Top 17 Amazing Train Rides In Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs is the second biggest and largest city, located in the middle of the state. From various outdoor activities ranging from lighthearted to thrilling, visitors are never bored of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs was founded as a resort by General William Jackson Palmer, a civil war hero. Presently, it is known to be the USA’s Olympic City with various sites and sceneries to observe.

train rides in colorado springs

The city’s best attraction is the train rides in Colorado Springs that are scenic in every form.

17 Picturesque Train Rides In Colorado Springs

The rugged scenic mountains of Colorado Springs are some of the most beautiful views in the city. Tourists can observe them by taking a hike or embarking on a road trip.

One of the most historical ways to experience the incredible mountains is through train rides in colorado springs.

train rides in colorado springs

People first used Colorado’s railroad system solely for transportation which boosted Colorado’s growth. The history of these railroad systems is quite an old one, the first track in the 1860s. Today, the very same trains and routes offer the most spectacular train rides in Colorado springs.

Riding the train is traditional and regarded as an old-fashioned means of travelling. However, they are also responsible for offering visitors the historic routes and remote mountainsides that shaped colorado springs.

The train rides in colorado springs allow one to have a unique viewpoint of the mountains and be as close to the peaks as never before.

These train rides have an air of traditionality but aren’t devoid of modern amenities. Thus, you can enjoy the rugged terrains at various comfort levels.

These 17 epic train rides in Colorado Springs will provide you with an experience of a lifetime:

1. Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Georgetown Loop

Completed in 1884, the Georgetown Loop railroad’s original motive was to transport locals from one mining town to the next. Today, it is considered to be one of the best train rides in Colorado springs.

train rides in colorado springs

The routes pass through some of the intense mountain terrains which connect two mountain towns. This offers visitors to appreciate the most rustic sights of the towns.

The train starts at Siver Plume and ends at Georgetown, covering 3.1 miles.

2.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Leadville Colorado

Leadville, Colorado, provides a spectacular view of the rocky mountains during a 2 and a half ride. Not only this, you can spot the incredible sight of two of Colorado’s highest peaks.

train rides in colorado springs

In the fall, you can witness the beautiful changes in the colour of leaves and wildflowers trailing your way. Leadville’s vibrant past and its history can be experienced through this train ride. The Leadville Colorado train ride makes a round trip of Leadville.

Leadville Colorado train ride is an ideal escape to the wilderness where you can relax in the mountains. Kids also have the opportunity to meet the train engineer!

 3.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: California Zephyr

California Zephyr is known to be one of the most beautiful train rides in North America. Operated by the well-known American company Amtrak, California Zephyr is one of the best scenic train rides.

train rides in colorado springs

The train runs between Chicago and San Francisco, crossing various stops such as Denver, Chicago, and Glenwood springs. But if you want to appreciate Colorado Springs’ views, you have the option of taking only part of the ride.

Although California Zephyr is a modern train, nothing beats the classic panorama available from its windows.

4.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Manitou And Pikes Peak Cog Railway

One of the best train rides in Colorado Springs to embark on is the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. This ultra-modern train is built on cogs and can thus ride the steepest of the inclines.

Pikes Peak Cog Railway is one of the highest cog trains in the world. It has also been climbing the Pikes Peak region since the year 1891.

train rides in colorado springs

The train rides go all the way up to the summits of pike peak and make it easier for anyone to stand on top of the majestic mountains. The views provided by this train are unbeatable in Colorado Springs.

5.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Royal Gorge Route Railroad

In contrast to climbing the mountains, why not take a train ride at the bottom of a gorge? Royal Gorge Route Railroad offers spectacular views of Colorado’s gorges in comfort and style.

This train ride in Colorado Springs provides a classic journey through Colorado Rockies combined with exceptional services. The scenery is beautiful, but travellers swear by its onboard experience as well.

train rides in colorado springs

The train is known for its stop at one of the world’s tallest suspension bridges called the Royal Gorge Bridge. The bridge spans the rugged gorge above the Arkansas River.

