Hidden Sites Of Brighton Colorado: 9 Great Spots

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The joy of discovery and adventure can’t be expressed. It can only be felt! People love going on adventures. And yes, it is necessary too. A hectic month can be fulfilled by a week’s holiday full of popular attractions and adventures.

But what exactly is adventure? An adventure is something which is exactly different from your boring schedule. Being out of your comfort zone, and thriving in the world, is called adventure.

When talked about adventure, their endless spots to check-in. However, today, in this guide, we will dive into the pool of popular attractions found in and around Brighton, Colorado.

So, let’s get started!

The Story of Brighton Colorado

Before plugging into famous attractions, let’s explore Brighton, Colorado, in-depth. Brighton was founded in the 1870s. It was earlier called Brighton Beach, New York. The area was staged as a rail depot and farming community.

However, if observed and compared with the recent, this place flourished into a more diverse and well-authorized manner. Situated to the upper east of Denver, which is in eastern Colorado, Brighton has been called a suburb of Denver for years.

It is out of the mountains, yet can be explored by the drive to ski, sled, or snowmobile. Brighton is a more modest region that is becoming rapidly because of an expanded number of individuals moving to Colorado.

brighton colorado
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Moreover, it does not end here as Brighton Colorado is also known for having some name-commendable researchers, including Richard Ling, establishing proofreader of Mobile Media and Communication, and Max Pfeffer, Senior Associate Dean of the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and several other reputed Universities for giving shining stars to the town.

Popular Attractions In and Around Brighton Colorado

Brighton Oasis Aquatic Park

When talked about adventure with family, the water park is a collective premium choice for everyone. Brighton Oasis Aquatic Park is located in the 4.8-acre site of Brighton, Colorado, where families and pals hunt to thrive their happiness and fun. This spot is adjacent to National Register’s historic Bromley-Koizuma Hishinuma Farm.

brighton colorado
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Offering all the facilities at one stop, it centers two pools, a bathhouse, and a second structure for tagging, staff, and concessions. One pool is for relaxation and sporting use with a zero-profundity section, intelligent water highlights for small kids, and a zone intended for more established youth that fuses water ball.

An extraordinary component of the relaxation pool is the sprinkle ball. As major tipping can, the ball loads up with water, setting off a chime to ring as the substance of the ball pour out in a 360-degree heading.

Armory Performing Art Center

Armory Performing Art Center is the head site in Brighton, Colorado, famous for several performing arts events. It is a social gathering venue established in the northeast metro region.

The Armory was inherent in 1921 and filled in as a weapons storage space; the structure additionally filled in as the central command for Company K, 157th Infantry of the Colorado National Guard. When the National Guard moved in 1928, the American Legion moved in and facilitated incalculable local area occasions and festivities.

The venue is known for conducting social events, including concerts, performances, drama, comedy shows, and many other entertaining pieces of stuff.

Berry Patch Farms

Situated near Georgia, the Berry Patch Farms has its own originally why such a big crowd visits the place every year. The land has covered 40 acres of space with a historical farming process owned by Tim and Claudia Ferrel.

The farms organize many festivals and events, including children’s adventures, Summer CSA, Winter CSA (community supported agriculture program), and several other special events. The farm offers a completely natural environment to the visitors, making them more eager to sojourn there for long.

If you are also searching for a nature-oriented place, berry patch farms can be the best choice for your upcoming vacation spot in Brighton, Colorado.

Brighton City Museum at Historic City Hall

brighton colorado
brett-jordan/ Unsplash.

Founded in the year 2016, The Brighton City Museum is directed and focused on by the Brighton Historic Preservation Commission. The Brighton City Museum likewise tries to protect the legacy of Brighton for people in the future.

The community follows the agenda of preserving the historical essentials of Brighton, Colorado, to enlighten the lamp of their heritage for generations.

Bike Brighton Full Moon Rides

Out of all other attractions, bike Brighton full moon rides is one of the exclusive and seasonal events every year. What makes it special is the night ride. The ride begins at 6:30 pm and continues throughout the night.

brighton colorado
scott-tribby/ Unsplash.

