best restaurants in Beverly hills best restaurants in Beverly hills

Best Restaurants in Beverly Hills: 12 Places to Explore

Beverly Hills is a beautiful city located in California. The city is known for the homes of several well-known Hollywood celebrities and wealthy people. Los Angeles surrounds the place. Beverly Hills is a place with gorgeous landscapes as well as remarkable dining.

The private neighbourhood of North Beverly Park, located in the hills above Beverly Hills, is home to Jessica Alba’s $9.95 million estate. Jennifer Lawrence, who reportedly paid $8 million for her 5,500-square-foot Beverly Hills house, is another Beverly Hills celebrity. The only famous people in Beverly Hills, though, are not them. When she’s in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift is another well-known person who occasionally resides in Beverly Hills.

This location will undoubtedly win your heart with the ideal balance of elegance and enjoyment. Beverly Hills, a haven for shoppers, ensures that the area becomes your utopia. The draw here is not limited to shopping and famous people. You can spend your evening and night in the best cafes and motels. You receive the wonderful and magnificent interiors for free and the delectable, flavorful cuisine.

best beverly hills restaurants
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The city is globally recognized for its beauty, luxurious hotels, and lavish restaurants. Beverly hills provide visitors with mouth-watering food. From savoury dishes to desserts, the city’s local restaurants have unique menus and the best tastes.

Residents in Beverly Hills have many options when selecting a fine dining establishment. There are several popular steakhouses, top-notch Italian and Japanese restaurants, and many more regional and international eateries. For the most recent operating hours, kindly contact restaurants and attractions before your trip date.

So, it can be said that the city makes the visitors experience heaven through its food. Beverly hills offer its residents and tourists the best food in the best restaurants.

Here is a list of the Best Restaurants in Beverly Hills That You Don’t Want To Miss:

The list provides some of the best restaurants in Beverly hills with numerous cuisines and luxurious dining rooms.

1. Polo Lounge

Polo lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel 9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, is an acclaimed watering hole for Hollywood celebrities. The marvellous interior of the restaurants has a vintage Hollywood royalty vibe. This restaurant is pretty glamorous and a must-visit place for visitors.

The restaurants serve fresh food all day. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and late-night suppers can all be enjoyed outside at this location. Soft jazz and piano are played, alternatively accompanying lunch and dinner.

When you visit Polo lounge, you can order a Lyonnaise Salad and a plate of Bouillabaisse for yourself. Finally, end with the Chocolate Ganache Tart for dessert. Moreover, the restaurant provides the customers with vegan and gluten-free options.

You can also order seasonal sides, including Baby Carrots, Orange Honey And Cracked Pistachio, Sauteed Spinach, Jumbo Asparagus, and Stinging Nettle Risotto.

In the evening, guests can experience a beautiful ambience with an old-favourite cocktail.

2. South Beverly Grill

South Beverly grill is located at Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. The restaurant welcomes the guests with a modern take on American cuisine. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pleasant and romantic. The place is perfect for big groups, business meals, family get-togethers, birthday parties, and romantic date nights.

Classic American food like spicy tuna rolls, cheeseburgers, traditional omelettes, barbecue pork ribs along with classy and creative cocktails are served in this restaurant. It makes a fantastic rack of ribs, a terrific martini, and that fried chicken sandwich.

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The restaurant has a hospitable staff and lively surroundings. Guest can make their reservations and experience the fine dining and mouth-watering classic American food.

3. Yazawa Japanese BBQ

At Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA, there exists an authentic Yazawa Japanese BBQ that you must try if you’re up for something new and unique. It is one of Beverly Hills’  best places to eat.


The restaurant is well known for serving top-notch steak. This is the only North American location of a global chain serving premium Japanese Wagyu omakase beef. The refined and understated atmosphere is ideal for corporate meetings and romantic dates.

The restaurant’s staff is knowledgeable and welcoming. The restaurant’s extensive menu includes a wide variety of dishes, featuring Yazawa beef, Wagyu beef, Yazawa yaki, tongue steak, fresh salads, and champagne on the cocktail menu.

4. Jean Georges Beverly hills

The Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills, ca, which guarantees a sense of style, is home to the Jean Georges Beverly Hills restaurant. It ranks as one of Beverly Hills’s finest French restaurants and is named after renowned, award-winning French chef Jean Georges Vongerichten. The restaurant, which was awarded two Michelin-starred restaurants, was given four stars by the New York Times.

The restaurant’s outstanding rating is due to its remarkable and exquisite dining experience and delectable French fare. The restaurant’s opulent interior and exterior atmosphere help to draw customers and leave them with a memorable experience.

The menu includes dishes like- Toasted Organic Egg Yolk with Petrossian Ossetra caviar, Tuna Tartare, Warm chocolate cake, Icelandic Cod, Crispy Maitake, Celeriac Roasted with Spices, Baby Leek Vinaigrette, Amuse Bouche, Mignardises Cart, Pumpkin and Basil Pot Stickers, and many more.

In Beverly Hills, you might be able to discover a restaurant with a whole area of the menu devoted to caviar creations—which makes Beverly Hills one of the rare places where you’ll find this.

