Top 11 Best Las Vegas Wedding Venues that are Magical

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Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue for your dream wedding? What better place to get married than a wedding venue in one and only Las Vegas!

So, hold your breath, and be amazed at the best Las Vegas wedding venues.

It does not come as a surprise to anyone that Las Vegas, NV, is the best place for a wedding ceremony. Las Vegas has always been distinguished for its impressive bachelor parties.

However, that is not the only occasion Las Vegas is famous for. Las Vegas is an excellent location for engagement parties, wedding celebrations, and wedding receptions.

Whether you want to elope or have a planned wedding, or if you want a small gathering for your wedding with an intimate setting, Las Vegas is your answer for everything.

There is an abundance of wedding venues of all varieties in Las Vegas. Whether you want Las Vegas strip, Lake Las Vegas, Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV, outdoor venues in Las Vegas, banquet rooms, local wedding venues, wedding chapels, grand ballroom, or Las Vegas blvd as a location for your wedding venue, you can expect to find only the best wedding venues in Las Vegas.

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There are so many hotels, chapels, resorts, and wedding gardens to choose from in Las Vegas, that no matter what your preferences are, you will eventually find something that you fancy for your wedding.

You can explore as many Las Vegas wedding venues as you wish and then choose the one that meets the requirements for your dream wedding with the help of your wedding coordinator.

What’s more impressive is that these Las Vegas wedding venues can be used for any of your wedding parties, be it an engagement party, cocktail reception, or rehearsal dinner for your wedding day.

Las Vegas offers all-inclusive packages, including wedding packages, the entire ceremony and reception packages, or only reception packages for you to choose from.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is the key to having your wedding day become the most glorious day of your life. After all, it’s not every day that you get married.

Having such an important day of your life turned even more sublime by being celebrated in a location as beautiful as Las Vegas is what many people desire.

To help you out with finding your ideal wedding venue in Las Vegas, below has been put together some of the best Las Vegas wedding venues for you!

Top Best Las Vegas Wedding Venues

1. Caesars Palace Las Vegas NV

best Las Vegas wedding venues
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On the famous Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, Caesars Palace is one of the best las vegas wedding venues in NV.

Who doesn’t wish to have a destination wedding?

Caesars palace is just the right place for your Las Vegas wedding ceremony to become one of the most glorious weddings in Las Vegas. For many girls, getting married in this elegant wedding venue is a dream come true.

With its theme centralized on Roman Empire, the Caesars palace is opulent and posh in its architecture. The castle is beautifully adorned with sculptures and is worth getting married at. Marrying in this otherworldly palace is nearly equal to being married in a Royal Palace.

The management in Caesar’s palace looks after all your requirements. It pays great attention to making your wedding day infinitely more memorable by customizing the wedding suitable to your desire down to the floral arrangements and wedding cake of your choice.

The Caesars palace in Las Vegas offers a variety of wedding packages, with every one of those including a wedding planner, availability of the wedding chapel for 45 minutes, provision of officiant services, and 30 minutes of professional photography.

This beautiful palace is perfectly suitable as an indoor wedding venue and an outdoor wedding venue. With the total number of wedding chapels being 5, the Caesars palace has it all for the best las vegas wedding venues.

Classico, Romano, Venus Garden, Tuscana, and Juno Garden are resplendent in their beauty. With Classico, the wedding chapel that could hold the majority of the guest list in the palace, to Romano being fit for intimate gatherings, this luxurious hotel in Las Vegas has the means to provide you with a wedding ceremony like no other.

To make your Las Vegas wedding ceremony even more remarkable, you can choose either the Caesars palace restaurant or a ballroom for your wedding reception.

They also invite some special Roman guests to liven up the ceremony! We are talking about Caesar, Cleopatra, and even some Roman Guards and Handmaidens! Las Vegas and Roman Empire, what a unique combination! Yes, you guessed right!

2. Red Rock Canyon wedding venue Las Vegas NV

Are you someone who loves outdoor weddings? In the presence of nature, with an idyllic backdrop, outdoor venues in Las Vegas, NV, are some of the best las vegas wedding venues.

One of such wedding venues is the Red rock canyon in Las Vegas, NV, 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip.

