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Top 10 Intriguing Haunted Hotels In San Antonio Tx

Staying in haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx may seem the least likely option to make you feel scared. But, they are packed with apt horror-inducing ingredients. 

This may be a surprise since San Antonio is one of the most populated cities in the United States that offers a good balance of urban and suburban vibe. It has bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Also, there isn’t a lack of an impressive and upscale hotel. A city like this seems to be always bursting with energy and life.

Haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx
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Moreover, San Antonio is regarded as one of the best places to live in Texas. But, some hotels near san antonio have quite a reputation. Experiencing paranormal activities in haunted places like Menger Hotel is as common as drinking tea in England. Read on to know the most haunted hotels in San Antonio TX, and get spooked. Here, you will found most of the hotels near Fiesta Texas. Besides these haunted hotels, you can also explore the Puerto Rico ghost tours.

Let’s see the haunted San Antonio hotels.

Most haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx

Emily Morgan Hotel

Emily Morgan hotel is one of the most haunted hotels near san antonio riverwalk in San Antonio Tx. No doubt, this happens to be the favorite for ghost hunters. But, some claim during their stay at Emily Morgan hotel, they experienced no paranormal or ghostly activity.

On the other hand, many claims to have heard unexplained noises. Some say they felt someone was touching them during the night. Guests and staff report the phone ringing in the middle of the night, which, when received, founds no one at the other end.

Other spooky incidents at Emily Morgan hotel include elevators suddenly stopping without any reason and the mysterious presence of a woman in white.

The Emily Morgan Hotel - #3 Most Haunted Hotel In The WORLD - USA Today

If we delve deeper into the history of Emily Morgan, we can understand the origin of bizarre incidents. Before remodeling as a hotel, it was originally a medical hospital with a surgery room, morgue, and psychiatric ward. So, it made sense behind the presence of lingering smells of medicine as reported by guests in present times.

Guests report opening the doors to find the unraveling of a hospital scene. Even the hotel bathrooms seem to have a mind of their own!

Like, guests experience seeing bathroom doors closing and opening mysteriously. The bathroom faucets get turned on during the night and overflow.

The Crockett Hotel

It is a very likely spot in San Antonio to get haunted by ghosts (well, if you believe in the afterlife). The Crockett hotel, one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx, was built on the Alamo battlefield ground. Ghosts of soldiers who died in 1836 are reported to roam this haunted hotel.

Moreover, guests of the Crockett hotel report hearing mysterious chanting, ghostly footsteps, and the sound of horses’ hooves. Many, including guests and staff, report seeing an apparition of a man in a soldier-like dress.

Crowne Plaza

Near san antonio river walk, this hotel also bears an array of paranormal activities. Visitors have witnessed ghostly shadows during the night and a girl in a white dress with black hair. Also, they have heard footsteps following them.

Most scaringly, ghosts here seem violent compared to those in other haunted hotels in San Antonio, Tx. People here discover scratch marks on their bodies after a night’s stay. This feature makes Crowne Plaza one of the most violently haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx. 

There are also reports of feeling someone’s presence and hearing crying sounds in hotel rooms during the night.

The Saint Anthony Hotel

It is an impressive hotel with a luxury ambiance. It has remained a favorite for celebrities since its establishment in 1909.

Ghost Hunting At A Haunted Hotel - St Anthony

But, Anthony hotel also gives opportunities for witnessing bizarre incidents. Like, there are reports of seeing unexplained apparitions and hearing strange sounds.

The ballroom, tenth floor, and men’s locker room are active areas for ghosts here. An apparition of a lady in a red dress reportedly roams the hotel’s corridor, halls, and women’s restroom. People also hear the heels clicking against the floor that is believed to be hers.

Menger Hotel

It has been in the business for over 150 years. Many famous personalities like Babe Ruth, Mae West, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ulysses S. Grant stayed here. With its retro charm, it keeps you intrigued.

But, Menger hotel, one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx, does have its quirks. The hotel claims it has been the residence of 32 ghosts for years. That lies in the list of ghosts roaming there.

Most interestingly, they have distinctive appearances. If you are lucky (or unlucky), you may have the pleasure of interacting with a ghost (whom you may mistake as a living person). A hotel employee asked a woman in a vintage outfit if she needed anything. She replied “no” before disappearing suddenly.

