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6 Fascinating Train Rides in KY And 4 Fun Train Museums

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If you plan to go to Kentucky and love trains and nature, these highly recommended train rides in KY will surely fulfill your cravings.

Train Rides in KY – What Can You Expect?

Kentucky is not just about the world-famous Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It is also home to an extensive network of historical railroads. Many organizations are restoring these railroads to preserve this portion of history and make people aware of it.

From scenic train rides and dining cars traversing through picturesque valleys and forests to train rides hosting various special events, they will provide you with an experience you can find nowhere else!

This article explores the top train rides in KY listed below and mentions a little detail about them.

1. R.J.Corman’s My Old Kentucky Dinner Train-Bardstown

R.J. Corman’s My Old Kentucky Dinner Train began its operations in 1988. Since then, it has left many of its guests mesmerized by its service and the experiences it offers.

The train uses a restored model of a dining car from the 1940s. The 37 miles long train excursion covers almost all historical importance points between Bardstown and Limestone Springs.

train rides in ky

You can get a glimpse of Bernheim Forest and the distilleries of the world-famous bourbon whiskey producer-Jim Beam.

It is not just known for serving fine gourmet cuisines but also for special excursions, one of them being the Murder Mystery Train, where a theatrical group puts up an interactive murder mystery show to add zest to your journey.

Other special excursions are the North Pole Express, Valentine’s Day Train, Bourbon Excursion, and more.

2. Big South Fork Scenic Railway, Stearns

If you want to feel nature, then you must give Big South Fork Scenic Railway a shot. Even though there are enclosed cars, feel free to get into the ‘open-air’ train cars and get more out of the Appalachian Mountains’ beauty.

This 16 miles long round trip train journey travels past the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, where the historic Kentucky and Tennessee Railway lays.

train rides in ky

It begins from Stearns and ends at the mining town of Blue Heron. The train also serves The Coal Miners’ Lunch- a frugal meal consisting of a deli sandwich, chips, drink, and a dessert.

Even though its railway operation is from April through October, several events take place around the year. Big South Fork Scenic Railway also has enough provisions for your pets if you want to bring them.

3. Blue Grass Scenic Railroad and Museum, Versailles KY

Situated in the heart of the ‘Bluegrass State,’ this 17-mile long rail journey originates from Versailles’s town in Kentucky.

This train ride offers many glimpses of scenic beauty, lush pasture, and horse farms of the Kentucky countryside. The train stops at the Young’s High Bridge, thus allowing passengers to savor the country’s pleasant view.

train rides in ky

The museum at Versailles exhibit train cars from the 30s and the 40s, making it a sought after destination for train enthusiasts.

Even though there is no admission fee for the museum, you must purchase a ticket for riding the train. Like others, it has special tours like Easter special, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day specials, and more.

If you crave a spooky ride, then you should go for a 90-minute long haunted train ride that runs on October 20th and 21st as well as on October 27th and 28th. A perfect train ride for you and your family for the Halloween festivities!

You can even sit on coach seatings from the 1930s as well. Not only that, but you can also opt for first-class seating or an open-air coach.

4. Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven

If you are a history freak and vintage train cars fancy you, then you should visit the museum at New Haven.

From its humble beginnings in the 1960s, the museum run by a group of volunteers and railway enthusiasts has a great collection of vintage rolling stocks at its disposal to educate people about the past glory of the railroads.

train rides in ky

It also offers a 22-mile long train ride to the magnificent rolling Fork River valley and offers trips in March through late November on select days.

The museum also has provisions for special train rides. Among them, train robbery train excursion is the bestseller.

Even though everything is enacted in this train robbery, you are sure to get some thrilling experience! There is a Thomas The Train ride, especially for children.

5. Amtrak Cardinal

train rides in ky

This is one of the best train rides in KY. This train is suitable for the long-haul journey. It runs a week thrice from New York to Chicago through major cities such as Washington DC, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis.

