9 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

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Best coffee shop in Minneapolis
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Minneapolis is the capital and largest city of Minnesota, USA. Coffee is one of the lovely things which the city offers. Many people require a beverage to begin their day, and without it, their days are incomplete. These people are known as Teetotallers this location is the birthplace of many coffee conglomerates.

The wave of coffee began to wash over Minneapolis in the 1970s, and the city gradually became a hub for the best and fine quality coffee with small shops and became a local favorite.

Finding the best coffee shop in Minneapolis in this city requires little effort. This article will provide all the major shops in Minneapolis so that if you plan to visit the area, you will have a list of the best coffee houses at your disposal.

Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

1. Misfit Coffee

This coffee shop was founded by Marcus Parkansy in 2015. If you want to combine coffee and alcoholic beverages, their shops are the place to go. In their shop, they serve a drink that is a mixture of coffee with whisky which makes it one of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis.

They serve high-quality premium coffee, alcoholic beverages, and delectable food.

9 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis
From MisFit Coffee

There are numerous flavors to choose from, including smoked vanilla peach latte, nana cold brew, lavender buds latte, and many more. Food options include pulled pork ramen, Caprese-style pasta salad, oatmeal, espresso-based beverages prepared, and many more options available.

On weekends, it’s a great place to hang out with your friends with a full food menu.

Address: 2401 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, 55405.

2. Five-Watt Coffee

This coffee shop was established by Lee Carter and Caleb Garn in 2014. There are four of these located throughout the city, and it is one of the recommended coffee shops in Minneapolis if you visit them and taste sample of their various coffee and delicacies, as well as enjoy their perfect interiors and high-quality service which attract a great vibe to the place.

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From Five Watt Coffee

They have a vast variety of good coffee on their menu. Some of their specialties are Kingfield coffee pollinators, busy beaver, and some more amazing serves. They specialized in their bitter range mixing to its different coffee blends to produce several beverages.

Address: 3745 Nicollet Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55409.

3. Northern Coffee Worker

Northern coffee workers began in 2017 as a projection and extension of the cafe and community that began in 2010 with the establishment of angry catfish plus coffee bar in Minneapolis.

They typically source their beans from Colombia and Costa Rica and roast them in small batches in local areas.

It is the most comfortable place for office workers to sit and work and thus provide good job stability. If you are a student, you will find a relaxing environment in which to focus or concentrate on your studies with your good friends.

Customers can find peace and relaxation in their hectic schedules.

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From Northern Coffeeworks

They are famous for their authenticity and good quality drinks. They also serve amazing breakfasts and fresh bakery items to their customers in their list of menu items which makes it the best coffee shop in Minneapolis.

It is the most comfortable place for office workers to sit and work and thus provide good job stability. If you are a student, you will find a relaxing environment in which to focus or concentrate on your studies with your good friends. Customers can find peace and relaxation in their hectic schedules.

Address: 4208 28th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406.

4. Dogwood Coffee

It was owned by an amazing couple Dan and Angie. They started this coffee shop in 2010 in the twin cities. This is a must-visit coffee shop in this city as customer reviews are always like one of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis city.

Their motto is “making coffee of others”. They source, roast, and sell in wholesale, retail, and to cafes in Minneapolis. They are known for doing their business ethically providing job stability and giving a fair share to the farmers. This shop has simple and minimalistic décor.

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From Dogwood Coffee

They serve spoumini latte which is created from pistachio sugar crumble and cherry. This place is a perfect combination to relax and have quality time with your friends and family along with enjoying the beautiful view and a best-to-go cup. This shop is famous for customer attraction and retention.

Address: 1209 Tyler ST NE, Minneapolis, mn 55413, united states

5.  Wildflyer Coffee

The coffee shop was established in 2015 by Kammerer with the thought of providing job training and stability to homeless youth. Its main emphasis is on dignified employment opportunities. It was started with great thought for a good cause.  This coffee shop is trying something extraordinary with coffee and provide a great deal of seasonal drink made from scratch food.

It is a blend of heart and brain. Dedicated to assisting people in finding work. It does not teach people to be baristas, but rather assists them with CV writing and interview preparation.

