Top 15 Popular Breweries in Colorado Springs to Visit Now!

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Breweries in Colorado springs
Beer Festival

Colorado Springs, the second-largest city of Colorado, is known for its distinct attractions like unique rocky formations, amazing mountain views, Colorado sunsets, and handcrafted flavors.

It is home to one of the largest craft beer drinkers and breweries. Breweries in Colorado Springs are iconic, with the oldest brewery still running since the 20th century.

Breweries in Colorado springs
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Colorado’s Beer Culture

Colorado Springs has a thriving beer culture with many options available for craft beer. Beer being the most consumed beverage, the breweries in Colorado Springs are one of the main tourist attractions.

Interested in the brewing process? Take a tour of local breweries in Colorado springs. With a free beer and a guide, you will learn the techniques behind brews and discover new talent.

Breweries in Colorado Springs
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Breweries in Colorado Springs operate as micro or nano breweries offering the best craft beer with dog-friendly patios and tours for outsiders. Summers here are full of beer festivals with live music and local beers.

The Spring Beer Fest in Colorado Springs is an annual craft beer festival. The event features dozens of breweries in Colorado Springs and other famous national breweries.

Breweries in Colorado Springs
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Delicious food from food trucks, fun games to play, and live music create festive vibes and lighten the visitors’ moods.

Fort Collins hosts one of the Colorado state’s largest beer festivals every June, the Colorado Brewers Festival. The festival features over 50 Colorado breweries, live music, artisan exhibitions, and hundreds of food options.

Thinking about visiting Colorado Springs? Check out these 15 exciting breweries in Colorado Springs while you’re there.

Breweries in Colorado Springs

1. Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

It is the oldest brewery in Colorado springs establishing in 1993 and located in the Cheyenne Building.

Their award-winning beers are made up of the finest malted barley, lager yeasts, and selected ales. The brewers and their team often customize the menu.

It serves as a full restaurant with an iconic billiard Hall, outdoor seating, multiple spaces for events, and incredible mountain views.

2. Red Leg Brewing Company

This veteran-owned brewery serves the finest craft beer in honor of US military soldiers. They offer discounts for in-service and retired US military officers and teachers.

With a comfortable taproom and no Wi-Fi, this is an excellent place to relax with your family and friends while enjoying handcrafted beers. Food is not served here, but food trucks are available nearby to order.

 3. Pikes Peak Brewing Company Lager House

The Lager House is a popular downtown brewery that serves various Pikes Peak beer, with their Flagship Beers lagered in large oak barrels. It operates as a full restaurant with a rooftop patio and an amazing view of Pikes Peak. They are also known for mouth-watering food along with their signature dishes like Beer Cheese soup. 

Tip- Try their specialty Knob Hill India Pale Lager.

4. Colorado Mountain Brewery

Ever wanted to watch the sunset while having a beer? Colorado Mountain Brewery is the right place for an exquisite view of typical Colorado sunsets and a taste of fine Colorado beer.

Located directly across US Air Force Academy, they offer flagship beers and seasonal brews and monthly specialties. This brewery serves as a full restaurant having incredible cuisine.

5. Bristol Brewing Company

Established in 1994 in the Ivy wild school building in the lap of Pikes Peak, this beautiful, dog-friendly setting is home to unique hand-brewed ales. Bristol Brewing Company is one of the most popular breweries in Colorado Springs, with its beers serving infamous bars, restaurants, and liquor shops.

Breweries in Colorado Springs
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6. Goat Patch Brewing Company

Located at the historic Lincoln Center in Colorado Springs, they are known for their award-winning balanced variety of seasonal brews.

Goat Patch Brewing Company serves as a taproom where you can share a pint at a table together with your folks. Their dog-friendly patios also attract visitors, and you can order food from the food trucks nearby.

7. Battle Mountain Brewing Company

With six Flagship beers and 4 BBL brewhouses, they have their own experimental and innovative beers. They do not serve food, but you can order food from the food trucks nearby.

If you’re visiting the Battle Mountain Brewing Company, be sure to try out their Chai tea blonde ale!

8. Rock Bottom Brewery

Having mellow vibes since 2005, this place offers an island bar, a good patio, and big screens to watch games. Rock Bottom Brewery serves as a full house restaurant with its exquisite menu of made-from-scratch cuisine and handcrafted beers.

The rock bottom white ale here is a must-try and is available all year round.

9. Red Swing Brewhouse

Although a new name in the list of downtown breweries in Colorado Springs, Red Swing Breweries have a solid lineup of beers, a great ambiance, and a dog-friendly interior. While they do not serve food in the house, food trucks are available nearby. They have a little mascot dog to keep you company.

Some must-try items at Red Swing Breweries include their Brut Force and Hole Puncher triple.

10. Storybook Brewing

Storybook Brewing is one of the Nano breweries in Colorado Springs, with fantastical castle-themed décor and barrel-shaped chairs. With a 15 barrel brewhouse, they pour flavored handcrafted beers that you must not miss. This dog-friendly brewery does not serve food, but you can always order from nearby food trucks.

Make sure you try out their special release Kilhaven series0!

Breweries in Colorado Springs
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11. Trinity Brewing Company

Inspired by Belgian and English tap houses, Trinity Brewing Company serves as a larger house and operates as a full-service restaurant with outdoor seating and dog-friendly patios.

Trinity Brewing Company offers a great array of dishes that’ll pair well with the delightful selection of beers available.

12. Brass Brewing Company

Located at the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, this veteran-owned brewery donates 1% back to non-profits that serve veterans.

It is a local hangout with beer brewed in a 7 barrel system. Brass Brewing Company also has dog-friendly patios that are perfect if you are visiting with your furry friend! While they do not serve food, you can order from food trucks nearby.

 13. Atrevida Beer Company

Atrevida Beer Company is the first female-owned, Latin-inspired brewery among hundreds of breweries in Colorado Springs. It features unique versions of classic beers, and their Head Brewer is the winner of Beerland Season 1 on VICELAND.

They have dog-friendly patios, and you have the option of bringing your own food or ordering from the food trucks nearby.

Breweries in Colorado springs
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14. Fossil Craft Beer Company

This small brewery is located on the west side within walking distance of Old Colorado City. With their seasonal handcrafted beers, non-alcoholic drinks, and ginger ale, this is a great place to relax after a good spa as it is just blocks away from the heart of Manitou Springs.

Dogs are absolutely welcome, and there are several food trucks available nearby to order from. The Megalodon and Mammoth are two must-try flagship beers here at the Fossil Craft Beer Company.

15. Nano 108 Brewing Company

Nano 108 Brewing Company is Colorado’s first seasonal brewery and features beers brewed on-site. With 108 different craft beers brewed in a year, it is the perfect place to try something different with your friends. They have a beautiful taproom and dog-friendly patios. You can order food from food trucks.

These are just some of the numerous breweries in Colorado Springs. For an elite beer-tasting trip with local food that pairs excellently with your beer, visit Colorado Springs! Let us know your experience at the breweries in Colorado Springs down in the comments section!

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