How to Make Moon Water: 7 Easy Steps

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Let’s harness the moon’s energy, like me, you probably believe the full moon is the most beautiful thing to ever exist in the universe. How can you not glance at the space above and stare at the full moon against the pitch-black sky shining like a pearl lost in the ocean’s depth? How to make moon water is a question few blessed souls wonder about.

It has the power to heal you over and over again. It has been believed by several people for centuries now that a particular phase of the moon affects our physical and mental well-being. The lunar cycle is linked to the menstrual cycle, mood swings, and sleep patterns.

Although there is little scientific evidence to back up this claim, many spiritual traditions exist where people have tried to harness the full moon’s energy through various mediums. One of these is a simple and effective process of creating lunar water.

It is believed that the water charged under the new moons or full moons can help in fulfilling manifestations and improve one’s spiritual wellness and cleanse the negative energy from one’s mind and soul.

Indeed, Moon and water have such an intriguing connection. The moon is responsible for the gravitational pull that causes the ocean’s tides. And surprise, surprise! Guess what 60% of the human body consists of?

That’s right, water! Astrologers believe that drinking, bathing, or spraying charged moon water that has been charged under the full moon can help a person in harnessing the moon’s power.

Well, do not worry, you don’t need to go to the moon to get moon water. You can make it at home! Moon water is just distilled water left under the new moon and full moon and is allowed to absorb lunar energy.

As simple as it sounds, making moon water is even more straightforward and fun! It is simply water energetically charged by direct moonlight. Read ahead to find out more about how to make the moon water.

7 Easy Step Guide on How to Make Moon Water

If you wonder how to make moon water at home, congratulations, you came to the right place. Follow these simple steps, and you will have your moon water all ready in no time.

1. Step 1

Here is the 1st step on how to make moon water. It would help if you researched the moon’s phases to understand the difference in energy during particular vents. One should consult the zodiac sign that the moon is in before setting out their water.

Moon water should be made between a new moon and a full moon. You can also make your moon water under the gibbous moon when it is almost complete but avoid making the moon water during an eclipse as it overpowers the lunar energy.

You would not be able to harness the positive energy of the moon in such a case.

1.1. Zodiac Signs and How It Affects Lunar Energy

Here is a list of how different zodiac signs have a different effect on the lunar energy of the moon water. Each zodiac has unique properties linked to it.

Aries – Water charged under this fire sign is supposed to bring courage, confidence, and positivity in life.

Taurus – Water charged under this earth sign brings about love, harmony, and inducing fertility.

Gemini – Water that has been charged under this air sign is said to have a positive impact on overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

Cancer – Water charged under this water sign is said to instill and create maternal love and protective feelings.

Leo – Water charged under this fire sign is supposed to bring out creative energies and help in inspiring creative work.

Virgo – Water charged under this earth sign is said to have a practical impact that will help in facilitating planning further in life.

Libra – Water charged under this air sign is supposed to bring energies that can help balance the love in relationships and friendships.

Scorpio – Water charged under this water sign is linked with psychic spirituality, energetically speaking.

Sagittarius – Water charged under this fire sign is said to help in establishing a spiritual and meditative mental state.

Capricorn – Water charged under this earth sign will have energies linked to career and materialism.

Aquarius – Water charged under this air sign is linked with innovative and intriguing energies.

Pisces – Water charged under this water sign is linked with emotional stability and a stable mental state.

Hopefully, all your doubts about how the zodiacs affect the moon water are clear, and we can move on to the next step!

2. Step 2

Here is the 2nd step on how to make moon water. Decide the particular zodiac sign or phase you want to charge your water under. You can choose any zodiac you feel connected to and want to harness the energy of.

3. Step 3

Here is the 3rd step on how to make moon water. Once you have decided on a particular time or lunar event, get a clear water bottle from any container that can hold water without any leakage.

Choose any vessel that you would embrace your moon water in. If you plan to make edible water, choose a thoroughly cleaned container that one could quickly drink from.

4. Step 4

Here is the 4th step on how to make moon water. Next, fill the container with clear and preferably distilled or potable water, and the amount of water you want to put under the moon depends on your will. You can also use bottled or tap water, but if you wish to drink the water, then using freshwater is recommended.

5. Step 5

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Here is the 5th step on how to make moon water. If the moon water is supposed to be non-edible, then adding crystals would be ideal. Amethyst is an excellent choice since it is a natural tranquilizer and helps relieve stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, and dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

Another great choice would be white quartz, as it is considered a master healer that amplifies energy and it also helps in improving concentration and memory power.

You can also add cleansing herbs such as basil, mugwort, rosemary, lavender, and more, as they provide emotional healing and cleanse your body from within. If you make edible moon water, add edible herbs and avoid crystals.

6. Step 6

Here is the 6th step on how to make moon water. Next, infuse your moon water with manifestations and intentions. You can write these down, tape them to the container, or whisper them softly to the water. It could be a specific intention.

Don’t worry too much about what intentions you should infuse your water with. After all, it will forever remain a secret between you and your moon water.

7. Step 7

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Here is the 7th step on how to make moon water. Now, leave the container filled with water under the full moon or any lunar phase of your choice and let it sit there for a night so it can get charged with the lunar power.

Leaving the water open under the moonlight on a terrace would be ideal, but if you have limited access to an open terrace, you can also place your moon water on a window sill through which the light can pass. Leave overnight.

8. Step 8: Enjoy Your Moon Water!

Here is the 8th step on how to make moon water. Night’s gone, the daylight is here, and you have cracked the code on making moon water. Voila! You have successfully learned how to make moon water, and it is ready to use.

Oh, but wait? You might wonder what you use the water for; the answer is all yours to find out.

If you have made edible lunar water, you can boil it for your morning tea, drink it straight from the bottle or use it for cooking.

You can store the water in a spray bottle or jar and use it to clean your artifacts and personal items and add to them the luster of the full moon.

You can add the water to your bath to add a sense of spirituality and feel relieved after soaking up in lunar water.

The physical and mental relief and positive energy it would provide you with will undoubtedly convince you to start incorporating moon water in your daily beauty routine.

After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a moon bath after an exhausting day at work? A ritual bath containing the essence of the full moon would indeed be an ideal way to reward yourself after a tiresome day.

You can also use it to water your plants. Indeed, letting your plants soak up some of the moon’s energy would revitalize them and make them seem fresher and brighter.

Adding it to your perfume bottles and essential oils is also a perfect way to use your moon water.

One can always use the moon water to cleanse any place or items they have a spiritual connection with, such as crystals, altars, or any ritual tools and sacred objects used during religious and holy events.

Now you must be wondering why it is recommended that one should make the moon water during full moons? Why not crescent or gibbous?

The answer to this is simple. You can undoubtedly make moon water under various lunar phases. Still, the full moon is the preferable lunar event as in the absence of sunlight, the direct moonlight is at its full potential, producing the most well-charged full moon water.

So, now that you have the complete knowledge of how to make moon water and its use, purpose, and objective.

Why sit here and stare at your computer screen? It is high time you connected to your inner self, activated your third eye, practiced shadow work, and experienced a spiritual transformation.

And what better way to bring this to reality than making moon water? Run now and make your moon water blessed with the divine qualities of the immortal Moon also teach others how to make moon water.

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