A view of a spooky environment with scary dolls and skeletons to scare people in a haunted house. A view of a spooky environment with scary dolls and skeletons to scare people in a haunted house.

10 Michigan Haunted Houses: Scream-Worthy Thrills

Michigan is one of the most popular states in the US and houses the largest city, Detroit. It is famous for sports, technology, and agriculture and is a hub for car manufacturers.

On the other hand, where festivals are concerned, one of the most celebrated occasions is the Halloween season, and Michigan’s Halloween is at par with other major states in America.

During Halloween, people in Michigan visit real-life haunted locations such as the SS City of Milwaukee and the Isle lighthouse.

A view of the old Presque Isle Lighthouse haunted building, considered as one of the real haunted houses in Michigan.
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However, if you don’t want to involve yourself in some really scary business, why not visit the haunted houses in Michigan?

During the Halloween season, haunted attractions in Michigan open up and start their business of scaring people to the fullest. Yet, the majority are also open all year round.

Having fun factors like scary music, special effects, blood-soaked props, and scary ghosts popping out, they account for iconic Halloween attractions.

Some even offer escape rooms, which are just as enjoyable as the ones found in NYC.

This is also the best time for thrill seekers to enter Michigan’s haunted houses provided by various parks and attractions.

Nevertheless, the haunted attractions in Michigan are complete with the best of props and jump scares. The interiors of such haunted attractions keep upgrading every year, and the scare factor increases.

Some haunted houses are built inside an escape room, doubling the thrilling experience even more.

If you want to get to Halloween’s spooky side, haunted houses in Michigan will not disappoint. Instead, these scream parks will set a whole new standard for you.

A haunted attraction matches everyone’s preference, from haunted ships to corn mazes and zombie attacks.

This article lists Michigan’s ten best haunted houses to explore, so delve in!

10 Best Haunted Houses in Michigan

1. Darksyde Acers

darksyde acres haunted house

Address: 11375 Rowe Rd, Jonesville, MI 49250, United States

Are you sick of spending your money on a basic haunted house that is larger than ever? Darksyde Acres is one of the haunted houses in Michigan that will ensure you don’t waste your dollars.

For a good old scary time, Darksyde Acres is a one-stop for you. Located in Jonesville, this haunted house has over 70,000 square feet of awesomeness.

This makes it the largest haunted house in Michigan, and screams park in the tri-state area.

Darksyde Acres has been successfully running for ten years, scaring visitors every time they step in. It offers five haunted attractions inside Darksyde Acre, built to provide a uniquely immersive experience.

Their hand-built set and unusual characters can scare people of all ages and kinds. You will encounter the most unnatural creatures as you try to escape them.

The Catacombs challenge you to make it out alive before the zombies capture you.

The Labyrinth attraction will instantly give you the Texas Chainsaw Massacre feels as you run for your life, trying to escape the masked killer. This is a haunted maze where you’ll have to rush before you get caught.

Darksyde Acres is one of the most iconic haunted houses in Michigan to visit.

2. The Edson Incident

Address: 43.614462,-83.868740, Bay City, MI 48706, United States

The Edson Incident is a premier haunted house attraction that involves a real-time warship known as the USS Edson in Bay City. This historic ship served during one of the wars in America.

The Navy ship has been converted into one of the haunted attractions in Michigan.

The haunted ship offers a chilling adventure where one embarks on five hellish decks of the ship. The further inside you go, the darker the ship’s atmosphere becomes.

Although there are actors to scare you, you will feel unnerved by being alone in one of its rooms with just a small flashlight in your hand. The scare factor is top-notch but also has you having a lot of fun.

The Edson Incident is one of the adventurous haunted attractions in Michigan. It is also family-friendly, where you can enjoy your time getting scared.

3. Erebus

Erebus in Pontiac named one of top haunted attractions in the country

Address: 18 S Perry St, Pontiac, MI 48342, United States

Located in Pontiac, Michigan, Erebus is one of the most haunted attractions in the whole country. When you enter the 100,000-square-foot acre, you will see the four-story building known to be full of terror.

Erebus has one of the longest walkthroughs for a haunted attraction, complete with scary ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and high-quality effects.

Since the 2000s’, Erebus has only been leveling up with their fear factor every year. This is one of Michigan’s haunted houses for thrill-seekers, serving only terrifying thrills and scary memories.

There is a warning sign that allows only those who agree to get bitten, grabbed, or even buried alive inside the attraction.

Owing to all this, this tower of terror cannot be missed by haunted attractions enthusiastic.

4. Azra Chamber of Horrors

Address: 31401 John R Rd bldg 2, Madison Heights, MI 48071, United States

Combine ghosts with terrifying haunted chambers, and you get a maze where all your nightmares come true. This is exactly what the newly opened Azra Chamber of Horrors is all about.

