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How much does a junk car cost?

There is no single answer to this question, and never will be. Too many components of different costs are meant by the word “car.” Sellers want too much; buyers want too cheap. In the end, they converge at one point, but after the fact of negotiations.

In selling spare parts, everything is simpler — there are single parts. To initially estimate the order of cost, you can resort to the scrap car value calculator, which is a fairly objective tool.

1. Sooner or later, you’ll have to say goodbye

You can love a car as much as you like and assume that it has worked out its money for a long time, but sooner or later it will be time to part with it. Many drivers would like to postpone this moment, but this does not happen, and they will have to think about it.

The car is metal; every material and part made from it has its own service life. We suggest considering the main signs that the time of parting is close.

1.2. Engine overhaul coming soon

Overhaul for each car is carried out at its time mark, usually a couple of thousand kilometers. The procedure is quite expensive — both in terms of details and work.

If the engine began to consume more oil, the power dropped, and smoke came out of the exhaust pipe — think about it, maybe this is a reason to leave.

1.3. Started corroding

If a major overhaul is the most expensive procedure, then the car body is the most expensive part. Parts sellers do not guarantee bodies since their cost is approximately equal to the cost of a used car and is not cleared back by customs.

Therefore, if rust has appeared on the body, it can be rubbed off by hand with little harm to the appearance. But in principle — this is also a bell about parting.

1.4. Regular breakdowns

It happens that for no reason, the car starts to “crumble“. One thing breaks, and then another, and where it has never happened before. When you get tired of getting your wallet at a car service now and then, perhaps this will become an occasion to think: this should end.

Accidents, natural disasters, and bandit actions are force majeure, but they’re more of a reason to turn in a car to guys like Junk Cars US.

2. What does the cost calculator for junk cars consist of?

This is not a calculator in the direct sense — with numbers and signs. This is a program that calculates the approximate cost of a car from the entered data.

The more accurate the answers, the more honest the price. The calculator for car parts works in a similar way; since all identification numbers are known, you can track them from anywhere in the world.

The following information is usually entered into the request windows of the junk car calculator:

  • type of transport
  • body type
  • car model
  • model
  • fuel
  • transmission
  • type of drive
  • mileage
  • region
  • engine capacity
  • color

The program calculates the average market price based on private listings, commercial prices, and auction results.

3. The average life cycle of a car in the USA

The order below is not mandatory, but you will see much compatible with life.

  • To begin with, the first owner leases a car from a dealership and simply drives it for two or three years since the leasing company pays all expenses. True, there is a limit of 10-12 thousand kilometers per year, you need to pay extra for the rest.
  • Then, the car is returned to the salon, where it is repaired and put for second-hand sale, like a used car. At this stage, the car loses about 40% of its value, and such a purchase is considered successful.
  • The next owner uses the car for up to a hundred thousand miles, after which he can continue to drive or give it back to the salon for resale. But now it will be just a used car without any guarantees on it.
  • The third buyer will drive the car until the first serious breakdown, and then the moment of truth will come: leave it or take it to a landfill. Such a car can change a few more brave owners, each time falling in price.

There are three ways:

  1. The car is handed over to the salon according to the tradein system, from there it will end up at an auction and go to disassemble parts if no one wants to buy the whole car itself.
  2. You can donate a junk car to a charity, this will reduce the percentage of payments. But for a car, the way from there is again to the auction.
  3. For a symbolic cost, the car is handed over to a landfill. Specialized firms, such as Jan Cars US, are engaged in a comprehensive service — from paperwork to transfer

The life of a car can be different; it can meet an accident, fire, flood, or criminal on its way.

Separately, it should be noted that car repairs in the USA are an expensive business; therefore, body restoration work, for example, is not carried out at all — there is no point in the cost of parts and the service itself.

Old American cars have become very popular in Eastern Europe, and this is perhaps a new life after the auction.

4. Conclusion

The fact is that the quality of American parts and assemblies, as well as gentle operation on high-quality roads with good fuel, makes the car as a whole and spare parts separately good competitors to new but cheap and brittle parts.

In addition, there is interest in certain brands and models of cars — for Europe, they are exclusive and increase the owner’s status even in used condition.

If you cannot decide: repair, dump, or continue to use, — seek advice from specialists.


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