20 Best Vegan Restaurants In NYC

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People have begun to embrace vegan food recently, and many restaurants now provide vegan-friendly choices. If you are a traveler in New York, you do not need to worry since there are numerous vegan restaurants in NYC where you can find vegetarian and vegan food that provide delicious vegan meals.

vegan restaurants in NYC
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Previously, there were limited vegan options around, even in vegetarian restaurants, but now there are lots of places that provide delicious vegan food featuring vegan cheese, fresh veggies, nut milk, and so on. People have begun to adopt the vegan lifestyle, and there are several vegan restaurants in Nyc that provide vegan meals ranging from fine dining to comfort food.

1. Avant Garden

Avant Garden is a vegan restaurant in New York City that provides both vegetarian and vegan food. It is an excellent spot to dine in the evening; the meals are a little pricy, but there are plenty of choices to explore. The restaurant has a remarkably unique vibe, and its interior is elegantly decorated. There is even an outside patio where people can relax.

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The food served is basic but tasty, and the presentation is also pretty impressive. Avocado toast, paella, crispy rice, almond cake, pine nut ricotta, and choco lava cake are among the top dishes to try in Avant Garden.

2. Hangawi

Hangawi is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that provides Korean delicacies prepared with vegan substitutes. It is one of the best vegan restaurants in New York, serving Korean vegan food. Most of the time, the place is packed, so making reservations is a good idea. There are several vegan dishes to choose from, as well as numerous beverages. The interior design is authentic and traditional, representing Korean culture.

New York Magazine has described this place as serving some of the best vegetarian food in NYC. The meals offered are really delicious, and there are plenty of delicious desserts to try. Heated stone bowls, spicy baby dumplings, kimchi hot pot, and blueberry coconut cake are the tastiest meals.

3. Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy is a vegetarian restaurant on the Lower East Side of New York City that also offers vegan options. It is a fine-dining restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian meals, some of which are even gluten free. The meals are delicious, with excellent flavor profiles, and there are many great options on the tasting menu. The service is prompt and courteous.

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The menu changes with the seasons, and the meals are full of flavor and crafted with fresh produce. Dirt Candy is one of the top vegan and vegetarian fine dining restaurants, featuring unique dishes. Carrot sliders, hot dogs, steak tartare, chocolate mushrooms, and corn cake are among the best dishes at Dirt Candy.

4. Delice & Sarrasin

Delice & Sarrasin is a vegan restaurant in the West Village in New York City, that turns traditional French cooking into delightful vegan meals. The atmosphere is friendly and cozy, and there is even outside seating. There is a wide range of vegan food available here, making for a pleasant and warm experience.

It is one of New York’s best vegan restaurants in the West Village, featuring French vegan cuisine using fresh ingredients. The nicest dishes are Coq au Vin, La Nanane Crepe, Tartine Club Sandwich, and Mr. Seguin.

5. Screamer’s Pizzeria

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Screamer’s Pizzeria is a vegan pizza restaurant in New York City. It is the city’s first vegan pizza restaurant. The servings are good, and there is a wide range of pizzas to pick from. Because the interior is so small, many love taking a slice outside and eating it in the fresh air.

It’s a terrific spot to go with your vegan friends to have a delicious slice of pizza with faux cheese at a fair price. You must try the sausage and mushroom pizza, white pizza, vampire pizza, and buffalo pizza.

6. Aunts et Uncles

Aunts et Uncles is a vegan café in New York City. The room is attractively furnished and has a soothing aesthetic. As there is limited seating available, making reservations ahead of time is recommended. It’s a nice and cozy restaurant for a weekend brunch with plant-based dishes.

The service is prompt, and the servers are quite kind. The lobster roll and the delicious veggie burgers are the most popular choices here. Smashburgers, mac & cheese, French toast, and plaintain chocolate chip cookies are also good picks.

