A person holding the bars in a jail. A person holding the bars in a jail.

Inmates and Life at Houston County Jail

Houston County is the name of five major cities in the US, namely Texas, Minnesota, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.  These cities are very spacious and well-planned, especially the one in Texas. The city is also known as Bayou City. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the US. It is famous for its affordable lifestyle and eye-captivating architecture. 

In each of these county, jails are built for the safety and security of the people. These jails are referred to as the Houston County Jail. Apart from this, one more jail in Texas is called Harris County Jail.

One unique feature of this group of jails is that they provide information about the inmates on the Internet. Information like the detainee’s name, image, charges on the detainee, sex, age, and the date the person was brought to the jail are mentioned on their website. Anyone can access this data through the online platform.

1. Reasons for the People Being Detained

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As per the official website of Houston County Jail of Texas, the majority of the inmates in the jail have been accused of breaking the traffic rules and robbery. Contrary to this, prisoners who are detained in Caledonia are those who are accused of antisocial and illegal practices.

These jails can house both male and female prisoners. The capacity of different jails is different. For example, the Houston Jail in Minnesota can accommodate up to 12 prisoners. On the other hand, the jail located in Alabama can house more than 300 prisoners at once. While the Houston County Jail can house more than 500 prisoners at once.

The Sheriff of Houston County is the main signatory official of the jail, and he, along with other members of the Houston County Sheriff’s office, is responsible for maintaining the safety and peace of the jail and the city as well. The Sheriff is also responsible for maintaining discipline among the inmates. However, the number of operating officials is also different for different jails.

2. Features of the Houston County Jail

The features of these jails are typically the same, but there can be variations such as visiting time, visiting duration, and programs for the inmates in jails.

2.1. Visiting Hours in Houston County Jail

People who wish to visit their family members or relatives can visit them, but one can only visit the detained person when the official authority has approved their application. Without approval, one can not visit the jail. The visiting hours and days for all these jails are different. A few jails offer weekday visits, while some provide only weekend visits to the visitors.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that no on-the-spot meetings are entertained by the authorities, so to avoid any problems, it is better to schedule the visit in advance. Moreover, there is no direct communication between the visitors and the inmates. The contact is made via video conferencing.

A few more protocols must be followed, which the authorities intimates to the visitors.

2.2. Phone Call Services in Houston County Jail

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Houston County Jail provides phone services to the inmates. However, the detainees don’t have access to the phone 24/7. They can only use the phone to contact their family for a particular time limit specified by the authorities.

Detainees who misbehave with the other inmates or those working there can be debarred from accessing the phone services. The phone calls may be recorded for official purposes and used if required. 

2.3. Programs for the Inmates

The Houston County jail offers various programs for the inmates, including regional services programs, inmate worker programs, recreational programs, libraries, reintegration programs for male inmates, etc.

The main motive of these programs is to teach inmates good habits and positive values. For example, as per the information on the official site of Houston County Jail, Tennessee, they engage the inmate in various chores such as cooking, laundry work, etc. The jails also have first aid facilities for emergencies. The health professionals also do regular health checkups of the inmates.

2.4. Canteen

There is a canteen inside the jail where inmates can purchase the items. They can purchase the items using the funds that their family members deposit.

As their website mentions, certain rules and regulations should be followed to deposit money in the inmate’s account. For further details, one can contact the authorities. They are always ready to clear the doubts and issues of the people.

The food served in the canteen is fit for consumption by the inmates and is prepared in a hygienic place under hygienic conditions.

2.5. Postal Services 

Everyone likes to connect with their loved ones. Even the prisoners like to connect with their families. To fulfill the same wishes of the inmates, the Houston County jails provide postal services to the inmate’s families so that they can connect with them and send them letters.

The addresses at which the prisoner’s family can send these letters or parcels are provided by the authorities on the respective websites or can be taken by authorities by contacting them.

A bundle if post cards- Postal services provided by the Houston County Jail
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2.6. Security of the Houston County jail

The sheriff has been assigned the duty of maintaining the safety of the jails. He and his other team members have to ensure that all the inmates residing in the jail are free from any danger. The jails have been equipped with medium to high-security services for the inmates’ and staff’s safety.

Jails have been provided with cameras to assist with the 24×7 supervision of the jail and the nearby areas. This helps to monitor the jails in a better way.

Ending Note

Here is a comprehensive guide on Houston County Jail; proper measures are taken to ensure the safety and etiquette of the place and justice is served to the affected. With programs curated for the inmates, officials ensure the wary get a second chance to prove themselves worthy and do not course back to the life of crimes.


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