The riders are encouraged to ride with a water bottle, helmet, sunscreen. The riding schedule is commenced monthly. The occasion begins in April, on a particular date. Thereafter, the next suitable date is decided for the next competition. The event goes on till the end of September. Different month rides are named differently. 

  •  April as Pink Moon & Holy Week Saturday Ride
  •  May is known as Flower Moon Ride
  • June as Strawberry Moon Ride
  • July as Buck Moon Ride
  • August as Sturgeon Moon Ride
  • September is known as Harvest Moon Ride

This event is different from others, and hence, a lot of people participate every year.

Lulu’s Farm Roadside Market

Not being an ordinary farm, Lulu’s farm is famous for its fresh and organic farm production which includes, jellies, pickles, sauces, rubs, spice mixes and bulk spices, jams, fruit jars of butter, pinon nuts, and much more.

The farm provides every sort of facility to its customers. Transportation is accessible for the chiles, flavors, and other forte items. Lulu’s Farm is the home of the yearly Brighton Chile Fest (once known as Denver Chili Fest) and an assortment of other food and horticulture-related occasions and classes. It is a package of healthiness. They are also barbecuing and smoking central command with a wide assortment of smokers, flame broils, and flame broiling frills. Shopping at Lulu’s is unquestionably an experience!

Other Places to Visit

The Lanes and North Laine

The beguiling minimal 17th-century cabins, with their beautiful wooden façades, are currently old-fashioned shops, stores, displays, and bistros.

Toward the east of The Lanes is Old Steine, a previous park. It is presently an all-around tended square stretching out to Grand Parade, a sublime avenue fixed with trees and planted with blossoms.

Additionally worth visiting is North Laine, an expression enlivened shopping territory bragging a mixed blend shop and old-fashioned stores, displays, and bistros, just as diversion scenes.

British Airways i360 Viewing Tower

Do you want to explore Brighton, Colorado, in just one view? Bravo! As you can turn your vision true. One of the most impressive attractions around Brighton is the British Airways i360 degree tower, opening a complete 360-degree view to the visitors. This is a 531-foot-tall seafront tower opened in 2016 as the world’s first vertical streetcar and tallest moving perception tower.

Taking about an immense needle, the construction’s round perception stage can lift to 200 individuals to statures of 453 feet for a marvelous perspective on the encompassing territory. Different highlights incorporate a lunch nook and blessing shop. For a genuine treat, look into the accessibility of the fascination’s food and drink choices and time your visit for one of their standard unique occasions.

Bluebell Railway

England’s designing legacy. Running about 11 miles along the line between East and West Sussex, this completely practical rail route works between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead. From here, you can get an interfacing train to London or Brighton.

Acclaimed as the originally safeguarded steam traveler rail route on the planet to work a public help, the rail line’s assortment incorporates 30 vintage motors and just about 150 carriages and carts, the majority of them pre-1939.

Unique themed train rides are offered, including high-end food, murder secret evenings, and Thomas the Tank Engine trips for the children. For an uncommon treat, book an evening tea experience, served onboard one of the fascination’s memorable eating vehicles.

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Brighton, Colorado is a town with endless hidden attractions and enticing events.

Colorado has 41 state parks, which are on the whole assorted and fantastic to investigate. The main activity in Brighton is to visit Barr State Park. This normal diamond is an extraordinary spot for anybody to stroll through or sit by the lake. It is particularly extraordinary for picture takers and bird watchers.

Certainly don’t miss the Eagle Tour; birds winter in the state park, and consistently one set stays to settle. A mechanized vehicle will drive you and your friends and family through the recreation center to show you uncommon perspectives on these wonderful birds during this visit.

Brighton is an exceptional spot to live in Colorado. It offers an extraordinary equilibrium of metropolitan and rustic living with many chances for youngsters and developing families the same. If you’re prepared to move or search for another spot to live in Brighton, consider applying to Elements at Prairie Center. Our inhabitants are Colorado locals and newbies, the same searching for the existence of extravagance close to the Rockies.

In this guide, we explored various places having their originality. In short, it is a land of adventure that initiates fun, joy, and thrill. 

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