5. Nozawa Bar

Nozawa Bar in Beverly Hills California,2021米其林一星,性价比非常好的 20-course omakase sushi。比较难订座,提前一个月吧????

In Beverly Hills, ca, a small, cosy Japanese sushi restaurant at Canon drive called Nozawa bar was created by the Sushi Nozawa Group. Nozawa is the name of a well-known chef who owns this restaurant. It is a Michelin-starred restaurant where young people usually hang out for date nights.

The delicious dishes’ appealing presentation overshadows the restaurant’s limited menu. Omasake sushi meals are served in 22 courses at the restaurant. The restaurant’s menu changes according to the seasonal availability of its ingredients.

Chef Fujita was invited by Chef Nozawa and Sugarfish group as the restaurant’s executive Chef; he delivers thoughtfully crafted dishes every day that is full of surprises so that the customers enjoy every morsel.

Due to the restaurant’s small size, one must make accommodations to enjoy a taste of heaven.

Also, Beverly Hills Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa, Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, is a sushi restaurant like Nozawa Bar. The traditional sushi restaurant serves a place where guests don’t have to make reservations. Guests have to wait for their table if the site is full. In this fine dining and relaxed setting, diners can calmly enjoy fresh and heavenly sushi.

The place is not that cheap in comparison to other Beverly Hills restaurants. If everything is up to standard, but the service is poor, it is not surprising that everything appears average. Therefore, this restaurant’s rapid service and hospitable staff guarantee customer satisfaction. The restaurant offers its la carte menu.

6. Pie Room

A paradise lies at Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, and The Pie Room by Gwen. Previously known as Maude, celebrity chef Curtis Stone has temporarily transformed this fine dining restaurant into a casual pie and bakery shop, popularly serving delightful sweet and savoury pastries, tarts, and puddings.

This is not a place to sit and dine but a takeout shop. Every day from 10 am to 6 pm, the site is accessible to visitors. Customers can place their orders either at the counter or through online services.

This Michelin-starred bakery’s menu features some sweet pies (exclusively available in full size), lemon- passionfruit tart, black bottom coconut cream pie, Salted caramel apple pie, lamb curry hotpot, sausage rolls, and many more finger-licking good dishes.

7. Matu

Situated at Beverly dr, Beverly hills, ca, Matu is one of the highly praised and popular restaurants in Beverly hills. The restaurant serves you the best 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef from New Zealand’s First Light Farms. The aesthetically dark dining room of the restaurant radiates all the romantic vibes. You’ll notice a bar where you can grab a drink as you enter.

You can order your meals from their la carte menu. Matu’s la carte options are Japanese caesar, shrimp cocktail, steak tartare, fazzoletti pasta, lobster tails, and hand-cut beef tallow fries. The restaurant also offers multi-course meals that most diners prefer. By trying meals from their tasting menus, you can feel the richness of the wagyu beef.

The diners can enjoy the entire experience by having Matu’s mouth-watering desserts.

8. Avra Beverly Hills

Avra Beverly hills is a Greek restaurant at Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, which originally serves fresh and flavorful seafood in the heart of the Beverly hills golden triangle. The lavish Avra Beverly Hills restaurant has a beautiful inner Mediterranean dining room and an outer dining space with remarkable service personnel. This place is among the best restaurants in Beverly Hills.

The fine dining environment and the appealing meals of the restaurant make this place ranked as one of the best restaurants in Beverly Hills. Diners can have an extraordinary experience while tasting the meals with wine pairings at this fantastic restaurant.

Avra Beverly Hills Food Vlog | Best Waiter Ever!!!!

Some popular dishes from the extensive menu of Avra Beverly Hills are fish soup, grilled octopus, crab cake, Hawaiian big eye tuna, and Greek salad. The restaurant also serves tea, coffee, and after-dinner drinks, including wines. Also, sweet tooths! Save room for the heavenly desserts the restaurant offers, like chocolate-yoghurt cheesecake, galaktoboureko, pagoto, and karidopita.

9. Matsuhisa

Hurry! and reserve a table at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills can be found in the middle of La Cienega’s Restaurant Row, La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA. This fine dining Japanese sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills is named after the most recognized celebrity chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, also the restaurant owner.

He owns several restaurant chains around the world. So, Matsuhisa is a flagship restaurant and stands out as one of the best restaurants in Beverly Hills. The reservations must be made in advance as the restaurant has a compact dining room.

Nobu Matsuhisa, an amazingly skilled chef, does his best to create a unique and memorable dish for you. The Chef is a creator and server of numerous dishes in his restaurant. Also available is the Chef’s choice menu includes Dinner Omakase and Lunch Omasake; these are entirely delicious meals made up of the Chef’s greatest exotic and signature plates.

Restaurant’s la carte menu features :

Moloheiya Pasta Salad, Lobster Salad, Smoked Salmon Sushi, Sweet Shrimp, Beef (Prime Rib Eye), Caviar Taco, Yellowtail Jalapeno, Chilean Seabass, Matsuhisa Slider, Soft Shell Crab, Buckwheat Soba Risotto, Short Rib, Somen, Seafood Udon, Clam Miso Soup.