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From Wildflyer Coffee

They offer beverages such as nitro-infused iced coffee and a creamy meal with beautiful latte art. It’s a nice place with a good and positive atmosphere.

Address: 3262 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406.

6. Uncommon Coffee Grounds

Uncommon Grounds is located in the oldest coffeehouse and Victorian home in the Twin Cities. It was constructed in 1877. It is recommended as one of the best coffee shops in the whole of Minneapolis. Because it is housed in a Victorian mansion, the coffee shop has a vintage feel to it.

They serve latte with latte art, cappuccino, hot tea, hot chocolate, mocha, and many other hot beverages along with food items, but their chai tea is the most popular drink on the menu among their customers or we can also say it is the showstopper.

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From Uncommon Grounds Coffee

The dessert that is served in the coffee house goes amazing with the drinks that are served in romantic restaurants’ interiors. As it is among one the most famous coffee shops in the city and this is the reason it is famous among the people of the city. Customers enjoy its Victorian-style coffee shop with a good cup of coffee.

Address: 2809 HENNEPIN AVE, MINNEAPOLIS,  55408, USA

7. SpyHouse: Coffee Roaster

One of the leading houses of coffee producers and servers in the Minneapolis state of USA. They believe in cultivating relationships with the producers and the end consumer of the coffee-making delivery chain, with which they can get a fine variety of beans that are being roasted in-house by them and made into authentic coffee which is served to the consumer.

Spyhouse not just focuses on the delivery of the product but also incorporates the chain of things from getting the coffee from the farmers to delivering to it the end consumers.

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From SpyHouse Coffee Roasters

Because of their supportive nature towards the producer, they can build a much more effective and efficient relationship as well as the business where they can provide high-quality products to the consumer and by which their consumers are satisfied which helps them to retain the customer.

They have partnered with many producers for example:

  • So good So you
  • Spirit Tea
  • Tea Source
  • Pacific Foods
  • Mojo Monkey Donuts etc

Spyhouse is not just focused on revenue generation but it also looks and undertakes action for the sustainability of the environment and contributing towards the goal of climate change.

Address- 945 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, United States.

8. Wesley Andrew Coffee and Tea

A classic small store with minimalistic aesthetics added to the interiors of the store which gives a similar vibe to the City of Minneapolis. The outer appearance of the store may not be that catchy or attractive for the consumers but the offering and the quality of coffee they get over this place is beyond expectation.

The origin of this store came with the idea of connecting with people, relaxing, and spending quality time with a nice book and a hot cup of coffee, giggling with people over a cup of coffee, building new relationships, and starting a new phase of life with a cup of coffee all these aspects added to the founders.

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From Wesley Andrews Coffee

This store for building a home place for their consumers where all these things can be experienced, while they have a beautiful and satisfactory cup of coffee, which reaches the heart of the customers and also in the meantime which adds revenue to the company.

For them serving coffee is not just a way of earning money but a way of connecting with more and more people and having their part of the story in their journals with a happy and memorable cup of coffee.

Address 111 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA

9. 7 Corners Coffee Shop

7 corner coffee shop is a coffee shop with a simple and conservative interior but not an average coffee shop that is supporting society and sustainability.

This coffee shop gives its customer a European- modern experience which makes it different from other coffee shops in the city. They serve beverages like golden latte, chai latte, matcha, spirit tea, London fog, and so on along with some nice sandwiches and pastries which go well with your hot cup.

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From 7 Corners Coffee shop

Address-1851 S Washington Ave Suite D, Minneapolis, MN 55454, USA.


Now, I believe the audience has a good idea of where to go in Minneapolis to satisfy their craving for a perfectly good quality cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, and evening. With so many options, you can try your best choice of place, drink, and food. So now you know where to go while in Minneapolis to spend quality time with your friends and family or by yourself.

Organizations are not just striving for coffee along with its awesome coffee shop and its great service towards the consumer with the welcoming atmosphere of the coffee shops.

So, Enjoy these incredible coffee drinks in twin cities and enjoy the delicious coffee experience and experience your favorite coffee shops.
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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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As an affilate-driven website, USA Tales earns from qualifying purchases.

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