6.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Cripple Creek And Victor Narrow

Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow provide a scenic journey through Colorado’s hills, valleys, and history. This is a narrow-gauge train that connects two mining towns.

train rides in colorado springs

The journey starts at the town’s train depot, a building standing since 1894. Visitors can travel along in the open-air cars that prove to be a refreshing experience. The creek victor narrow gauge train has various stops, which are unique points of interest.

8.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Toltec Scenic Railroad

The Toltec scenic railroad travels from the southern border of the state and crosses over into New Mexico. The spectacular view of Colorado through this train remains unbeatable.

train rides in colorado springs

Visitors can gaze upon the San Juan National Forest and Mountain while it also passes through the Cumbre Pass. The train looks so beautiful that it has been featured in many TV shows and movies, the popular being Indiana Jones.

8.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Winter Park Express Ski Train

Amtrak’s Winter Park Express Ski Train is responsible for showing Colorado’s beautiful landscapes to the passengers. It drops you off at the winter park resort starting from Denver, but the ride truly is breathtaking.

train rides in colorado springs

Passengers witness rocky mountains, but the journey’s highlight remains the number of tunnels the train passes by.

9.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge

You can travel Durango through either a coach or gondola, yet experience the most relaxing scenic train rides in colorado springs. The train travels through historic and remote routes and feels like you’ve travelled back to the past.

train rides in colorado springs

The 3 and a half-hour ride through alpine scenery goes along the Rockies and the Animas River. Durango has a two-hour layover in Silverton, where you can explore and shop around the renowned mining town.

10.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

The Rio Grande railroad offers the most beautiful San Juan Mountain Ranges and Sangre de Christo Mountains. Passengers can choose from themed rides such as Wine Train Colorado and Falls Colorer Explorer train.

train rides in colorado springs

A unique aspect of the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad is the accessibility to the Mountain Rails rides, where you can join musicians and ride to the Fir summit. The Fir Summit is a concert venue accessible only by a train ride.

11.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Tiny Town And Railroad

Tiny Town is situated in a park for kids and adults to explore. Tiny Town and Railroad is an enjoyable ride that takes guests through a miniature tour of the park.

train rides in colorado springs

It is an unusual train ride in Colorado springs as Tiny Town is a miniature village complete with a railroad and a playground. The mini-train rides are not only fun for kids, but adults too marvel at the miniature village and its interior.

12.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Colorado Amtrak

If you are looking to travel between two stations on a scenic train, Colorado Amtrak is perfect. The Colorado Amtrak railway lines are strictly not for tourists or even historic.

train rides in colorado springs

Yet, it still serves as one of the best ways to travel to your destination while enjoying the picturesque Colorado Springs.

13.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Southwest Chief

For a high-speed tour of the scenic rocky mountains, Southwest Chief proves to be an ideal choice. The train ride is known for its comfort and convenience provided to the riders.

train rides in colorado springs

The train starts from Chicago and ends at San Francisco, with at least six stops in Colorado.

14.Train Rides In Colorado Springs: Belleview Park Miniature Train

Running for 30 years, Belleview Park Miniature Train operates next to the Belleview Children’s Farm.

train rides in colorado springs

Once you get off the train, you can play with the barnyard animals and learn more about the city’s farmyard.

15. Colorado Railroad Museum

Colorado Railroad Museum is a spectacular way to know more about the history of trains in Colorado springs. After absorbing all the historical details, you can hop on one out of the museums’ nine train rides.

train rides in colorado springs

The museum gives access to more than 15 acres of train models, locomotives, and train memorabilia.

16. Grand Canyon Railway

If you’re looking to visit the incredible Grand Canyon, you can opt for the Grand Canyon Railway to take you to your destination.

train rides in colorado springs

Filled with mesmerizing scenery, the train ride starts from William, Arizona, and ends at the Grand Canyon Railway.

17. The Polar Express Train

Always wanted to ride the polar express and head to the North Pole? This dream is a reality in themed train rides in Colorado Springs, known as the Polar Express Train.

train rides in colorado springs

Taking place annually during the Christmas season, Durango Railroad organizes the train rides for families. This exciting train ride is unlike any other as it involves a musical show, museum tour, cookies, and hot chocolate.

The train rides in Colorado Springs are something that you will cherish forever. Every train has its own story and takes a different route to the city, which provides only Colorado’s best picturesque views.




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