Glenwood Springs Colorado: 7 Best Tourist Activities

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“Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.”

This quote by J.R.R. Tolkien makes us all want and crave a beautiful vacation with our loved ones or alone. If you are looking for any option to spend a nice holiday, Glenwood Springs Colorado is one of the best options.

Glenwood Springs Colorado
By ROMAN ODINTSOV/ Pexels, Copyright 2021.

More about Glenwood Springs Colorado

Located in the heart of Colorado rocky mountain, Glenwood Springs Colorado, offers visitors a vivid variety of activities and places to explore during their vacation. 

Roaring Fork Valley is a geographical region that includes Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. Spending time in Roaring Fork Valley gives you a balanced time for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Vacation in Roaring Fork Valley makes you admire the iconic natural treasure that Glenwood Springs Colorado, possesses, like Hanging Lake, and relaxing in the warmth of hot springs is all serene. 

Exploration options available in Glenwood Springs Colorado, are incredible. Let’s explore a few possible activities and places to be tried and visited. 

1. Mountain Biking: Adventure is Waiting

Glenwood Springs Colorado
By Dorothy Castillo/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Glenwood Springs Colorado, is a huge attraction for bikers to do mountain biking and off-round biking. Glenwood Springs Colorado, is becoming a sensational spot for biking because it offers every type of adventure trail that a biker needs. 

Suppose you want to experience a terrain that has got everything from dirt roads to singletrack. Glenwood Springs Colorado, has spine-tingling descents to skill-building topography. 

Biking Trails in Glenwood Springs Colorado:-

  • Boy Scout Trail

This trail begins from the eastern terminals of 8th street, just a few miles away from downtown Glenwood Springs. This adventure starts with moderate 3-miles climb up Red Canyon Road, followed by another 3 miles moderately steep but easy to tackle double track/ATV road.

This mountain biking effort with the scenic view high on Glenwood Canyon’s rim can make any bike rider’s dream adventure come true.

This trail in Glenwood Springs Colorado is considered one of the best rides in town by mountain biking enthusiasts. Known as the roller coaster ride by many locals, this trail lands down on cyclists in the heart of Glenwood Springs Colorado.

  • Rio Grande Trail

The trail continues for 42 miles from Herron Park in Aspen northwest, which leads to two river parks in Glenwood Springs. Rio Grande Trail makes Gold Medal Water easily accessible.

The best part of this long trail is that you can walk, hike, run, bike, or take a horseback ride. A long leisure walk along the Roaring fork is all serene with mesmerizing views. 

There are various other trails like Defiance Trail, Forest Hollow Trail, Red Mountain Trail, and many other options. 

2. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park: Entertainment Throughout


Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has received the Local Choice Awards in various categories like best attraction, best family entertainment, the best place for kid’s birthday, and best tourist spot.

A local newspaper company conducts this award, and this award is a big deal for the locals. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park won this award in 2019. This amusement park completed 20 years in 2019, and in this period, it has added many rides to its collection.

Glenwood Springs Colorado, should be visited for adding the fun of this park to your experience. 

The park is home to gondola award-winning thrill rides and has family-friendly restaurants, shopping places. There’s a special arrangement of different kinds of entertainment programs throughout the year. 

Glenwood Caverns offer visitors spectacular views inside Iron Mountain, historic fairy caves, and king row tours. They offer a Funday Pass, which includes cave tours along with unlimited turns on rides and attractions. After one hour of park opening, the first cave tour begins.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is a home to different kinds of adventures in one place. If you ever visit Glenwood Springs Colorado, then visiting Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is mandatory.

3. Pioneer Cemetery: Place of Attraction

In Glenwood Springs Colorado, Linwood cemetery is a prominent place as it is the last resting place of Doc Holiday and Kid Curry. They were two of the west’s most infamous gunslingers.

The authorities have turned this site into a tourist attraction. The town and historical society built markers for them. Their cemetery was a somewhat steep half a mile hike up. Now taking the bodies with departed souls to that point must have been a task of the real ordeal. 

