10 Savage Haunted House Las Vegas For The Next Halloween Season

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A picture of the church at night - Haunted House Las Vegas
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Visiting places that are all sunshine and rainbows might be your safest bet but the scariest places are the most bewitching (figuratively though). Some people or to give a value, 19 percent of females and 18 percent of males in the U.S. preferred to visit a haunted house for the Halloween celebration in 2021 as per a data report.

Not everyone is a horror buff but why would one dote on the kind of spookish feelings haunted houses or scares offer? It’s because they –

  • Give you an adrenaline rush.
  • Show you daring, in a way.
  • Satisfy your curiosity.

But having a psychological ‘protective frame’ is all you need to experience the mystery in the history of the paranormal.

The shadowy presence, haunted jungle ruins, otherworldly possessions coated with blood, mysterious shrieks of witches along with sinister silence are the stuff of either gruesome nightmares or haunted houses.

Haunted House Las Vegas – The Tie-up

Speaking of haunted houses, Las Vegas is in a class of its own. The city of Las Vegas has more fun and no tension with its unparalleled glam of casinos, gambling activities, grand hotels, leisure, and of course, haunted houses, to say the least.

Illuminating building signage.
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Las Vegas attracted around 32 million people in 2021.

A 2019 survey spotted that 36 percent of visitors viewed the city as a vacation spot which became the most cited reason to visit Las Vegas.

Accordingly, you have more reasons to know about the haunted houses of Las Vegas whether it’s in October (Halloween time) or whenever you wish. So pack your bags to pay a visit to these haunted attractions of Las Vegas.

10 Savage Haunted Places in Las Vegas History

1. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

This remarkably hideous attraction opened in October 2017, has a way to scare you out of your wits. The original 11,000-square foot building built in 1938 is a short distance away from South Las Vegas Boulevard. The building is said to be haunted and its basement – a center of satanic rituals – was further made scary by blood-curdling items of the house.

The precision of the paranormal investigator, Zak Bagans is what you see inside the haunting museum. Bagans was always fascinated with all things mysterious and collected several haunted artifacts from all over to give his museum a more chilling air throughout the year.

Bagans personally talked to the victims to assess that the various supernatural elements he wanted to secure in his haunted museum are legit ghoulish. Every object in the museum has a well-known story behind it thus they’re not artificial, Bagans described. So, a release form is signed before entry.

What you can find within this 33 rooms attraction –

  • The Volkswagen van in which Dr. Jack Kevorkian served dying people.
  • The staircase of the Demon House which Bagans recovered after its demolition in 2016 is notorious for its paranormal activity.
  • Peggy the Doll
  • The dybbuk box – a haunted wine cupboard that even prompted the making of the film The Possession (2012) is the ‘world’s most haunted object’.
  • A haunted mirror of the 1931 Dracula movie actor Bela Lugosi.
  • Michael Jackson’s propofol chair from his death room.
  • Devil’s rocking chair – a chair supposedly used in casting out evil spirits from David Glatzel by Lorraine Warren who was a known supernatural investigator. Soon after, the spirit followed Arne Cheyenne Johnson and murdered his landlord as it’s purported. The 2021 movie Conjuring 3 is based on it.

Location: 600 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Tickets: $34, Age:16 or older.

2. The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum
By: Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Opened in February 2012, the museum was built on a historic construction of a post office and federal courthouse showing the connection between the mob and law forces. It’s also named the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement and lays out the history of entire Mafia workings which had a substantial role in elevating Las Vegas to its present status.

The place in downtown Las Vegas is rumored to have ghosts of mobsters (who were accused in the earlier courthouse) haunting the museum.

The museum has a wall on display on the third floor (evidence of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in which seven members of the Bugs Moran’s gang were murdered) whose bricks were recovered by the entrepreneur George Patey from the shooting spot, which is enough to make your visit a soul-stirring event.

Location: 300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, NV

3. Freakling Bros Horror Shows – A Haunted House Las Vegas

Ready to level up the fear factor? The horror shows of the Freakling Bros, a haunted house in Las Vegas, Nevada conjures up haunts that can scare you to death.

