Priority Wine Pass for Tasting Priority Wine Pass for Tasting

Unlock Wine Tasting Experiences at 400+ Premier USA Wineries

Experience wine tastings at 400+ West Coast Wineries from the comfort of your home with the Priority Wine Pass, which is valid for an entire year.

If you are someone who has immense love for wine, then you must get this wine pass as soon as possible. This wine pass will help you learn a lot about wines and their diversity.

From learning winemaking to its intricacies, this pass has it all. 

The best part about this pass is that it will allow you access to about four hundred and more wineries. 

1. What Does This Pass Have to Offer You?

This is a virtual wine pass, and you can enjoy a lot of privileges from the comfort of your room or bed.

Well, this amazing pass has a lot to offer you, and you will also be able to enjoy access to more than four hundred wineries. 

It includes a variety of wine tastings and also offers you a two-for-one tasting and various types of offers on wine tours and a lot more.


Priority Wine Pass
Priority Wine Pass/Courtesy: Fever

2. Why Should You Buy This Amazing Priority Wine Pass?

As you know this wine pass has a lot to offer you. Buying this pass can be one of the best ways to enhance your love for wines and wine tastings. 

Pass holders can use it in a lot of places across the United States of America, and you will be able to enjoy lots of offers and discounts at special events, including two hundred and fifty wineries in California and fifty wineries in Washington and Oregon. 

Additionally, you also get a transportation discount to travel to some popular wineries and taste some of the best wines.

Apart from that, members will also be able to enjoy concierge services which will recommend you various wines depending on your tastes and preferences. 

3. What More Do You Need to Know about the Wine Pass?

You can use this Priority wine pass for up to one year upon redemption, and there is also an age requirement for buying this wine pass.

Only people who are twenty-one or more years of age can buy this pass, and therefore, while buying this pass, you will also be required to present valid identification. 

You will be glad to know that a certain amount of the proceeds from the wine passes will be used for a noble cause. Some amount of money will be used for donating to cancer research funds in memory of the founder’s late friend.

Priority Wine Pass - Find Wineries You Love. Save Big on Tastings!

The money collected will also be donated for other good and noble purposes. 

Not only will you get to enjoy the privilege of tasting a lot of wines, but you will also be able to make donations and do good to humanity. 

4. From Where to Buy Priority Wine Pass?

The priority wine pass can be easily bought from

5. Get Your Priority Wine Passes Today

  • What: Get your priority wine pass and enjoy a variety of wine tastings.
  • When: Get your passes any day and enjoy privileges for one year. 
  •  Where: You can enjoy the benefits of the privileges from your home as well as across the United States of America.
  • Tickets: On Fever

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