Standing in the desert, amidst the beauty of the red rock mountains, the red rock canyon makes up a heavenly outdoor venue in Las Vegas, NV, making it a mystical location for wedding ceremonies.

You can look up some great wedding packages, with one of those all-inclusive packages providing you with the opportunity to have a sunset wedding. With the scenic wedding venue, you also get to have an intimate ceremony in this beautiful canyon of Las Vegas, NV.

With the help of one of the professional wedding planners, you can turn this Las Vegas wedding into one of the outdoor weddings straight out of a fantasy!

3. The Westin Lake Las Vegas NV

The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Henderson, Nevada, almost half an hour away from the famous Las Vegas strip, is one of the best las vegas wedding venues in NV.

Whether you want to tie the knot in an indoor location or you want outdoor venues in Las Vegas, this resort has everything taken care of down to accommodation of guests in the resort’s guest rooms.

Additionally, the resort can accommodate up to 1300 guests and is an award-winning wedding venue.

For those who want an indoor wedding venue, something akin to a grand ballroom, you can choose the jaw-dropping event space of either the Casablanca Ballroom or the Baraka Ballroom.

However, if you are looking for something more scenic than an event hall, this beautiful Las Vegas area also presents you with its premium waterfront venue, Andalusian Gardens, where you can enjoy one of those lakeside weddings you might have imagined of having.

The resort, along with being a popular location for Las Vegas weddings, also hosts wedding receptions. However, you will have to book your wedding coordinator.

The Westin lake, Las Vegas, NV also offers all-inclusive packages and others, including the provision of bar and dinner, with 5 hours availability of wedding reception.

In addition to that, the resort provides you with a complimentary bridal suite and is perfectly apt as one of the best las vegas wedding venues.

4. Revere Golf Club Wedding Las Vegas NV

For those of you looking for outdoor venues in Las Vegas, NV, but with something more aesthetically modern, Revere golf club is where your lookout for the perfect wedding venue ends. One of those venues for which Las Vegas NV is famous also gives you a panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip.

Nevertheless, being famous for its outdoor venues in Las Vegas, NV, does not mean you cannot carry out an indoor wedding ceremony in this golf club. With up to 3500 guests’ seating available, the indoor ceremony site gives you breathtaking views of mountains, Las Vegas valley, and the Las Vegas strip.

With options like Hillside Ceremony, Pond Ceremony, Fairway Ceremony, and 11th Tee Box Ceremony, the golf club gives you ample of some of the best ceremony sites to be available in Las Vegas.

Furthermore, the outdoor reception venue has Bistro Lights over the entire site and a lovely view of mountains. They have chosen the beautifully structured Washington Ballroom for the indoor reception venue.

The fantastic view, great photography, delicious cuisines and wedding cake, gorgeous event center, and all-inclusive packages make it an elegant location for Las Vegas weddings.

5. Canyon Gate Country Club, Las Vegas, NV

Of the many best las vegas wedding venues, Canyon Gate Country Club offers only the most sterling service to any couple. Canyon Gate Country Club is a full-service wedding venue with all-inclusive packages.

The golf club offers you a panoramic view of the red rock mountains, trees, fairways, and miniature lakes from the outdoor wedding site. The terrace provides a natural backdrop that adds to the already remarkable event space.

As a reception room, the golf club accommodates you with the main ballroom of the club, which is nothing short of majestic, with impressive chandeliers and a lively wooden dance floor.

With its elegant, rustic-chic decor, the country club proves itself to be a sophisticated wedding venue for Las Vegas weddings.

6. Royal Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, NV

Everyone has their imaginations of what their perfect wedding would look like. Many people marrying in Las Vegas, NV, consider all sorts of destination wedding venues and outdoor venues, and that is beautiful in its way.

However, something more intimate and profound about declaring your vows in a wedding chapel: the welcoming feeling of marrying in a wedding chapel makes it a romantic venue for tying the knots and one of the best las vegas wedding venues.

One of such wedding venues is this gorgeously inviting Royal Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV. The beauty of this wedding chapel is too magical to describe. With a 90 feet high pine tree at the end of the aisle surrounded by flower arches, Royal Wedding Chapel makes you feel like a queen.

The sheer white backdrop provides the professionally equipped audio and video system with you as the main center of attraction.

