All About Zipline Alaska: 5 Exciting Ziplines

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Best Zipline Alaska
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If you an adventure lover, then you should definitely try zipline Alaska. It has so many options for different types of zipline tours due to its abundance of forests and mountains.

Best Ziplines Alaska

Here, we will list out some best zip line adventure tours, one of the best outdoor activities that are found right here in Alaska and a few hidden gems.

1. Alpine Zipline Adventure

Within the capital of Alaska, Juneau, lies this spectacular zipline tour for you and your family to enjoy this breathtaking scenery. This Alaska zipline starts from Eaglecrest Ski Area amidst Tongass National Forest. At Douglas island, you will be greeted by your expert guides, who will instruct you and gear you up for your ride in the trees.

Your alpine zipline adventure comprises 5 ziplines, the longest being 600 feet. You will land in a treehouse with an exquisite view from where you would get a chance to cross over a suspension bridge, and at the end of the adventure, you can enjoy some ax throwing.

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Things you should be aware of this zip line Alaska adventure are:

  • Weight should be within 70-250 pounds.
  • You must be 8 years or more.
  • You would be asked to sign a liability waiver.
  • This whole adventure is 3.75 hours long.
  • This zipline Alaska difficulty level is moderate.

2. Denali Park Zipline

When in Alaska, visiting Denali national park is a must. It consists of 6 million acres of wildlife in Alaska, North America’s tallest peak, Denali. And you can find Denali park zip line half miles from Denali national park entrance.

Unlike any other zipline, which provides you with the tour from under the canopy of trees here in this zip line Alaska, you will get to ride above the trees from where you can wallow in the 360-degree view of the boreal forest, tundra, and spruce forest.

adult male tourist wearing casual clothing on zip line or
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In this Alaska zipline, you will get to experience 7 thrilling zip lines, which would be around half mile long.

You will also have fun while crossing 4 suspension bridges, which will come in between different ziplines, and you can bask in nature from the zip platforms above the treetops, which we must say has a great view and bridge towers of suspension bridges.

The best thing about this zipline is that you get to relish this adventure with your hands-free to fly like a bird. Things you should be aware of this zipline Alaska adventure are:

  • The age groups are divided among children for 8 to 12 years and adults for 13 and more.
  • Rates for adults are $139 and for a child is $99.
  • The weight of the person should be at least 70 pounds and not exceed 280 pounds.
  • Your zipline tour will be around 3 hours.
  • The person’s medical condition should be disclosed beforehand, and pregnant women or people with injuries, seizure disorder, neck, or backache are not allowed.
  • The waiver is to be signed before participating.

Check out Denali Park Zipline Instagram handle by clicking here.

3. MICA Guide Zipline

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Very close to Anchorage is the most adventurous of the zip line Alaska tours. You would get to zip adventure 2 lines, one of which is the fastest zipline in Alaska, G2.

The first zipline of the mica guide is The Nitro. You will begin with climbing a three-story tower, which is 30 feet high from where you will start your flight, and then you will be sent into forests attached to your zip line. You can relish in the wildlife around you in the wildlife tours, and to the end of the nitro zipline, you will witness a coast.

The nitro’s length is 1500 feet with a speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour, and you will be at the height of 150 feet above the river.

From there, you will experience the thrill of riding the fastest zipline Alaska, the G2, which has a panoramic view. You will take off from over the hill around 300 feet above the Matanuska River. You will get to see glaciers, rivers and of course mountains. Flying through G2 is much different than what you experience in nitro.

The G2 is 2200 feet long with a speed of 45 to 60 miles per hour (imagine the speed through which you will be riding).

Things to keep in mind for MIC Guide Zipline in your Alaska Trip are:

  • You should be 7 years or more than 7 to participate
  • The minimum weight for you to ride is 60 pounds, and it should not exceed 235 pounds for the nitro and 285 pounds for the G2.
  • You can ride only G2 if not interested in Nitro by saving $20.

4. Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures

looking up in a coastal redwood forest sequoia sempervirens converging
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Now comes this exhilarating adventure of zipline Alaska, which lies 2 and a half hours south of anchorage is Seward. If you don’t know, Seward is filled with snow-peaked mountains to enjoy a glacier view and lush green rainforest they’re indeed spectacular views.

Stoney creek canopy adventures offer you 8 zip lines combined with three suspension bridges and 2 rappels between the tour.

You would be taking off from atop of a valley, and in between, transportation is provided to different ziplines. You can also find helicopter tours at these places. Things you need to remember for this zip line Alaska are:

  • The minimum age to participate is 10. So you can go along if you are 10 or more than that.
  • Your weight should be ranging from 80 pounds to 270.
  • The duration of your tour is 3 hours.
  • If you want to have a digital photo package to capture all the amazing views, add so to your reservation for just $24 per reservation.

5. Denali Zipline Tours (Talkeetna)

Lying in the northern boreal forest in Talkeetna is another amazing zip line Alaska adventure you should surely do.

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This whole tour encompasses 9 separate zip lines taking you from one platform to another. You will also get to go along 3 suspension bridges, a spiral staircase, and a rappel.

This you should know for this zipline Alaska is almost the same as others.

  • Your age should be 10 or 10+
  • Your whole ride will for 3 hours.
  • The price starts from $149 per adult.

A Thrilling Experience

These were some of the best Alaska zipline tours. You should try to do these as they are so much fun and full of excitement, but there are some things that only an experienced person can tell. So keep them in mind before going ziplining in Alaska.

  • Try to follow layering in clothes because the weather of Alaska is constantly changing.
  • Don’t forget to carry a raincoat because you can never be too safe.
  • You should be aware that you will be walking a lot on uneven terrains, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Try bringing a go pro to capture all your awe-worthy moments.

If you plan on visiting Alaska or spending a night here, do not forget to checkout this link to know what other amazing things Alaska can offer you.

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