Lake Pleasant Camping: 5 Great Things to Do

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lake pleasant camping
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Lake Pleasant Camping should be on your list of adventures. It is a campsite full of fun things to do and fantastic scenery to see.

You probably know Arizona because of the Grand Canyon, but its unique features aren’t just limited to that. It has beautiful natural vegetation and great scenic beauties to back it up, making it a popular tourist spot. One of these features that make it so well-known is Lake Pleasant Camping. 

Lake Pleasant Camping

Lake Pleasant Camping provides an excellent chance for a bit of getaway from the usual monotonous life and is a great way to relax in nature. So, all my campers looking for new camping grounds to venture to read carefully and consider why this is a place you must visit at least once.  

1. Where is Lake Pleasant located?

Lake Pleasant camping takes place in the Lake Pleasant Regional Park, edging the northwest Phoenix in Arizona. It is located in the municipal precincts of Peoria. 

2. About Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is an artificial reservoir built in 1994. It has water filling it from the Agua Fria River initially. A significant portion of it now comes from the Colorado River after the Central Arizona Project Aqueduct diverted water from the lake.

This caused the lake to expand significantly to its original size, and now the lake’s coastline runs over 180 kilometers.

3. Lake Pleasant Camping

Lake Pleasant Regional Park consists of 148 semi-developed and developed sites for tents and RVs in the campground.

Semi-developed sites comprise a lovely fire ring, a barbecue grill, a wide picnic table, a covered ramada, and restroom/shower facilities.

Developed sites of Lake Pleasant Camping comprise a lovely fire ring, a barbecue grill, a wide picnic table, a roofed ramada, a dump station, electricity, water, and restroom/ shower facilities.

4. Lake Pleasant Campground

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The Desert Tortoise Group Campground area can only be used by reserving the place beforehand and requires a reservation of at least 10 camping units. 

Desert Tortoise Campground has 76 sites which consist of 41 semi-developed campsites, 25 developed campsites, and 10 tent campsites.

Roadrunner Campground contains all developed sites and has 71 sites for Tent camping and RV.

5. Lake Pleasant Shoreline Camping

Primitive Camping or shoreline Camping occurs almost all year round at the Lake Pleasant Regional Park, depending on the water levels. Shoreline camping can only be done in the designated areas.

Reservations for these places are given on a first-come-first-served basis. Shoreline camping in tents can be done in the designated area as no vehicles are allowed to be parked by the shoreline but in the designated parking areas. 

6. Lake pleasant Boat- in Camping

Boat-in camping is usually opted for by anglers who want to fish in the evening or early morning. These campers are supposed to check in before 8 pm when the park closes. Around 30 parking spaces are assigned for this purpose.

This is also given to campers on a first-come-first-served basis. 

7. Lake Pleasant Camping Activities                          

Apart from good old traditional camping, there is more to discover at the Lake Pleasant Camping site. These added benefits make camping here much more fun. A few of the popular ones are:

7.1. Kayaking and Boating

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Lake Pleasant offers a variety of water sports, awakening the adventure side in us. Kayaking, wakeboarding, and boating are a few popular sports here for campers. 

The Lake Pleasant Regional Park presents two boat launching ramps of 10-lane and 4-lane and are functional to a water level of around 1600 feet.

Approximately 480 vehicles out of which 125 cars and 355 vehicles with their trailers can be parked in the 10-lane parking area. The north side of the lake is where the 4-lane ramp is situated, and its parking area comprises 112 vehicles with their boat trailers. 

You can have your own boat or rent a boat for a full day or half-day as per your requirement.

7.2. Stargazing

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The stars have been fascinating us, humans, for a long time, and whereas they are not very clearly visible in the city, that’s not the case at Lake Pleasant camping grounds. The clear starry sky, the soft, silent desert, and the sizeable tranquil lake create an ambiance that will ingrain your memory forever to treasure. 