Long journey trains come with their own perks. Of course, the towns and the countryside’s appeal while seating on a speeding train is satisfying.

You can board this train from Kentucky at the train stations in Ashland, South Portsmouth, and Maysville. En route, you will find the Ohio river in its full might and encounter other unsung attractions of the Appalachian mountains.

train rides in ky

A fun fact: The origins of renowned Hollywood actress Ashley Judd are from Ashland.

While savoring the trip, Amtrak makes sure that you are comfortable throughout the trip. Amtrak has got all covered, from bagging services to ensuring you get your meals on time and your sleep right. You can even bring your pets weighing up to 20 pounds (9.07 kg).

6. Amtrak’s ‘City of New Orleans’

If you love trains in general, particularly sleeper trains, you should not give this Amtrak train a miss.

Like the Cardinal, it also runs thrice a week from Chicago to New Orleans through the heart of the eastern part of the country, where you can see the enthralling beauty of the Mississippi river and may have a look at some sights of significance as well.

train rides in ky

This trail traverses through major cities like Carbondale and Memphis, and various states. It also passes through the periphery of the state of Kentucky as well. You can board this train from Fulton.

Even though you may not be able to see much of the fascinating countryside of Kentucky, there is a lot to see in the journey between the windy city and the city of jazz!

Train Museums In KY

As discussed above, Kentucky hosts numerous railroads that played an important role in developing the state. Apart from these Kentucky train rides, we have listed the top train museums for you if you want to keep your visit as short as possible.

1. Historic Rail Park and Train Museum, Bowling Green

train rides in ky

This is situated on the former railroad station of Bowling Green. After the last passenger train departed the station in 1979, a group of rail enthusiasts undertook restoration projects of rolling stocks provided by various railroad agencies and presented them to the public.

You can find true gems of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad that were instrumental in the development of the town.

2. Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati, Covington

It was founded in 1975 and managed by a non-profit organization. Here, you can find various models of antique train cars to have a look at. It is open from 10 am-4 pm on Saturdays, May through October.

Mostly, tours here are ‘self-guided,’ even though a volunteer would also be available to guide.

train rides in ky

It is a perfect place for kids as this museum exhibits the antiquities of the railroad to the fullest of their grandeur and allows kids, especially toddlers, to feel and touch them (while being under constant surveillance of their guardians).

3. Paducah Railroad Museum, Paducah

train rides in ky

It is a local railroad museum situated in Paducah. It has a train simulator for the visitors to get the train driving experience and learn about train rides in KY.

It is highly recommended for a day out.

4. Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp., Irvine

train rides in ky

Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp. was formed in 2016. it also aims at preserving the glory of the railways. You can see the mighty steam locomotive 2716 of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad (C&O) and other rarities of railways.

Apart from exhibiting various train cars on display, it is also involved in various events and activities in which you can participate.

It is an organisation with an ambition to enhance heritage tourism and stimulate economic growth. It has plans for expansion in the coming years as well.

Train Rides in KY-Some Points to Remember

The COVID pandemic has affected literally everything we can think of. Since restrictions are being lifted gradually, keep these things in mind:

  1. Due to the pandemic, most of the train rides in KY are closed. For updates regarding their reopening, check their websites or their social media accounts.
  2. If you are lucky that any of these train rides in KY is opened, then you must confer to social distancing norms. Always carry a hand sanitiser and wear a mask.
  3. If you have a mild cold or fever or any other flu-like symptoms, you must defer your train ride.
  4. For longer train rides like Amtrak, book your tickets well in advance. Be mentally prepared as your train is going to be your home for a while. Try to talk to co-passengers.
  5. Before heading for your train ride in KY, make sure you meet all the requirements (if any) before boarding. You can check them on their respective websites.

What’s Your Say?

Train rides in KY have a lot to offer. We hope that you would plan to go to Kentucky after reading this article. If we have missed something related to train rides in KY, do mention it in the comment section below.

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