Moreover, the room is also prepared with systems to create a live stream video of the most significant moment of your life. Not a single moment will be left unnoticed.

With the help of event planners and the entire Royal Wedding Chapel team, you will have the wedding of your dreams in this glorious wedding venue in Las Vegas Boulevard.

7. The Lake Club, Las Vegas, NV

The Lake Club at Lake Las Vegas & SouthShore Golf Club in Henderson, NV, is the perfect venue for those who love lakeside weddings. This lovely location in Las Vegas blvd has a setting with gorgeous palm trees and the indoors look over at the serene Lake Las Vegas.

The golf club, having been a winner of the Couples’ Choice Award in 2014, 2015, and 2016 is a renowned wedding venue in Las Vegas, NV.

For those of you wanting to get your dream Las Vegas Wedding to be remembered for a long time to come, this stunning location is everything you need.

They offer not only a variety of indoor event center spaces, but you also get to choose if you want a beach wedding or a poolside wedding.

With great food, excellent quality of service, and commendable professionalism, the team at this golf club strives to give you the most remarkable wedding of all time.

8. Sunset Gardens Las Vegas, NV

A banquet hall wedding venue in Las Vegas, NV, Sunset Gardens has been striving to provide only the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing venues in Las Vegas since 1983. The venue also has delightful lush gardens for outdoor weddings.

Additionally, the Sunset Gardens have a refined and tasteful Chapel adorned with white walls and chairs.

The beauty of this exquisite venue doesn’t end here. You can decorate it in a way that suits your style. The Sunset Gardens have three private banquet rooms having well-built dance floors, stunning views, and immediate access to these easy-on-the-eye gardens.

The Sunset and the Garden Rooms have these high vaulted ceilings, and the Terrace Room has these lovely gazebos adjacent to it. It is a drop-dead gorgeous place to have your wedding at.

9. The Wedding Salons at Wynn Las Vegas NV

This high-rated wedding venue is located at Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV. Situated at the Wynn Hotel at Las Vegas NV, the wedding salons have the most aesthetic venues for weddings that are nothing short of luxurious.

By providing the most elegant, sophisticated, and exceptional services, the wedding salon has managed to earn a popular name as one of the the best las vegas wedding venues, NV.

This grand event center holds three event halls. The first event hall is the Lilac Salon, specifically meant for intimate gatherings of 60 guests at the most. The second event hall can accommodate almost 120 guests and the Lavender Salon. It is an elegantly decorated event hall.

The third area is a vibrantly lit outdoor area, which is royally named the Primrose Court. It can accommodate up to 100 guests. Outdoor garden courtyards such as the Primrose Court are meant to make you feel harmonious and at peace, and that is exactly what this beauty does.

All three event spaces are marvels meant to be admired and cherished. Moreover, these areas can be personalized as per your wishes. The wedding packages are also created in a way that suits your budget and requirements.

10. Rainbow Gardens Las Vegas NV

Rainbow Gardens is an incredible and spacious banquet hall in Las Vegas, NV. With tremendous perfection, this one family has been creating gorgeously remarkable decorations for weddings over the last 25 years.

With their level of experience, this family has managed to bring Rainbow Gardens to the list of some of the best Las Vegas wedding venues, NV. The Formal Room, Outdoor Courtyard, and Garden Room are three banquet halls rooms in this massive property.

This venue is suitable for celebrations in a fairytale with its chiffon draped ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, spacious dance floor, well-lit space, lovely gazebo chapel, and banquet hall like no other in Las Vegas.

11. Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas NV

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Another marvelous and luxurious wedding venue in Las Vegas, Treasure island hotel, is an ideal setting to get married or renew your vows. With various packages available, you can choose anyone that suits your needs and budgets.

You have the opportunity to enjoy a themed Las Vegas Wedding either in the form of gatherings as small as one of 50 guests to as large as 250 guests.

For the intimate wedding celebration in Las Vegas, you have the West Chapel available to you. However, if you want your Las Vegas wedding to be grand, you can choose from Classic Ballrooms and Modern Ballrooms.

So, these were some of the best Las Vegas wedding venues.


Las Vegas offers you ample variety to choose from, with every one of those options being the top-notch Las Vegas Venues.

All that is left is for you to decide which Las Vegas Wedding Venue resonates the most with you.

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