The Lake Pleasant Regional Park also provides a telescope to enjoy the heavenly night sky’s view much more closely and clearly. There is also a program that teaches the visitors more about the galaxy, the moon, the planets, etc.

The fee for this is covered in the entry fees of the park. 

7.3. Fishing

Fishing is the most common activity that complements lakeside camping. All such campers interested in fishing should consider going to Lake pleasant for camping as the lake has different types of fish. Fishing can be done by the shoreline or on a boat.

The lake is so famous that it holds many competitions ranging from beginner to professional level every year by different organizations and clubs. 

The best season for fishing at the lake is summer and spring. When it’s much hotter, the fish move to the deeper waters during the summer. Thus, fishing at nighttime increases your chances of catching the Large-mouth bass and other fishes, making it a popular activity. 

7.4. Hiking

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Hiking, another familiar but popular activity among the campers, is offered by the Lake Pleasant Regional Park. The length of the trails offered by them ranges from 0.5 miles to around 2 miles and is not very difficult, making it enjoyable for all hikers.

The designated trail for hiking at the Lake Pleasant Regional Park is The Pipeline Canyon Trail. When the water levels are high, the hikers can use a floating bridge that connects the trail for such situations.

For beginner hikers, The Discovery Center Trail is the best as it is easy to climb and is only a half-mile long. It connects the Discovery Center to the Roadrunner Campground.   

The Roadrunner trail is 1.5 miles long and is the most scenic out of all the trails. It connects picnic areas A and B with the Discovery Center and the 10-lane boat ramp. It also has a beautiful view of Lake Pleasant.

7.5. Moonlight Scorpions Hunting at Lake Pleasant

One of the unique activities available while camping at Lake Pleasant is hunting the moonlight scorpions at night. They are a part of the fauna of Arizona’s desert and inhabit the region around Lake Pleasant.

All you need is a black light to see these beautiful creatures in the moonlight. You can either go self-hunting or on a guided tour, but we promise it to be a fun experience for you either way. 

8. Points to remember

8.1. Pets are allowed at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, but they are to be kept on a leash that should be of a maximum length of 6 feet all the time. They are not supposed to be left unattended, and neither are they allowed in the washrooms.

Keep in mind that your pet does not cause any disturbance to the park staff and other campers. Their waste must be disposed of by their owners in trash cans. 

8.2. Keep in mind that wood gathering and wildflower picking are prohibited.

8.3. Refrain from dirtying the site and restrooms, and remember to dispose of trash bags and garbage in the dumpsters. 

8.4. Washing of your vehicles and trailers is prohibited.

8.5. Electrical outlets are provided with a certain amperage, and use of it must not exceed that.

8.6. 10 pm to 6 am is listed as the quiet hours, and no audio equipment or machines are to be switched during this period to avoid other campers from getting disturbed.

8.7. The summer is a dry season and results in an annual ban on lighting fires. The ban covers up charcoal grills, fire pits, and campfires, but one may bring their gas for cooking at their campsite.

When it is extra dry, the ban may exceed smoking in the outdoors, wild areas, and hiking trails as well, but you can smoke in a closed vehicle, ramadas parking lots, and developed campsites. Therefore, when deciding to go camping look out for the restrictions if there are any.

8.8. Check-in happens on the day of arrival at around 1 pm, and the check-out must be done on the day of departure before noon. If you want to extend your time, notify the Lake Pleasant camp staff before 9 am.

The extension may happen only if the site is available, or you will have to move to another site. One site consists of a maximum of 8 people. 

9. Lake Pleasant Camping

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Thus, Lake Pleasant Camping is a beautiful place not only for camping but a powerhouse of fun and adventure activities. It boasts not only land but also scenic water beauties.

It is a place one would like to visit with their family or friends to celebrate a small getaway from their monotonous life among the fauna and flora of incredible Arizona.

Lake Pleasant Camping is much more than its name suggests, and you would believe that too if you visit it. Just go through the points to remember once again before going camping there to recall all these essential points for a smooth camping experience.

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