Matsuhisa’s menu has a wide range of beverages featuring White Wines, Red Wines, Dessert Wines, Japanese Wines, Beers, Champagnes, Soft Drinks, Coffees, Teas, Hokusetsu Sakes, and Matsuhisa’s Exclusive cocktails.

After experiencing the wide variety of food and beverages in this restaurant, this will be one of the favourite restaurants in Beverly Hills.

10. Tempura Endo

Lies at Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, Tempura Endo is a Kyoto-styled Japanese seafood restaurant with a dining room of only 8 seats. The restaurant is concept-driven and serves the best and most fresh Tempura in various ways.

Tempura Enda offers three unique tasting menus. The most expensive tasting menu is Higashiyama – $320, Kiyomizu- $240, and Yasaka- $180. Each tasting menu/ course has an Appetizer, Salad, Endo Special Salad, Endo Tempura-Stage 1, Endo’s Tempura-Stage 2, Oshokuji, and Desert. But what’s different is the other dishes:

Kiyomizu- Sashimi (today’s chef special Omakase), Chef’s special soup, and Oshokuji.

In Higashiyama- Sashimi (today’s chef special Omakase), Endo’s Tempura- Stage 2- Wagyu on Hot Stone & Lobster Tempura, Chef’s special soup, and Oshokuji.

親子でビバリーヒルズの超高級天ぷら屋へ行ってみた結果。。。!? Dinner at Tempura Endo in Beverly Hills and Hamburger for Desert??

Tempura Endo Also has a decent number of Japanese Sakes, Frozen Sakes, Sparkling Wine, Rose Wine, White Wine, Red Wine, Non Alcoholic drinks, Japanese Sho-Chu, Breer, and Plum Wine.

Try out this incredible and authentic Japanese fine dining restaurant in Beverly Hills. Once you taste the Tempura dishes of this place, you will never eat Tempura anywhere else. By being these, you’ll experience Japanese authenticity. So what are you waiting for?

11. Il Cielo

Il Cielo is the “most romantic restaurant” in Beverly Hills. The place is at Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA, which looks pleasant to the eyes and your appetite. The ambience of the Il Cielo includes gardens, indoor dining rooms, and special outdoor seating to dine for couples. All lit up with twinkling fairy lights and surrounded by greenery; the restaurant glows and looks magical.

Il Cielo will simply provide you with a unique Italian dining experience. The restaurant is a traditional Italian place serving authentic Italian food with Italian hospitality. You can visit this lovely restaurant to celebrate birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, family dinners, bridal and baby showers, and meetings.

The restaurant serves great Italian cuisine, with special options for vegan diners. The restaurant has separate menus for brunch, dinner, desserts, A la carte romantic packages, and Valentine’s Day menu.

These menus have some very popular and finger-licking good dishes like Blueberry pancakes, Scones, Tiramisu, Crudites, Summer Vegetable Frittata, Salmon, Pollo Arrosto, Spaghetti Latini, and La Passione.

Their Signature cocktails consist of Foxy Champagne, Strawberry Bellini-tini, Serata Deliziosa, Limoncello Fizz, Spring Comfort, Italian Manhattan, Rye Negroni, Rosa Rossa, and Spicy Margarita. The restaurants also offer beverages like Latte/ Cappuccino, Prosecco, Mimosas, Il Cielo’s Bellini, Pretty Woman, and Expresso/ Americano.

12. Ocean Prime

Beverly Hills, CA, has a place called The Golden Triangle, a common tourist attraction. It is located between Santa Monica Blvd Canon Drive, and Wilshire Boulevard.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, is a 2- mile long street in the Golden Triangle. This world-famous street is the home of a renowned, modern American restaurant and lounge, Ocean Prime, owned by Cameron Mitchell.

The restaurant has a great bar and a beautiful terrace setting that is perfect for a date night and celebrations. The place, Ocean Prime, has three fabulous dining rooms:

Dayton Room has the capacity of 10 guests, The Camden Room can fit up to 16 guests in total, and The Wilshire Room can seat up to 36 guests.

This posh Beverly Hills restaurant on Rodeo Drive is not cheap but has a terrific menu with delicious steak and fresh seafood dishes. The menu is categorized into Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Desert Menu, and Lounge Menu.

The following are just some of the restaurant’s most popular meals: Spicy Tuna Sushi, Ocean Roll, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Prime Steak Tartare, Lobster Bisque, Poke Bowl, Crispy Fish Sandwich, Parmesan Truffle Fries, Crab Cakes, Lamb Lollipops, Ten Layer Carrot Cake and Warm Butter Cake. The Cocktail and Spirit collection of the restaurant has some special drinks, namely Pineapple Picante, Bourbons, Speyside Malts, Highland Malts, Island Malts, and Tequilas.

Wine Menu has Sparling Wines, Rose wines, White Wines, Red Wines, and many more. The restaurant has a wide variety of beverages to serve to its guests.

Beverly Hills Restaurants (TOP 10 Best)

So there you have it – a list of one of the best restaurants in Beverly hills.


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