los Angeles restaurant. It is one of the finest spots for Korean barbecue grilled over an open charcoal flame grill. The restaurant serves various Korean traditional dishes as well as a variety of items for barbecue.

Soot Bull Jeep menu includes short ribs, chicken, shrimp, boneless short rib, soups, pork, noodles, beverages and vegetarian options as well as for the people. The place is absolutely amazing for having a Korean Barbecue with a pleasant atmosphere.

There are so many restaurants of Korean BBQ Los Angeles CA as well as around the world. Korean BBQ Los Angeles is not just about eating but having the time with family, and friends to enjoy making food and getting closer to loved ones in this world of hustle-bustle.

Final Note:

The journey of Korean BBQ Los Angeles made one learn so much as well as made one’s stomach hungry. It is always nice to have a plan of going out and trying new food or cuisines. Just like Korean BBQ, there are so many places with different methods and food that people try and learn so much about other cuisines.

Every restaurant screams happiness if their food makes people happy and wants people to come there again. The world around us has so many cultures, different people and their food. So, trying out different and unique food is never a bad idea just like Korean BBQ Los Angeles.

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