Each chamber is more menacing than the last, and each turn decides your fate of being haunted. The multiple floors of the unsettling maze are filled with creatures waiting to scare you.

Azra Chamber of Horrors provides an immersive experience, so prepare yourself to get properly scared.

5. New Salem Corn Maze

Address: 4516 24th St, Dorr, MI 49323, United States

Want to visit the most haunted corn mazes in the state? Head to the New Salem corn maze in Dorr for one of Michigan’s best haunted houses.

If you think the attraction’s name is sinister, wait until you step inside the themed attractions it provides.

Take a trip down the two frightening trails in the ‘Witches Woods.’ While you go through the haunted trails in the forest or the haunted woods, the witches and ghouls are there to scare you out of your wits.

If you are up for the challenge of escaping the ‘haunted corn maze,’ beware of the wild adventure you get yourself into. The twists and turns, dead ends, and complete mayhem will keep you terrified.

On top of that, the devilish team of corn stalkers will be on the lookout for you.

In ‘Zombie Attack,’ you have been selected as the last line of defense and will be armed with a deadly paintball gun.

This attraction is scary yet also adventurous as you attack zombies and try to escape the apocalypse.

6. Shawhaven Haunted Farm

Shawhaven Haunted Farm

Titled Haven of Fear, Shawhaven Haunted Farm promises to offer visitors a wild, scary adventure. The 140 acres of land are dedicated to scaring anyone who steps into the farm.

This haunted house has four terrifying attractions to choose from. The ‘Samara’s Retirement Home for the Dead’ revolves around Samara, the girl from the movie Ring.

You can stroll through her house and garden, but beware, as the dead might also accompany you.

The ‘Wagons of Fear’ will have you running in the dark, haunted woods. The five different escape rooms offered by Shawhaven Haunted Farm will have you solving puzzles to free yourself before time runs out.

Lastly, challenge yourself by leaving the haunted corn maze before you get lost forever.

7. Abandoned Acres Farm

Address: 7737 Fruit Ridge Ave NW, Sparta, MI 49345, United States

If you can’t get enough of the haunted farms in Michigan, try Abandoned Acres Farm in Sparta. This haunted attraction provides a unique and immersive experience.

In the ‘bloody butcher corn maze’ attraction, you must find your way before old Eli, the terrifying ghost, catches you.

The biggest and most popular attraction of Abandoned Acres Farm is the ‘Big Top Terror’s corn maze.’ Infested with demonic clowns, you’ll need to make it out before they turn up against you.

8. Hush Haunted House

Address: 37550 Cherry Hill Rd, Westland, MI 48185, United States

Hush Haunted House revolves around a fictional town known as Hush Falls and the Van Rose family living here. Its three scary attractions surround the town, offering a vividly haunting experience.

In ‘Descend the Basement,’ you will be whisked off by peculiar hotel staff. Once you descend the hotel’s basements, you will unleash an evil once contained inside.

In ‘Voodo Bayou,’ you will be at the swamp’s edge. Take care not to encounter the beastly creatures roaming near the forests.

Even if you escape the first two attractions, ‘Rosecliff Hall looms over you. As you enter the manor, you will meet the most frightening residents of the house.

Hush Haunted House has a well-developed concept, making it one of Michigan’s most unique haunted houses.

9. Niles Scream Park

Niles Scream Park 2022 | Teaser Trailer 3

Address: 855 Mayflower Rd, Niles, MI 49120, United States

Niles Scream Park is for those who prefer a wide variety of haunted attractions in one location. Spread around the vast 44 acres of land; they take their business of scaring people seriously.

Their six scary attractions include the cursed crusade, the field of screams, and a haunted hayride. This excludes the escape rooms they offer to the visitors.

Their scariest attraction involves blindfolding as well. But the main highlight is their haunted house, which is huge and is known to have 100 possible paths.

With such a big production, Niles Scream Park comes up with new attractions every year, making it one of Michigan’s most versatile haunted houses.

10. Bates Haunted Sawmill

Address: 7240 State Rd, Millington, MI 48746, United States

The last haunted house is the Bates Haunted Sawmill, which makes your nightmare turn into a reality; this 20,000-square-foot attraction has 30 different scenes centered on the serial killer.

It is all about fleeing a killer in a dark, haunted woods maze. The twists and turns will have you jumping out in fear of the possible killer standing in the corner.

Just when you think you have escaped, you will face some of the scariest trailer homes one can imagine.


Haunted Houses in Michigan have some of the best and most terrifying attractions.

If you want to know what real fear is, step inside any of these haunted houses in Michigan and prepare to face your fears.

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