7 Stunning Hiking Trails in Huntsville Alabama

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Hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama
Hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama

If you love hiking and nature, there are several beautiful hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama, for you to check out.

Hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama are very well known for their scenic beauty and their ability to give an adventurous adrenaline pump to all nature lovers.

If you plan on hiking in the hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama, make sure to take out plenty of time because once you start the journey, you will want more and more.

Exploring the forests and hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama will give you immense pleasure and will make you feel one with nature.

In case you plan on taking a trip through the hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama, here is a list of the best trails that you should consider going to.

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Best Hiking Trails in Huntsville Alabama

1) Blevins Gap Nature Preserve

This preserve has 994 acres of the natural facility located in southern Huntsville. It Is a few minutes away from the residential and commercial spots.

The preserve is divided into two parts- the north and south of Cecil Ashburn Drive.

You will also come across a few wet weather waterfalls and a rocky incline in between the trail hike. The trailheads Belvin’s gap, valley Bend and sugar tree place provide some of the best places for picnics and gatherings.

2) Monte Sano State Park

These beautiful hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama cover 2140 acres. It is located on top of a mountain and overlooks a spectacular panorama.

You could experience the magic of mother nature as beautiful azaleas bloom along the 14 miles of biking trail for mountain biking and 20 miles of hiking trails in the spring. Along with the flowers, the tree leaves show their colors in the fall.

There are many more attractions near this facility like – The Land Trust of North Alabama, The U.S. Space and Rocket Centre, Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, Burritt on the Mountain Huntsville, Botanical Gardens, and Early Works Family of Museums.

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The buck’s pocket, lake Guntersville state park, and cathedral cavern are just an hour’s drive away. They also provide lodging and camping services in case you wish to spend the night in the wild.

Check out their website for more information.

3) Madison County Nature Trail

Also known as the green mountain nature trail, this is one of Huntsville Alabama’s most beautiful hiking trails.

This facility is located atop the beautiful green mountain in southeast Huntsville. Visit this quiet 72-acre park for a peaceful and calm get away from the noisy urban lifestyle.

This sanctuary is open to the public every day from seven in the morning until thirty minutes before the sunset.

You can also enjoy a 1.5-mile walking trail along with a chapel and pavilion, outdoor classroom, covered bridge, picnic tables, and well-maintained restrooms. You will also find the oldest and largest winged Elm tree standing tall along the trail.

No matter what season, this beautiful county always has something to show. Be it the blooming wildflowers in summer or the beautiful dogwoods and azaleas in the spring.

You could also go fishing with your friends and family. The fishing area is open from Monday to Friday.

4) Rainbow Mountain Trail Parking

This trail is located not much farther the Hughes road and offers a three-mile trail. This hiking trail in Huntsville Alabama features some difficult but beautiful climbs. The rocky terrain makes it a real adventure and pumps you up with energy to hike all the way through.

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The balance rock spot is a very famous place on the trail.

A playground with a large pavilion with a cute picnic area and tables are available for families to relax and start exploring the outdoors.

The trails include – Stoneridge Trail, Jake’s Trail, High Pass Trail, Balanced Rock Trail, and the upper portions of Rainbow Loop Trail.

The mountain has a diverse habitat that you could enjoy and take pictures of.

The downhill hike of the nature preserve offers even more tricky trails like – Ja Moo Ko Trail, Spring Trail, Wild Trail, Berry Trail, and the majority of Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail.

5) Wade Mountain Nature Preserve

This spectacular vista stretches for 935 acres and is located in North Huntsville. There are approximately 12 miles of trails that can be used for hiking and biking. This is one of the hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama that offers horseback riding services as well.

They have a shaded pavilion that can be used as a spot for gatherings. You could also take a stroll through the city of Huntsville’s wade mountain greenway, which has a short, paved walking pathway.

The trail heads include – the Pulaski pike, Spragins hollow, and Fleming. Fleming has no parking space, though.

On the other hand, the trails are – Devils racetrack which is a moderately easy climb, piney loop trail – which is also a pretty easy hike- Fleming trail, and wade mountain greenway trails.

6) Flint River Green Way

This is not actually one of the hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama, per se, but a paved nature walks through the beautiful nature preserve.

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You can have a gorgeous view of the flint river, and the Hampton Cove Golf course crosses the path. This trail or walk is pretty easy and can be done by senior citizens with walkers.

You could also take your pup for a stroll or hike through the preserve but may find it a bit difficult to find water for them. Hence, make sure to carry water for your furry friend.

You could also go for a jog or ride your bike to get a relaxing and energetic exercise done.

The trail is accessible all year round, peaceful, and has very few crowds.

You could also sight beautiful heron birds in the morning.

7) Hays Nature Preserve

These hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama are the most extensive and most undeveloped parklands. Hike from over 10 miles of trails across sloughs, bottomland, and swamps.

The trail is suitable for hiking as well as biking, and horses are also welcome on the northern trail.

You could find deer, rabbits, and birds that are a part of the beautiful flora and fauna of the beautiful hardwood forest. Explore the fields and discover the wetlands while also volunteering to preserve the nature around Huntsville.

Hiking in Huntsville, Alabama

The hiking trails in Huntsville Alabama are the epitome of scenic beauty, waiting to be explored. Plan your hiking trip and visit any or all of these trails range, especially if you are an enthusiastic nature lover. You will not regret it!

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