Doc Holiday was trained as a dentist, but he is remembered as a gambler and for his role with the Earp Brothers in the OK Corral shootout in Tombstone, Arizona. 

He was suffering from tuberculosis when he came to Glenwood Springs. He was here for soothing mineral water and hot springs, but it did him little good. He lost his life within six months.

Kid Curry’s name was Harvey Logan. He died while escaping from a train after a robbery. Police shot him, and as he was severely wounded, he took his life by himself. 

He has been in the field of crime since his teen years. He was part of “The Wild Bunch” gang along with Robert Parker and Harry Longabaugh. 

4. Hot Springs: Therapy for Health

Glenwood Springs Colorado, has various hot springs which are famous for their entertainment and calming nature, where you can shrug the tiredness of slopes here. 

  • Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Source : Bing ; Glenwood Springs Colorado
Wikimedia Commons

Iron mountain hot springs are at a distance of an hour from neighboring Vail and Aspen ski resorts.

There are 16 naturally shaped hot springs. The big pools made for families are maintained at a temperature of 94 degrees, while the small pools’ temperature is 98 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. They do not allow children below five years in the small pool.

Iron mountains Hot Springs have 14 healing minerals, which are said to be the hot springs’ assets. These minerals help visitors to forget about ski bumps and icy tumbles featured in the way on the slopes. 

  • Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

This resort is miraculous and a legacy of Glenwood Springs Colorado. The resort is home to a lodge, athletic club, grill, and shopping.

You can find the resort amidst the Aspen and Vail. It has the world’s largest Hot Spring Pool and is named Yampah by Ute Indians. Yampah means big medicine, and the reason behind the name is due to the therapeutic qualities.

This pool helps to calm your muscles after outdoor activities. The big pool temperature is within the range of 90 to 93 degrees F, and in the smaller pool, it is at 104 degrees F.

When you calm down in these pools, it increases your body temperature, eliminating toxins. Natural boost is acquired as the body absorbs essential minerals. 

Sopris Splash Zone in Glenwood hot spring resort has recently built Hanging Lake Waterfall and other rides made for entertainment.

5. Roaring Fork River and Fishing: Family-friendly Fun

Roaring fork river is best known for its fishing. Locals advise that if you truly want to experience the Roaring Fork River’s beauty, one must try shore fishing or floating downstream.

The local people believe that any day spent fishing the Roaring Fork River is a good one. Part of the Roaring Fork river is known as Gold Medal Water

6. Glenwood Vaudeville Revue: Full Entertainment Zone

It is a dinner theatre in Glenwood Springs Colorado. According to Glenwood Vaudeville Revue, they define themselves as a two-hour family-fun entertainment zone. This place is abode to various entertaining shows like stand-up comedy, concert, theatre, and many more. 

The show here makes you calm and laugh your guts out, and the worries loosen their grip over your mind. A notable thing about this place is that this place is best for any generation, whether child or old. 

The two hours of this fun interval from the outside world have comedy shows, songs, and food from many Glenwood Springs restaurants.

7. Whitewater Rafting: An Ode of Joy

Whitewater rafting serves you a spectacular view of a high country located outside of the Glenwood Springs immediate area. This rafting takes you to the world of great water rippling experience, and you witness beautiful waves of whitewater. 

You can go rafting many rivers, like the Arkansas River, Colorado River, Clear Creek, Dolores River, and others. You will get to rent out safety equipment and other things available with adventure packages given by rafting organizing companies.

Source: Bing ; Glenwood Springs Colorado
Wikimedia Commons

Glenwood Springs Colorado

Our office days are quite hectic, and the daily rush of life makes us all tired not only physically but also mentally. There are few options like spending the weekend in a movie hall or dining in a restaurant, but if you need a long vacation, Glenwood Springs Colorado, is an amazing option. 

The souvenirs and memories in the form of photographs and videos you carry from Glenwood Springs Colorado, for your friends and family will make them all crave the kind of vacation you had.

If there’s a vacation approaching, grab this and book your ticket and explore this beautiful adventure of Glenwood Springs Colorado. 

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