Living in Alaska Pros and Cons: 10 Astounding Places

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Living in Alaska pros and cons

Living in Alaska pros and cons: – The North Pole has become the synonym of Santa Clause. One can easily imagine a place that is covered with snow and reindeers. Alaska’s nickname is ‘The Last Frontier’ as it is far, far away from the other states.

Alaska was once a Russian territory. It had become a part of the United States on October 18 in 1867. Alaska was an abandoned land by the United States until the gold mines there were discovered in 1896.

Alaska’s strategic importance came to light in World War II. Finally, Alaska got its position. It became the 49th state of the United States on January 3, 1959.
Alaska is the largest state of America. State capital Juneau is one of the big cities in the US.

 Living in Alaska pros and cons: –  *Natural Gas

Alaska is known for its storage of natural gas also.  Alaska holds a huge amount of natural gas. It is enough for all the other states in the United States of America.

Pros of Living

1. Nature’s Most Beautiful Craft

Alaska is a beauty from every angle. The snowcapped mountains, lakes, and rivers make her mesmerizing. Northern lights, and the wildlife, Alaska is a picture-perfect place, nature’s beautiful craft. Move to Alaska means living in the lap of nature.

2. Northern Lights

Living in Alaska pros and cons
Northern Lights

Watching Aurora Polaris almost every night is a blessing. These polar lights are awestruck and inspiring. Planet’s natural fireworks without any tickets.


 3. Permanent Fund Dividend

Isn’t it marvelous if our state gives us its share as a stipend? Since 1980 Alaska has been started paying money out to its people. Investment earnings from Alaskan mineral royalties are paid out to Alaskans.

Alaska’s residents are eligible for the fund. One has to live in Alaska for at least one year to be eligible for the dividend.

4. Wildlifeliving in Alaska pros and cons

Alaska is a habitat of fish and wildlife. Moose, polar bears, sheep, mountain goats, and many animals are there.

Alaska is one of the rarest places where one can go fishing and hunting the entire year for a living. One can do fishing and hunting despite any previous experience.

5. Favoring Business Concerns

Alaska’s online licensing procedures for startups are easy and effortless. Plenty of small business loans are also available there. One who loves to take business as a way of living, Alaska is the perfect place.

6. Job Opportunities

Many job opportunities are available now. The oil industry and Natural Gas Industry make job hunting easy here. Other job opportunities are commercial fishing, construction jobs, and healthcare.

7. Summer Beauty

Alaska Summer beauty


Alaska’s summer is the state’s top highlight. 19 hours of daylight in summer is one of the cons of living in Alaska. Unbounded outdoor hobbies are awaiting in the summers.  One can explore nature without any hesitation.

8. Winter Months and Snowsports
winter sports

Since Alaska is situated in the north pole, it is a chilly state. The kind of person who really wants to enjoy winter’s real life, Alaska is the perfect place. In winters, it offers tremendous snow sports. Skating, skiing, snow snake, sledding, curling, broomball …ice sports are incredible.
Snow sport

9. Tax-Friendly

There are no income taxes or state sales taxes in Alaska. Local taxes are meager. So spending and investing are fair.

10. Community Mindset

Alaskans have a real sense of responsibility for their friends and neighbors. The relationship goals are high here. The people here develop a strong bond amongst themselves.

Living in Alaska pros and cons – You may get a friend forever here.

 Cons of Living

1. Big Budget Living

Alaska is one of the more high priced states in the US. Everything is overpriced here. The high cost of living makes life difficult.
It is mainly because of Alaska’s transportation difficulties.  Even fuel costs are also higher here.

2. Unlighted Winters

The Winter climate is really harsh. Seasonal Affective Disorders like depression are shared here.

In winters, one can rarely watch the Sun and daylight. In winter, driving makes one crazy. Snow removal is not pleasant.

living in Alaska pros and cons

3. Natural Disasters

Natural calamities like earthquakes often happen in Alaska. Volcanic spots are here. Mount Katmai is a giant volcano. Eruptions are regular.

