A woman showing the "Winnie-The-Pooh Stay Safe" Book to her child. A woman showing the "Winnie-The-Pooh Stay Safe" Book to her child.

Gavin Newsom’s Twitter Buzz for “Winnie-The-Pooh Stay Safe” Book!

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, shares a disappointing tweet about the book, Winnie-The-Pooh that is now schooling Texas kids about active shooters because the elected administrators do not dare to keep the school kids safe and make gun safety laws.

He also shared the article about the concerns of the Dallas Independent School District parents about Winne-The-Pooh’s book.

1. What Is a “Winnie-The-Pooh Stay Safe” Book?

Winnie-The-Pooh is a television cartoon. Based on the characters of the cartoon, the book Stay Safe” is subtitled “Run Hide Fight,” and the author and illustrators are Chief Ken Adcox and Brittany Adcox.

This book was designed in affiliation with active police officers and classroom educators.

It was recommended by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to instruct and strengthen the concept of the run, hide, do not dare to and fight format.

2. The Concern of Parents about the Stay Safe Book

Cindy Campos, the mother of a preschooler named Bowie at Stemmons Elementary School, shared her concerns about the ‘stay safe’ book on social media.

When she was getting ready for bedtime literature, her son hoped for her to read the book that was given to him by his pre-kindergarten teacher at school. Cindy’s son was more excited to read the book.

The book is titled ‘Stay Safe’ and subtitled ‘Run Hide Fight,’ which is specifically illustrated for preschool kids.

She read the book with her son half of the time. However, she didn’t realize what it was. Later, it seemed like a protocol for responding to an active shooter. She was worried because there weren’t any instructions about it.

Cindy says, “There are zero problems about the book itself but the purpose behind it.”

Finally, she found where it was from; she found the second copy of the text in her first-grader son, Marson’s bag. Certainly, she realized that it was from the school or district.

Bowie pleased her to read the book to him. And eventually, he enjoyed it.

Bowie told Cindy that it was about hiding and running from his “unsafe” big brother in a play of IT, and her son’s chats made Cindy nervous.

"Winnie-The-Pooh Stay Safe" Book
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Moreover, we all know about the Uvalde school shooting, which frightened the country, and 19 innocent children and 2 teachers lost their lives in the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on May 24, 2022.

She was spooked that the school shootings were being acknowledged as a portion of life and normalized. So, she mentioned her concern on her Facebook page. Almost all the parents shared that they are also anxious about it.

A second-grade teacher shared that stay-safe books were put in her mailbox without any instructions.

Regarding this, there are not any responses from DISD yet and from the authors and illustrators too.

3. Dr. Jamie Howard’s Opinion

Dr Jamie Howard, a senior clinical psychologist at Child Mind Institute, said that parents tend to stress about school shootings more than their children. Children will easily notice the activities and thoughts of their parents. They will easily pick up on the apprehensions of their parents.

In conclusion, the parents are worried that the school shooting is being acknowledged and that there is no security.

Mention in the comment section if it also concerns you, and speak of your opinions below.

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