7 Top Best Minneapolis Breweries To Definitely Try

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minneapolis breweries

Minneapolis is known for producing a vast range of bears created in different styles. Different Minneapolis breweries develop beers that are marketed locally and regionally, and nationally in the United States. There are approximately 196 breweries in Minneapolis that produce beers for every kind of craft beer lover.

People get quality breweries which are usually spread throughout the state. Minneapolis also has a long history of breweries. Nowadays, hundreds of breweries are created according to people’s different beer preferences and tastes.

Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood is one of the Cities most vibrant and fastest-growing neighborhoods. There are obviously loads of breweries in Minneapolis for having a great time. But we are going to provide the best seven places for the best experience in Minneapolis.

minneapolis breweries
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Minneapolis breweries are an absolute Dream place for craft beer lovers. The local people of Minneapolis have a long cultural story behind every brewery situated. Locals go to these places to catch up with good old friends or to watch a game. Some breweries even allow furry friends too.

Many Minneapolis breweries also offer different food trucks too, so check that out on their websites again. People can even get the infamous hazy IPA beers from some of the breweries mention here. From top-notch craft brews to heated patios, you can expect anything in the places mentioned below.

1. The most preferred Minneapolis Breweries

Though there are different breweries to choose from according to your budget and taste, we would also like to inform visitors about the most hyped-up Minneapolis breweries situated there. There are lots of things to say about Minneapolis craft beers that are just too good to try.

Don’t forget to check the social media handles of the mentioned places before actually going there. Also, there are different terms and conditions and limited seatings, so always double-check before going. So here is the full list of places that we would like to prefer:-

1.1 56 brewing

This is one of the most talked-about Minneapolis breweries. There are different events, live music, and other exciting things to do besides just having your favorite beer. They provide an open patio, taproom, and also online orders or walk-ins. In fact, they also offer quality food and different packs, which will make your visit even more enjoyable.


minneapolis breweries
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Visitors can even customize their drinks according to their preferences. This place offers a massive variety of different beers ranging from Mild to strong taste. There is also an option for their customized beers from which visitors can choose.

Location:3055 COLUMBIA AVE NE #101, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55418

1.2 Bauhaus Brew Labs

this is also a famous Minneapolis brewery with a patio and taproom. Reservations are to be done before going to this place as the tables are Limited. People can also get Drive-Thru, delivery, or walk-ins in this place. This place also has different interesting beer choices that the visitors can try.

The unique fruit flavors are truly amazing to try. People can also book the patio for private events or any occasion. This is a go-to place for musicians, artists, and above all, beer lovers who are looking for a great time.


1.3 Wild Minds Artisan Ales

This place didn’t open long ago, in August 2016, this place was opened, aiming to deliver wild bears to the neighborhood. They travel around Minnesota and collect wild fruit bushes, trees, and wildflowers to create the best beer flavors. They also offer rustic-styled ales through mixed fermentation and aging.

minneapolis breweries
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

This place also provides a tasting room where you can take your family and friends. You can Grab a couple of pinch in the tasting room. Even pets are allowed in this brewery. Their courtyard and patio are just a perfect place for a lovely day out.

Visitors can even enjoy live music, live Comedy Nights, and many more exciting things.

location: 6031 PILLSBURY AVE S MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55419

1.4 612 Brewery

This place is one of the most famous Minneapolis breweries. From heated patios to taprooms, you can expect almost everything here. This place is situated in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. Its main motive is to produce interesting beers with different unique flavors.

This place has an inviting atmosphere and amiable staff. They recently renovated the taproom and the private rental room, offering plenty of space for your entire group. Their heated patio is one of the best in the whole town, and also they have options for events and live music.

location: 945 BROADWAY ST NE, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55413

1.5 Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

This place is a member-owned cooperative situated in Northeast Minneapolis. This Minneapolis brewery is more than just a regular brewery place, and the members are more like a family. Visitors should definitely try the exciting flavors of their beers.

One can expect a great time and even join their membership which they offer. Also, a taproom is available.

1.6 Dangerous Man Brewing Company

This place is an absolute gem for every kind of beer lover. This place is always busy during the weekends because of its refreshing beer qualities. This place gives a charming and lively vibe to visitors. People going here for the first time can expect a great time.

minneapolis breweries
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The taproom is unique, with floral decorations making the place even cozier. It’s a great place if you want some relaxing time during winter. They offer different board games and refreshing freshly brewed beers to make you stay away from the winter cold.

Location: 1300 NE 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55413, United States

1.7 Fair State Brewing Cooperative

This is also a cooperative joint for beer lovers; visitors can enjoy a lot of things here. This place is innovative and finest beers for the visitors. They offer a taproom and a cozy beer garden too. The beer garden is a creative idea where they offer comfortable tents according to your group size during winters.

minneapolis breweries
Photo by scottishstoater on Unsplash

Co-op members get more offers and amenities, and the place is not even that costly. So you can get guaranteed award-winning beers to try even on a tight budget. This place is highly preferable if you are looking for Instagram-worthy photos and great beers too.

location: 2506 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418, United States

So this was the entire list we would like to suggest for good quality beer options with good amenities. Minneapolis breweries can be unique in their ways; make sure to try the fantastic beers they offer.

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