Top 5 Irresistible Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

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Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Are you planning a wedding? Consider having it at any of the Las Vegas wedding chapels!

Las Vegas is famous for its Vegas casinos and Vegas hotels and the numerous chapels for Las Vegas weddings.

Many movies and television shows have shown couples eloping and getting married in Las Vegas wedding chapels. Just like Penny and Leonard from the Big Bang Theory decided to get married at one of the Las Vegas wedding chapels, so can you!

So, if you are planning a wedding, here are the top 5 chapels.

More About Wedding Chapels In Las Vegas

Whether a runaway wedding, a vow renewal, or a pre-planned wedding with a wedding planner, Las Vegas wedding chapels have many different traditional wedding packages, ceremonies, and ceremonial packages. 

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
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It provides options to suit your wedding type and theme and assists you in planning your wedding ceremony. Wedding chapels in Las Vegas also have options for a traditional wedding. 

But if you feel like having a themed wedding like a fairy tale wedding, an Elvis wedding, or a rock n’ roll wedding, so be it!

They make sure to provide fresh flowers for your big day, along with other decorations as well.

Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Are you overjoyed that your wedding will be perfect and held at the best venue? Don’t fret! We have made a list of the best Las Vegas wedding chapels to make your selection easier.

1. Little Church Of The West

The true church is truly amazing. This is the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel – an accurate imitation of an old West mining town congregation. It is the lone structure on the Las Vegas Strip recorded by the National Historical Society.

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This little church has hosted many celebrity weddings throughout the long term, from Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere to Angelina Jolie, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland.

The staff here offers great services and arrangements compared to other Las Vegas wedding chapels. They have a large selection of themes and packages.

1.1 Was the Little Church of the West moved?

In 1979, to make way for the Fashion Show Mall, the chapel was moved onto the grounds of the Hacienda hotel-casino. 

In December 1996, when the Hacienda was closed and demolished, the chapel was moved again to its current location on the east side of the Strip, south of the eventual Mandalay Bay resort.

2. Chapel Of The Bells

Here is a wedding chapel that Hollywood makers and directors have wanted to highlight in their movies more than other Las Vegas wedding chapels.

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These were not foundation grant-winning films (Honeymoon in Vegas, Mars Attack, Indecent Proposal, and Vegas Vacation). Yet, they show the superior taste and allure of the church. 

There has additionally been a series of big names married there, from Kelly Ripa to Bobby Unser. You can find the House of Prayer on the renowned Las Vegas Strip. When they show up, visitors go through a lavish nursery on their way into the place of worship.

The sanctuary is well-maintained. It is cordial to all religions, and a non-denominational priest assists.

Strangely, the church has a low estimated cost that includes transportation from your lodging to the Marriage License Bureau and afterward to the chapel. They use a “leader vehicle” instead of a limousine.

3. Graceland Wedding Chapel

Next on the list of the best Las Vegas wedding chapels is this traditional-looking chapel that has been working together on the Las Vegas Strip for more than fifty years. 

You can pick either a traditional wedding or the Elvis Presley package, which includes an Elvis impersonator singing at your service. 

The sanctuary is situated on the popular Las Vegas Strip, about a mile from the Stratosphere Hotel and not far from Fremont Street.

Graceland Wedding Chapel offers a large portion of the Las Vegas wedding administration. These incorporate limousine service, photography, a DVD, blossoms and flowers, and a cake. Costs begin at $199 and go up from that point.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
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3.1 Is the Elvis chapel a real marriage?

YES. Any of our packages are available for merely a “fun wedding” or a “commitment ceremony.” Also, the “Elvis” tribute performer is a licensed clergyman registered with Clark County and the State of Nevada.

3.2 Who owns Graceland wedding chapel?

According to Robin Leach’s Review-Journal, Dee Dee Duffy is the famed Graceland Wedding Chapel owner.

3.3 Who got married at Graceland Wedding Chapel?

Numerous celebrities from the worlds of music and film have exchanged vows at the chapel over the past 80 years and hundreds of thousands of ceremonies, including Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rob Zombie, Meat Loaf, Aaron Neville, Johnny Depp, Jay Leno, Andie MacDowell, Salma Hayek, Robin Leach, and Leslie Mann.

4. Chapel of The Flowers

This amazing chapel has won the best of the year grant from an audit site amongst all the other Las Vegas wedding chapels. 

It was not simply a solitary factor that made them stick out; however, there was a general “this is a decent spot to have a wedding” feeling about the office.

They offer an exceptional Skype administration, so loved ones incapable of being there can practically go to the wedding. The people-watching at home via Skype can likewise address the wedding party.

On the grounds, there are four distinct areas to have your wedding. The first and most conventional is the Victorian chapel. It has velvet window hangings, precious stone ceiling fixtures, marble floors, and mahogany seats.

Second in prevalence is the La Capella Chapel. It has a Tuscan sort of style. Stone entrances, elaborately fashioned iron divider sconces and light fixtures contribute to the room’s engineering and magnificence.

The third area is the open-air pavilion, which offers another option as a wedding area. Trees and lavish nurseries encircle it. For evening weddings, the pavilion takes on a storybook look with radiant white lighting.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
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The Magnolia Chapel is the fourth area for individuals who need a cutting-edge, stylish wedding. Albeit modern, it has a dash of tastefulness with its marble floors, metal ceiling fixtures, and glass tiles.

A wide range of estimated packages is available. They start at a moderate cost; however, they incorporate limousine administration.

4.1 Who got married in the chapel of Flowers?

Carmen and Dennis were married in November 1998 at the Little Chapel of the Flowers. Before their nuptials, Carmen had been through several traumatic events, including her mother and sister’s deaths within two weeks.

4.2 Who owns the chapel of the Flowers Las Vegas?

This chapel hosts wedding ceremonies for couples from around the world. It is regarded as one of the most traditional wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Maurice Gallagher, CEO of Allegiant, owns the chapel.

5. The Little Vegas Chapel

Here is one of the most affordable and sensibly evaluated chapels out of all the other Las Vegas wedding chapels you will discover. It has an exceptionally fascinating history. 

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The sanctuary was built in 1954 as a dance club for the crowd. Numerous Hollywood stars and entertainers in Las Vegas shows would stop by to be seen and spend time with the horde.

 For example, famous people, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Nat King Cole, could frequently be seen.

At long last, in the year 2000, organizers turned this club over into a wedding sanctuary. Some say, “The phantom of its magnificent past can, in any case, be felt there.”

The House of Prayers offers various packages, going from the most economical one in the whole of Las Vegas to a much more modestly priced one that has an Elvis impersonator walk the lady down the passageway and then sing three tunes at the wedding. 

If you require a tuxedo or wedding gown, you can rent them from the church.

5.1 How much is it to get married at the Little Chapel in Vegas?

The cost of the chapel is $50–$95. Prices include handling marriage documentation after the ceremony, a witness, and a religious or civil ceremony (minister donation not included). 

For an additional cost, you can add extras like flowers, pictures, a DVD of the ceremony, Elvis to serenade, gown and tuxedo rentals, etc.

5.2 Can you get a marriage license and get married on the same day in Las Vegas?

“You can decide to get married the same day with no waiting period. The Clark County Marriage License Bureau requires a marriage license to start any legal ceremony.

Closing Thoughts

Getting married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel is a dream for many couples. 

And if you are going to make that dream come true for you and your loved one, this recommended list of the best Las Vegas wedding chapels will be your guide when choosing a wedding venue.

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