7. Toad Style

Toad Style is a casual vegan restaurant in New York City. The restaurant even offers gluten-free options. The menu includes a variety of choices, and takeaway is possible. The interior is tiny, but the servers are very kind. The cheesy fries with cashew sauce are a crowd favorite. Due to the absence of outdoor seating, the restaurant gets very full, so customers prefer to order takeout.

Except for the bread used here, the dishes are mainly gluten-free. However, if you wish, you can try the new gluten-free bread. The restaurant also provides catering services and is an excellent spot for a simple lunch. The sunshine burger, banh mi, breakfast sandwich, and tofu scramble are the strongest dishes.

8. The Original Buddha Bodai Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant

The Original Buddha Bodai Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant is a fantastic vegan restaurant that produces amazing comfort food at a reasonable price. The restaurant serves delicious Chinese cuisine with mock meat. The restaurant serves typical plant-based foods that are outstanding.

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The restaurant also provides gluten-free meals, offers kosher alternatives and uses mock meat, making it an excellent choice for those with dietary restrictions. The delicious meals come in large portions. The best dishes here are the vegetable dumplings, vegetable curry, meat buns, sesame chicken, spring rolls, and spinach rice bowl.

9. Modern Love

Modern Love is a vegan restaurant in New York City’s Williamsburg neighborhood. It is one of Williamsburg’s greatest vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The food served is plant-based and organic. The atmosphere is modern and easygoing, and customers can even choose to sit outside.

It is a fantastic spot to go for dinner with a group of friends or family for comfort food. The serving sizes are reasonable, and there are several desserts to enjoy. The menu is extensive and includes vegetarian dishes. The jerk tofu bowls, spicy chili sin carne, tofu benedict, and burrito bowl are the top dishes.

10. Cadence

Cadence is a vegan restaurant in New York City’s East Village. The restaurant serves vegan soul food and also has a beer bar. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the servers are attentive. The restaurant is decorated in a very simple and casual manner. Outdoor seating is also available.

The cuisine is light and delicious. The restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian dishes that are soy-free. There are no cocktails, and just wine and beer are available. Customers’ favorite soul foods include the southern fried lasagna, oyster mushroom sandwich, and palm cake.

11. Beatnic

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Beatnic is a vegan restaurant in the West Village, New York City, that provides vegan vegetarian cuisine. It is one of New York’s best vegan-friendly restaurants, serving vegan versions of classic American cuisine. The ambiance is fairly relaxed, the interior is lightly decorated, and there is also outside seating available.

The restaurant is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner for families and friends. This restaurant even offers a separate dessert menu from which you can select delicious desserts. Crowd favorites from the food menu include the classic burger, quinoa tacos, guac burger, kale caesar, banana walnut bread, and toasted s’mores.

12. The VSPOT

The VSPOT, one of the top vegan eateries in Brooklyn, New York City, is a nice place to taste a variety of vegan dishes. The restaurant serves gluten-free and kosher cuisine with a Latin flair. The environment is quite relaxing for a weekend brunch, and the place is spotless.

People may quickly order meals using the app, and it will be brought to their tables. The eateries twist classic dishes into something spectacular. Customers may also sit outside on the patio, if not in the dining room. The tastiest foods served here are beyond chicken parm, lentil soup, and avocado BLT wrap.

13. Ladybird

Ladybird is a vegan restaurant in NYC. The restaurant is well designed with lovely lighting. Vegetable bars and natural wines are Ladybird’s areas of expertise. The restaurant has a strong focus on vegetables and gluten-free options, so there are fewer meals with a lot of carbohydrates.

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Customers may dine in or enjoy the outside dining. The restaurant offers delicious vegan vegetarian dishes. The staff are also very polite and attentive. The po’boy bao, buffalo maitake bun, truffle mac & cheese, chocolate fondue, and grilled cheese are among this restaurant’s top dishes.