Ghost tales and guests that never leave: SA's historic Menger Hotel

There’s also the ghost of Sallie White, a former maid usually seen carrying towels. Another famous ghost roaming the hotel is Captain Richard King, an American entrepreneur. He happened to be very fond of Menger Hotel during his living years.

During his business trips, he stayed here. He passed away in the King suite of Menger hotel, and his funeral was held in the lobby. But, it seems Richard never let death stand in the way of his appreciation of the hotel.

As a result, guests report witnessing full-body apparitions and paranormal activities, which are believed to be Richard’s.

In a 2021 Roaming Texas blog, Kenzi mentioned he had never experienced spooky experiences here. But, he knows people like ex-employees who find Menger Hotel one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx.

The Sheraton Gunter Hotel

From celebrities to common folk alike, Sheraton Gunter Hotel has been winning the hearts of everyone. Names like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Mae West, Tom Mix, and John Wayne are associated with the hotel.

A gruesome murder remains an indispensable part of the history of Gunter hotel. The body of a murdered person was never found while the murderer killed himself. This contributes to giving the hotel a tag of one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx.

Guests report witnessing repetitions of the murder and the spirit of the murdered woman. Besides, you can see the apparition of Blues songwriter Robert Johnson in room 414.

Besides these, the Sheraton Gunter Hotel has all the usual hallmarks of a haunted hotel. Reports mention flickering lights, strange sounds, and paranormal activities inside a hotel bathroom.

Hotel Indigo

The Battle of the Alamo in 1836 caused bloodshed, sacrifice, deaths, and victory of the American army against Mexican troops. It remains an indispensable part of American history. The abundance of deaths and bloodshed is responsible for the Texas haunted houses.

The proximity of Hotel Indigo to the area of the Alamo battlefield makes it one of the haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx. You can hear the sounds of canons firing, the crying of dying people, and the footsteps of soldiers. Also, there are reports of witnessing apparitions and elevators malfunctioning. 

Holiday Inn Express

It was once the county jail of San Antonio. So, it makes sense the paranormal activities here, one of the haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx,  resemble the criminal behaviors. It is one of the hotels near san antonio international airport.

Guests have experienced items being violently seized from them. Like, a man using his laptop in the guest room found it suddenly snatched away by an invisible force and thrown across the room. So, if you wish to stay here, try your best to keep your belongings safe.

There are also cases of fluctuating temperatures in rooms. Sometimes, it gets cold, even during summer.

Moreover, guests and employees report feeling watched or followed without the trace of any living person. Also, they bear the experience of seeing apparitions suspended in mid-air. There are cases of motion detectors in the hallways going off in the middle of the night without anyone there.

Bullis House Inn

The location of this Inn is quite accessible. Bullis House Inn is easily reachable from either downtown or San Antonio International airport. Its food, ambiance, and service quality never had trouble attracting visitors.

Also, who wouldn’t want to stay at a place which received an award from San Antonio Hotel and Lodging Association?

But, according to reports, the past and present of Bullis House Inn make it one of the haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx. 

In 1909, a military commander named John Lapham Bullis completed the building Bullis House Inn. He captured Apache chief Geronimo, who was held captive on the grounds of the Inn. Ghost of Geronimo reportedly roams here.

Also, the Inn’s top floor is said to give a spooky feeling. There are reports of feeling a woman’s laugh and hearing the laughter of a man in a room. Some guests had felt unsettled and disturbed in the Inn’s bathroom.

Marriott Plaza

Marriott Plaza, located in downtown San Antonio, has fetched good reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, and Yelp. But, it is one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx.

Marriott Plaza San Antonio

Guests report incidents of seeing a lady with a long white dress. Apart from these, there are flickering lights and strange noises.

In the Fright Find blog, people narrate their experiences of feeling haunted. One visitor who stayed at Marriott Plaza in 2017 heard unusual noises in the bathroom. Another visitor and her family had the experience of elevators taking them to the wrong floors.

If you get intrigued by the accounts of ghosts in San Antonio’s hotels, arrange a few days’ stays there. Irrespective of your belief in ghosts, these jazz up the mundane lives of humans. Also, these most haunted hotels are the best ones in Texas. So, don’t let the rumors (or some incidents) cancel your booking.

Who knows, you will experience a peaceful stay amid the rumored presence of ghosts in haunted hotels in San Antonio Tx?

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