How Far is Tampa from Orlando: 5 Ways to Travel to Tampa

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Let’s check how far is Tampa from Orlando…

How far have you traveled so far? Do you love traveling and love to explore new places? Then here is a place that you ought not to miss out on! Here’s one of the best vacation ideas for those residing in the city of Tampa or its outskirts.

Disney, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Legoland, and other theme parks call Orlando home. Yes, I am talking about Orlando! The city of theme park destination will be your best choice to land for fun, food, and entertainment.

how far is tampa from orlando
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With the Florida Aquarium and sandy beaches, Tampa, a city in the USA state of Florida, is a great spot to visit. Busch Gardens and the famous Ybor City area, founded by Cuban and Spanish cigar industry workers in the early 1900s, are both located in Tampa. Some attractions could also be closed briefly or need reservations prior.

The straight line distance or the chartered flight distance between Orlando and Tampa is 124.2 Km or 77.2 miles, and the driving distance is 83 miles. The travel time can be from less than one and a half hours to as much as 7 to 8 hours, depending upon whether you are flying or driving a car or taking trains or buses to reach Tampa, Fl, from Orlando, FL.

Orlando, a central Florida city, is a popular destination for holidaymakers and business people. Aside from the world-famous theme parks, Orlando offers many hotels, restaurants, theatres, and supper performances. It’s about as simple as getting between these cities.

A road trip is the quickest and cheapest way to get from Tampa to Orlando with straightforward driving directions, but the bus and train are also good options for a low-cost trip between the cities. Gas will almost certainly cost more than a bus ticket, not to add parking expenses if staying in for a night in an Orlando hotel.

1. How Far Is Tampa from Orlando by Flight

Orlando International Airport is a bustling hub, with over 40 million travelers passing through each year. The Orland International Airport, which has a long history of serving domestic and international travelers, hosts 42 passenger airlines regularly.

Unfortunately, there are no nonstop flights between Orlando and Tampa, due to which you have to opt for the connecting flights, which will take 3 to 4 hours to reach Tampa with minimum stops and a maximum of up to 7 hours. Flights with a single stop are available for around $264.

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Tampa International Airport is a busy airport as well. This airport, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, provides a breathtaking view of the Gulf as you fly over Tampa.

The Tampa airport is quite modern and exciting, with plenty of shops and restaurants. This airport offers a wide range of ground transportation alternatives, including rental vehicles, taxis, and shuttles. For the class and comfort journey, you can go on a flight from Orlando to Tampa.

2. Orlando to Tampa by Train

Train travel between Tampa and Orlando is quite simple and inexpensive. You’ll depart from Tampa Union Station and arrive at Orlando Amtrak Station in under two hours of travel.

The Tampa station’s waiting area is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. Whether you have tickets or luggage, you must check in 30 to 45 minutes before the train departs.

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With one-way tickets starting at roughly $14, this is one of the more affordable options, and the ride is incredibly pleasurable if you don’t feel like driving. Although the Tampa to Orlando distance is short, you can also change the fare class on your ticket if you choose. A reserved Coach seat in a Viewliner Roomette costs $170, while a reserved Coach seat in a bedroom costs $273.

If you enjoy train travelling, then go with this travel mode being the most affordable mode of travelling from Orlando to Tampa.

3. By Bus from Orlando to Tampa

The road trip takes one and a half and two hours, depending on the stops. This route may be ideal for business travelers, with early morning departures and evening returns. This mode of the journey is going to be no less than a luxury. The buses on this route are well equipped with reasonably priced technological facilities.

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The bus may be the most cost-effective mode of transportation between the cities. Buses depart from Tampa Bus Station at 610 E Polk St, with some buses stopping in Lakeland, for a total journey time of two hours and ten minutes. Purchase an economy ticket (beginning at $12 for a one-way ticket) or, if necessary, an Economy Extra ticket (starting at $17), which includes one free checked bag (maximum weight of 50 pounds) and one free carry-on bag (max of 25 pounds).

The tickets can be booked online easily from Greyhound and FlixBus travel services which are highly economically viable. Visit these websites and other relevant customer-rated services as per your need.

4. Going Tampa from Orlando by Car

Why not take a drive to Orlando yourself? Driving in a car from Tampa, FL, to Orlando, FL, is simple. I-4 E is the best route and one of the quickest routes. Driving to Tampa will be the most effective, fastest, and most adventurous option to choose among other travel options.

In Orlando, take I-275 N for three minutes and then follow signs for I-4 E to W South St. Take exit 82A, and you’ll be near your destination for nearly half an hour. Orlando to Tampa distance by road is 83 miles, a little more than the shortest or straight line distance. The road trip takes one and a half hours minimum.

Magic Kingdom Park, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley are the significant stops from Tampa to Orlando, with brief detours from your road trip.

The famous diversions on the map are the LEGOLAND, Florida Resort, Universal Studios Florida, and the Manatee Viewing Center. You can make a quick stop at Gatorland, the world’s alligator capital if you are interested in alligators and have some extra time on your hands since it is a small total driving distance from Orlando to Tampa.

By: Kyaw Tun/Unsplash Copyright 2022

This location has been at the forefront of alligator safety and education since 1949. Explore the swamp for young gators, giant gators, and the world’s most extensive collection of exceedingly uncommon white leucistic alligators. Don’t forget the free-flight aviary, animal displays, a zip line, and a petting zoo.

5. Orlando to Tampa by Bike or Walking

From Orland to Tampa, Google Maps shows three different bicycle routes. There are various paths in and near Orlando and Tampa on the official Florida Bik

e Trail website, but none that connects the two cities. The trail is 107 miles long and travels through lovely Lake County on scenic back roads. Between Orland and Tampa, there is no straight line walking routes; nevertheless, Google Maps shows a walking path broadly equivalent to the bicycling course.

In Florida, there are many things to see and do. Almost every turn on the journey between Orlando and Tampa is full of surprises. Theme parks reign supreme, but there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path gems to be discovered.

There is something for everyone to do, see, taste, and experience in Florida, the Sunshine State, whether one wants to join the crowds at a favorite adventure park or relax in a quiet beach hideaway.

A bike or a walk is, thus, an exploration-based travel option with much exposure to nature. As you get going, you will realize that you begin to connect with nature, the fresh air, the natural beauty, the sound of nature, and the peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

Traveling from Orlando to Tampa will be great fun, with many explorations and destinations to come across while on the way. The 85 miles trip, in my opinion, goes great with a road trip by car with a bunch of travelers or a bicycle traveling when you wish to travel solo, enjoying every moment by your side.

If you want a real road trip, go by car or bicycle exploring the interesting places around you, the great restaurants, and hangout places.

It is worth visiting the culture and historical city of Tampa and the theme park destination of Orlando. Tampa, the gulf coast city, has a lot to be explored regarding the cultures, traditions, histories, and nature connecting with you.

Furthermore, the city has a variety of attractions for guests of all ages, whether they enjoy thrills and spills, getting near nature, or resting.
Tampa is also close to several fantastic beaches and coastal destinations along the stunning Gulf Coast!

Thank you for reading till the end. If there are any other queries that you wish to ask, do let us know in the comment box below. We will reach out to you soon.

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