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7 Gear Items You Need for Successful Turkey Hunting

Everybody wants to be the best in competition, and turkey hunting is no different. Yet, it takes time and practice to become an expert hunter. For amateurs, the best they can do is be fully prepared like the pros are, starting with having the right gear.

Turkey hunting is a challenging outdoor activity that demands patience, skill, and proper equipment. Whether you’re chasing gobblers during the splendid spring or the cool fall months, having the right gear can significantly elevate your hunting experience. Every piece of gear, from the turkey hunting camo to the precise rifle fire, plays an essential part in achieving success.

1. Camouflage clothing

Camouflage clothing is essential. You’ve seen the movies and TV shows that highlight top-of-the-line camouflage. The hero is always layered in it when out in the wilderness. That’s because it’s necessary for blending seamlessly into your surroundings and avoiding detection. Select camouflage patterns that match the specific terrain you plan to hunt, whether lush woodlands or sprawling grasslands. Additionally, donning a camouflage facemask and gloves adds an extra layer of concealment, heightening your chances of remaining unnoticed.

2. Turkey locator calls

While not as famous as duck calls, turkey calls are indispensable tools for any avid turkey hunter. These devices expertly mimic the distinct sounds of turkeys, luring them closer to your location and, therefore, increasing your chances of success.

There is a wide variety of turkey calls, such as box calls, slate calls, diaphragm calls, and push-button calls, so it is important to research which works best for your hunting expedition. By exploring the different options, you can better identify the one that resonates most effectively with your hunting style.

3. Turkey decoys

While they can almost feel like cheating, turkey decoys are a true professional’s best friend. Turkey decoys are lifelike replicas designed to entice turkeys by creating the illusion of a flock.

Strategically placing these decoys can draw turkeys within range for a clear shot. Consider utilizing hen and gobbler decoys to enhance realism and increase your chances of success.

4. Hunting vest

A hunting vest is a practical and functional accessory for turkey hunting excursions. No professional would be caught dead in the wild without the proper hunting vest. It offers valuable storage space for your gear, including locator calls, ammunition, snacks, and water.

Seek a vest with multiple pockets and compartments to keep your essentials organized and readily accessible during the hunt, ensuring ease of movement and quick retrieval when needed.

Lastly, don’t forget to find something stylish because the Instagram photos, where you’re holding the spoils of your hunting trip, will not go unnoticed by friends.

5. Hunting boots

Investing in high-quality hunting boots is paramount for enduring comfort and exceptional mobility during extended hours in the field. Look for boots with waterproof capabilities, shielding your feet from moisture and minimizing your scent.

Optimal boot height selection depends on the terrain you’ll navigate, whether marshes, forests, or rugged landscapes, ensuring optimal traction and support.

6. Binoculars

Binoculars are indispensable tools for scouting turkeys from a distance and observing their behavior. The key lies in acquiring binoculars with superior optics and suitable magnification power that align with your specific requirements.

Compact and lightweight binoculars are ideal, as they facilitate easy carrying throughout your thrilling hunting adventures and grant clear and sharp images.

7. Shotguns

A dependable shotgun is an essential tool for any turkey hunting endeavor. The widely favored shotgun gauges for turkey hunting are the 12-gauge and 20-gauge.

To ensure optimal performance, equip your shotgun with a tight choke, enabling a denser pattern at longer distances.

Before venturing into the field, dedicate time to practicing shooting your shotgun, refining your accuracy, and familiarizing yourself with its nuances.

8. Parting words

Turkey hunting can be a fun experience if you come prepared like the professionals. So make sure you adequately research the best gear to take with you on your hunt.

Remember to take the time to get familiar with your equipment and hone your skills before going on any hunts. Not only will you be more successful, but you’ll be more comfortable and have more fun. Safe hunting!

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