Rated as the favorite of horror lovers, this annual event presents the “Trilogy of Terror” namely,

  • Gates of Hell – the only R-rated haunted house in Nevada is said to be scary as hell itself, thus you’ll have to sign a waiver before entering its door.
  • Castle Vampyre – a kid-friendly haunted attraction is to give everyone Halloween vibes.
  • Coven of 13 – where you’re set to deal with malevolent witches.

The Freakling Bros haunted house is chilling for real, especially the Gates of Hell, therefore the star of the haunts in Nevada.

Location: 6555 S Riley St, Las Vegas, NV

4. Fox Ridge Park

This park in Henderson, Southern Nevada (around 14 miles from Boulder City) is rumored to have the spirit of a boy swinging on the swing set at the park who got killed in a car accident. People felt his presence and claimed to see a demonic figure he turned into when approached.

Other than that, the park has facilities namely, basketball courts, barbecue sections, and a playground for visitors to enjoy.

Location: 420 N Valle Verde Dr, Henderson, NV

5. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

July 1969 was the year when Westgate started as the Las Vegas International Hotel. Soon, it acquired the name Las Vegas Hilton which changed to its current name in 2014. It offers you entertainment, dining, gaming, and much more with its 30-story settlement and 2,956 hotel rooms.

Elvis Presley – the star musician and performer at the Westgate hotel – died at the young age of 42 in 1977. His apparition is reportedly spotted by many in upper-floor halls and at the entrance during their stay at the resort but the spirit doesn’t seem to cause harm as the stories shared by people reported.

Location: 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV

6. Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
By: Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

The story of the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, (which has been completely revamped to suit the modern world’s needs) surrounds a well-known mobster, Benjamin Bugsy Siegel.

He established himself as the maker of the classy hotel in the deserted Las Vegas after the war in December 1946. He was killed shortly after its opening. Later, a tablet had been established as a token of his part in the hotel garden known as Bugsy Memorial, the area around which is said to be possessed by his spirit.

Location: 3555 Las Vegas Blvd, South Las Vegas, NV

7. Magical Forest at Opportunity Village

A carved pumpkin near candles on a table.

If you pick your Halloween night to be celebrated with ghostly figures and in haunted jungle ruins lightheartedly, the event through the gates of Magical Forest might seem as if it’s tailor-made for you.

This yearly funfair with a horror theme amuses you with its bright carved pumpkins and creepy skeletons to keep the spirit of Halloween alive. Its multifarious services include a passenger train, midway carnival games, festive trees, escape rooms, and trick-or-treat stations among others.

Forest-goers can get themselves spooked by the Halloween attraction started by the Opportunity Village at a low risk which means even kids can join you. So, it’s recommended for those who want to have a good time with their family on Halloween.

Location: 6300 West Oakey Boulevard in Las Vegas, NV.

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8. Vegas Fright Nights – Haunted House Las Vegas

These night shows are a way to offer yourself a good dose of heebie-jeebies in the Halloween season without playing with fire, or with demons. Yet the terror-filled house is scary enough to make you quack in your shoes.

The haunted museum run by Opportunity Village has four main attractions for your haunthunt –

  • Clown Invasion in 3D
  • Nightmare Manor
  • Sideshow Stage
  • And a Blood Barn introduced in 2021.

Online pricing: $25

Age requirement: 12 or older

Location: Opportunity Village 600 W. Oakey Blvd.

9. Asylum-Hotel Fear Haunted House Las Vegas

This only haunted house adventure of Nevada has been rated as one of 25 haunts in the country by the leading magazines making it the most nerve-racking attraction in Las Vegas.

The place located at the Meadows Mall gives you two options to choose from. You can either select the haunted hotel or the Asylum or go through both attractions which follow a themed story performance by live actors dressed as ghosts.

Location: 4300 Meadows Ln, Las Vegas, NV

10. Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
By: Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Established in 1973, the grandeur of this hotel with services like casino, spa, golf course, and every possible thing that a top-rated resort can provide, resides at the deadly story of the original MGM Grand Hotel and Casino which was ruined in flames causing the death of 87 and injured hundreds. The victims’ spirits are rumored to roam around the rooms and building. Wailing and coughing sounds have been reportedly heard as well.

Location: 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV


Have you ever gone to a scary haunt or ghoulish museum to test your exposure level? Did you have a pit in your stomach or you’re kind of a thrill-seeker? Head over to the comments to share your haunted encounter.

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