Pagosa Springs Colorado: An Amazing Guidebook!

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Pagosa Springs Colorado
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Among the various attractions and vivid features, one thing to add to the fame of the USA is the natural hot springs found here. Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is the ultimate stop for those seeking to bathe in the heavenly bliss of these hot springs.

In Pagosa Springs, Colorado you have the best opportunities to unwind and relax your stiff muscles in its mineral-rich hot springs, entertain your inner outdoor enthusiast, witness the abundant natural beauty and wildlife, and the museums that would give you a glimpse of the town’s history.


Locating Pagosa Springs Colorado on the Map

Pagosa Springs Colorado is a county seat in Archuleta County.

The town is established on the Western slopes of the Continental Divide at an elevation of 7,126 feet.

Hence it is surrounded by Mountain slopes of the San Juan Mountains, standing tall like a second sky to the small town of Pagosa.
The Pagosa Springs Colorado sits saliently amidst the vast expanse of SanJuan National Forests, almost 3 -million acres of land, and shares the neighborhood with the largest wilderness area Wemuniche Wilderness.

The San Juan River is the final geological mark for this town, becoming the center of its prosperity and footfall.


What Makes Pagosa Springs Colorado Famous?


1. Hot  Springs

In Pagosa Springs, Colorado, one can find the deepest geothermal hot spring, almost 6000feet deep, where the water is heated by radioactive decay under the earth’s crust.

The water is known for its healing properties and soothing effect. There are 13 natural elements like zinc, sulfur, magnesium, zinc that can revitalize the core.

The town itself is named after these hot springs. The ancestral Puebloan tribes native to this place were the first to discover and utilize these hot springs. After knowing their medicinal benefits, they named Pagosa, which means ‘healing waters’ in their dialect.

The 3 resorts, The Springs resorts and spa, The Healing Waters resorts and spa Overlook Hotsprings spa serves the visitors with several hot spring pools, clean and hygienic accommodation, and breathtaking view of the river and the huge mountains standing at a distance.

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Photo by Brittany Bend about on Unsplash

The Springs resorts and spa alone have 23 hot spring pools leveled at varying heights along the SanJuan river, which becomes eye candy for the visitors; however, many are convinced that Healing Waters is the best choice. At the same time, the Overlook hot springs spa serves rooftop pools to gaze at the mountainous beauty while you soak in the goodness of Pagosa.

All these resorts have pools with varying temperatures as per your liking. Therapeutic massage is also provided here to add to your well-being and luxurious stay at affordable prices.


2. Activities at the San Juan River

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Photo by Brady Rogers on Unsplash

San Juan River, which flows through downtown Pagosa is the heart of this scenic beauty with so much to offer, from serenity to utmost thrill.

There are so many activities along the river that keep visitors engaged and keep them wanting more.

It is the ultimate temptation for those looking around to fish. The river is brimming with trout; if accompanied by a guide, one can catch a trout weighing 10 pounds.

Many lakes and reservoirs nearby are full of trout, bass, perch, and panfish.

Also, tourists get to enjoy kayaking, tubing, and rafting in the river.

Many people come for a simple stroll at the San Juan riverwalk to enjoy the tranquility the place offers while spending some quality time with their families.


3. Hiking, Backpacking, and Camping.

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Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

 The Pagosa Springs Colorado has easy access to Piedra trails, Wemuniche Wilderness and is surrounded by a seemingly endless expanse of San Juan National Forests.

So it is no surprise for endless opportunities for hiking along the many trails. Some lead up to the Continental Divide, offering an amazing view and a memorable, thrilling experience.

Camping is no exclusion from the list of recreational activities one can enjoy at Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

With numerous natural resources, there are campgrounds littered all over the place.

One can camp along the San Juan River and enjoy the river view along with fishing and boating or settle for a unique experience at the Lake Capote or the Williams Creek Reservoir where one can enjoy the majestic view of the mountains, breathe in the fresh air coming from the forests and know what it is like to be in the lap of nature.


4. Winter Activities

Pagosa Springs Colorado, should not be mistaken as a sole summer destination.

The Wolf Creek Pass, which is just 23 miles away from downtown Pagosa is known to receive the highest snowfall in Colorado, 430 inches annually.

The place serves as an excellent snow-covered platform for cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

The Pagosa Nordic Club is doing a remarkable job grooming the trails to enjoy snowshoeing and Nordic skiing.

The many lakes and reservoirs found around Pagosa Springs freeze over in winter and open up the opportunity for ice fishing. You can try your hand at the Echo Reservoir or William Creek Reservoir to hunt for the famous trout fishes.


5. Waterfalls Embellished in Pagosa Springs Colorado

If you visit Pagosa Springs and miss out on the famous waterfalls that nature has embellished around downtown Pagosa, that would be highly unfortunate.

Waterfalls have an enchanting vibe to them, and the four waterfalls you get to see near Pagosa are really exotic.

The Piedra Falls, the Treasure Falls, FourmileFall, and Falls creek Waterfall are short and provide a pretty easy hike for all age groups. Visiting them is a must for an all-around amazing Pagosa experience.

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Photo by Nicole King on Unsplash


6. The Chimney Rock National Monument

This archaeological site is located only a few miles away from downtown Pagosa Springs and must be included in your checklist while you visit here.

The Ancestral Puebloan tribes have turned this place into a memoir with the celestial observatory and a seasonal calendar that marked the equinox for the people of olden days. There are 200 ancient homes and ceremonial buildings in these ancient ruins that still hold significant importance for the natives of this place.

The list of attractions at Pagosa Springs Colorado doesn’t end here. There are amazing breweries, hot air balloon rides, horseback rides, The Choke Cherry Tree, where visitors get to attend chocolate-making classes, an amazing palette of different flavored goodies like caramel, truffles, and chocolates that you can take home as a Pagosa souvenir.

Several parks like Yamaguchi Park, Centennial Park, and Reservoir hill park are fun and easy.

The most important is the Rocky Mountains Wildlife Park, where you can see some amazing species of native animals and also feed them.

Walk down Pagosa street and shop for a souvenir that would always remind you of your wonderful experience.

There are many dining options and lodges in and around this small mountain town that your stay can only get more exciting and amazing.

So when in south Colorado, don’t fail to visit Pagosa Springs; it will be an experience for a lifetime.

Please get to know more about Colorado and the fun places it has in store for you. 

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