14. Jajaja Mexicana

New York City’s Lower East Side is home to the vegan restaurant Jajaja Mexicana. The restaurant offers vegan cuisine that celebrates Mexican culture. It’s one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC for Mexican and plant-based food. The restaurant offers flavorful meals. The interior is really colorful and quirky.

There is even outside dining available, and the restaurant is often not too crowded. There are several vegetarian and pescatarian alternatives at the restaurant. Its atmosphere is hip and laid-back. The best items on the menu are the enchiladas mole, frozen agave margarita, chorizo burrito, and palm carnitas.

15. Blossom on Columbus

NYC’s Upper West Side is home to the vegan restaurant Blossom on Columbus. Reservations are not necessary because the restaurant is not very busy. There are two sites for the restaurant, but this one has a superior tasting menu. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is great.

They even have a lovely bar that serves several delicious beverages. The vegan substitutes have been used effectively, and the food tastes excellent. Many recipes are also gluten-free, which means they have fewer calories. It is among the best vegan restaurants in nyc on the Upper West Side. If you do go to this vegetarian restaurant, be sure to order the soy bacon cheeseburger, french toast, chocolate ganache, and autumn tower.

16. NY Dosas

In Washington Square Park, there is a food truck or mobile vegetarian restaurant called NY Dosas that sells inexpensive South Indian food. This food truck offers vegan takeout of Indian cuisine. From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the food truck provides lunch, and customers enjoy it. The popularity of it leads to lengthy lines.

The food is simple and tasty. It is one of the best vegan restaurants for affordable, delicious South Indian food. The owner itself prepares and serves the food, and is quite friendly. People really enjoy having the vegan drumsticks, jaffna lunch, and masala dosa from here.

17. Spice Symphony

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In New York City, there is a vegetarian restaurant named Spice Symphony. It is among the best vegetarian restaurants in New York City, serving vegan Indian food with a hint of Chinese cuisine. In New York City, there is a vegetarian restaurant called Spice Symphony. Though it does offer meat, keep in mind that this restaurant is a fantastic spot to try vegetarian Indian food.

It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in New York City to sample vegan Indian food with a touch of Chinese cuisine. The servers are really pleasant and provide excellent recommendations. The food is excellent, and the service is quick. The food may be a little spicy for some. Chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, Chinese bhel, and achaari mushroom are the most popular menu items.

18. Red Bamboo

Red Bamboo is among the best vegan restaurants in NYC that serve soulful food. American and Asian cuisines are combined with imitation meat and fish to create the delicacies. The staff is kind and well-versed about the food. Due to its small size, the location fills up fast. The chicken parmesan hero, chicken satay, crab rangoon, and Asian dumplings are among the restaurant’s best dishes.

19. Divya’s Kitchen

Divya’s Kitchen is one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC for freshly cooked vegan meals. The interior is beautifully furnished, and the setting is fine casual dining. The food is affordable and includes numerous gluten-free options. The staff is usually very relaxed and kind.

Families and groups of friends will enjoy themselves here because of the ambiance, which is cozy and pleasant. Try the vegan carob cake, pistachio fudge, spinach cheese cutlet, and carrot risotto if you choose to go.

20. Urban Vegan Kitchen

New York City’s West Village is home to Urban Vegan Kitchen’s restaurant. The restaurant delivers incredibly delicious vegan meals and even has tasty seafood selections. It’s one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC if you’re searching for somewhere to enjoy brunch or dinner with friends or your significant other because it offers a cozy and cool environment.

Customers may simply get seated thanks to the courteous servers. Graffiti and murals cover the interior. The meal is just amazing. Buffalo wings, mac ‘n’ cheese with broccoli, and chik’un & waffles are some of the top items served here.

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There are many excellent vegan restaurants in NYC, and even those that aren’t completely vegan do feature vegan meals that accommodate particular dietary needs. So, you won’t be hungry if you’re a vegan visiting NYC. Here are plenty of vegan options.

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