4. Shipment Difficulty

It isn’t easy to move from Alaska. The nickname of Alaska is the Last Frontier. It takes days or weeks to reach destinations.

Alaska is far away from the other parts of the country. You may feel isolated here. The road facility is not obtained in many places. Emergency leaving is difficult.

5. Crime Rates

Alaska is also marked as one of the most dangerous cities in America. Most of the crimes are due to excessive drug and alcohol consumptions.

6. Bear Attacks

America’s 95% of the bear population is in Alaska. Bear attacks and accidents due to moose are common.

8. Unemployment  Rate

The unemployment rate in Alaska is higher. This is because of Alaska’s seasonal jobs. Lots of jobs in Alaska happen only in summer. This makes Alaska top in the list of unemployed.

Living in Alaska Pros and Cons – 10 Stunning Cities in Alaska

1. The Largest City – Anchorage

Anchorage is marked as one of the best cities in the United States to live in during the winter. Fishing and easy access to beer are some of the pros to go to Anchorage.

Living in Alaska pros and cons
Anchorage city

However, Anchorage is Alaska’s rude city also because of the people’s offensive behavior.

Anchorage is the home of thousands of moose. Day cruise or sightseeing flights here help you watching the scenery, especially glaciers. Bike paths and railroads are here in Anchorage.

LIVING IN ALASKA – PROS AND CONS – Living in Anchorage means watching Beluga whales and dog sledding. Anchorage cuisine is somewhat different and worth having a try.

Alaska’s largest city Anchorage is a perfect place for vacation. It makes you feel magical. Tourists should be a little bit careful in the city because of the crime rates.
Anchorage Museum is Alaska’s largest Museum. This Museum tells the story of Alaska.

2. Juneau

The state capital is Juneau. It is the second-largest city in America. Juneau is blessed with wildlife. It is the safest city in Alaska.
Juneau is a metropolitan city. Beaches are the other attraction. Juneau offers everything to the visitors.

Juneau State capital
Juneau State capital

3. Fairbanks

If you are onto aurora, Fairbanks is the place. Sunset, sunrise, northern lights, and midnight Sun .. everything is here. Hunting opportunities are available.
Fairbanks Alaska

4. * Skagway  – A Small-Town

Living in Alaska pros and cons
dog sledding

The city of Skagway was once a small, unnoticed place. But the Gold Rush in 1896 changed the history of this city upside down. Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park can tell many more stories to its visitors.

5.Knik Fairview

Adventure sports are awaiting here for adventurous lovers.  Delicious cuisine is another attraction. It is a kind of modern city.
Sea food


Exploring Alaska’s art in winter. The three foremost attractions in Ketchikan are plucky salmons, jaw-dropping scenery, and rich culture.

7. Homer

Homer is nicknamed as ‘end of the road.’ It is a small city. Seafood restaurants and beaches are the attractions.

8. Palmer

Palmer is Alaska’s vegetable city. This stunning valley fascinates the visitors with its enchanting beauty.
Thyme Bloom

9. Wasilla

Wasilla is Alaska’s safest city.  Knik Museum & Sled Dog Musher’s Hall of Fame is the attraction. It is the right place for pet lovers.

10. Sitka

Sitka was Alaska’s first capital city. Si put fishing, hiking, and its varied culture to its visitors forwards.
Sitka Columbine



Living in Alaska pros and cons –Alaska is a gift from nature.  It has a stable tourism industry—tourists all over the globe like to visit here.

Alaska’s unpolluted air makes the energy level optimistic. Where there are assets, there are liabilities also. Are you looking forward to leading an eco-friendly life? Then Alaska is the best place.

Living in Alaska pros and cons  – Alaska is rich in its cultural diversity. Hiking, boating, and plenty of sports make life delightful.

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