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Want to visit a place whose bunch of activities will make your adrenaline soar high? Then the Indian mountain ATV park is the place for you. Nestled in the lap of the Appalachian mountain range, this 4,700 acres of land is considered one of the largest off-road parks in North Carolina and Northeast Alabama.

Everything About Indian Mountain ATV Park

Established in 2019, this amazing park offers vast acres of land that offer OHV trail riding, camping, fishing, and hiking. According to the official website of Indian Mountain ATV park, this recreational area was made to deliver people a place where they can kick back and relax after a grueling week at work.

They aim to offer an environment that will smile on the face and provide memories that will always be cherished in the heart by young and old alike.

Indian Mountain ATV Park
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A. Things to Do in The Park

1. Trailing

Vast acres of the Indian Mountain ATV Parkland are opened to offer people to ride their ATVs, SXSW, and dirt bikes all day long. Although an ATV park, it can also be used for OHV trailing. Now, you may be a beginner to the terms of OHV and ATV trailing. So let me help you out. ATV stands All-Terrain Vehicle, and ATV trails refer to off-road corridors designed for ATV travel. This route is generally designated by a government agency having jurisdiction. It should be kept in mind that the trials are assigned by legislation and filed with the Department of Natural Resources.

On the other hand, OHV refers to Off-highway vehicles. An OHV trail riding is a dirt road that has been designated as legal and appropriate for off-highway use by motorized vehicles. The trail is usually one vehicle width wide and prolonged to travel. Indian Mountain ATV Park is famed for its trailing routes. The place renders some amazing trails whose scenery can catch you off-guard. The terrain ranges from mud pits, rugged hill climbed, and deep wood vegetation.

According to the drivers that take part in the trailing here, the park provides an amazing management system and good map and route network. As the areas are huge, they do not have to repeat trail riding paths often. And also another point which is the key highlight of the Indian mountain ATV park is that it delivers the thrill of the night drive. The park is open till midnight and only remains silent from midnight to six-thirty in the morning.

However, that being said, there are some areas on which the park can work like

  1. Most trail routes are not properly marked as they can abruptly end in dead ends.
  2. As it is just newly opened, the path can be too congested for someone’s liking and pose serious problems during training.
  3. Although alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the park, this rule is strictly not followed during training.
  4. Parking should be improved as it has been reported that most of the cars have to be parked alongside the trail route.

2. Hiking

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If trailing is something you do not enjoy, hiking is also provided by the Indian Mountain ATV Park. The Park provides miles and miles of hiking trails with some breath-taking scenarios. Some of the popular trails offered are the Pinhoti recreation and Davis Mountain trails.

Pinhoti National trail is a southern Appalachian mountains long-distance trail that covers 335 miles in length. The southern terminus trail is on Flagg mountain, and the northern terminus joins the Benton MacKaye Trail. On the other hand, Davis Mountain trail offers you 6 different amazing hiking trails to select from.

3. Camping and Fishing

If none of the above seems to interest you and you are looking forward to days where you can relax back and unwind, they also do not worry. Indian mountain ATV park has got you covered.

You can book cabin rentals/tent sites at the campsite, do some fishing from the nearby creeks and lakes and enjoy the quietness around. As the park is rested in the lap of the Appalachian mountains, which is considered one the oldest mountains on Earth, activities like stargazing, geocaching, and picnics can also be availed.

Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash. copyright 2016

B. Things to Keep in Mind While in Indian Mountain ATV Park

Indian mountain ATV park is regulated by some strict ground rules, which should be adhered to maximize the enjoyment and fun that the park provides. Some of the basic ones are

  1. Since the trailing areas are huge, following the direction and signs provided during the routes and having google maps is essential for the driver’s safety.
  2. Hunting is strictly prohibited in the park grounds.
  3. Fireworks, firearms, and filtering are restricted and strictly enforced in adherence to this rule.
  4. Alcoholic beverages and glass bottles are not allowed on the train.
  5. Damage to the environment in any circumstance is not allowed.
  6. If you are camping on the site, it is imperative to extinguish the fires before leaving and take proper precautions before lighting the fire.
  7. Goggles, proper hiking shoes, maps, and other measures should be taken care of if you are hiking in an Indian mountain ATV park.
  8. Creeks, stream beds, and streams should be avoided as much as possible to prevent erosion of the waterways if not marked in the trail.

Since trailing is the park’s activity, most ground rules revolve around that. Unfortunately, there have been some rampant accidents in the Park since its opening, which most of the time have led to hospitalization with some serious damages to the health or, in some extreme cases, have also led to death. Therefore, some special rules are generally directed at the OHV trail riding and ATV drivers.

  1. Every driver should follow the manufacturer’s safe operating procedures and wear a safety harness and seat belt all the time in the vehicle.
  2. The vehicles should have the proper equipment to operate on rough terrains.
  3. Vehicles should not be operated in a reckless manner or in any condition that can put someone’s life in danger.

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Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash, copyright 2021

So, there you go, everything about Indian Mountain ATV Park. This park provides amazing recreational activities ranging from trailing that can provide you with an adrenaline rush to some peaceful campsites that will help you relax and unwind. This park provides something for everyone, and you can surely give it a try.

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