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Unveiling Alaska’s Wildlife Wonders: 15 Fascinating Facts

Alaska is known for its amazing wildlife population; it is a place where people can experience real wildlife fun. Some unknown facts about Alaska wildlife add more value to the wildlife treasures of Alaska.

1. Alaska Wildlife Facts

Alaska wildlife may offer you some amazing views of grizzly bears, seas overrun by fishes, and hoofed mammals.

While enjoying the beautiful view of Alaska wildlife, you may find secret salmon hidden under the engrossing Alaska waters. People who love fish and are foodies as well should not skip exploring the Alaska wildlife experience.

2. 15 Incredible Alaska Wildlife Facts to Know

2.1. Salmons

Alaska wildlife
Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash Copyrights 2017

White salmon is considered synonymous with the king salmon family, but there are some differences between the two.

Another name for white salmon can be called white king salmon. In some cases, White salmon may resemble the king salmon due to its appearance, but you may notice the difference once you cut them.

White salmon are normally not that pigmented. You may recognize them only after cutting them, as you may see the lack of pigmentation that makes the flesh look white.

2.2. Caribou in Alaska Wildlife

If you are willing to see the beauty of caribou up close, then you must not skip visiting Alaska wildlife once in a lifetime. Alaska wildlife is filled with reindeer, also popularly known as caribou.

A beautiful animal with attractive antlers. Reindeers or caribou are generally taller than deer. The specialty of reindeer is that both males and females of this family are blessed with mesmerizing antlers.

Unlike deer, these caribou show gender neutrality in their antlers. Nothing would be more pleasing than seeing these outstanding creatures in Alaska wildlife.

2.3. Bears

Alaska wildlife is known for its amazing variety of bears. It is a spot for brown bears, black bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears as well.

Bears are one of the best creatures to observe in the wild. According to various reports on Alaska wildlife, there are more than 25,000 grizzly bears, which makes the largest population of Alaska wildlife.

Animal lovers must try a visit to Alaska Wildlife to observe these bears living their daily lives. You may encounter grizzly bears on your journey.

Just prepare yourself completely before your Alaska excursions to face this type of situation!

2.4. Whales

While enjoying your Alaska wildlife trip, you may see the lives of whales as well. Seeing the humpback whale very closely can refresh your mind. Alaskan waters are the best host for migrating whales.

In Alaskan water, migrating whales mate and produce their young. The view of active air, combined with the freshwater would enhance the beauty of these whale groups.

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2.5. Alaskan Husky

Alaska wildlife can be a great place for husky lovers. Even if you don’t love dogs, the outstanding view of dog sledding can make your excursion more enjoyable.

Huskies can be a package of talent and beauty together. Not to mention, huskies are one of the strongest dog breeds; studies even showed that they can pull more than 70 pounds of weight!

So, pack your bags at the earliest to see the Alaskan husky in North America that will no doubt enhance the charm of Alaskan wildlife.

2.6. Bald Eagles

Eagles can be tagged as the signature birds of the United States; they are the followers of fish and can also be recognized as bald eagles. Where the fish will pave the way, these eagles will follow without any second thought.

You can see these bald eagles near the salmon water or any Alaska rivers. A flying view of these eagles will boost the sense of adventure you will get during your trip.

Along with the opportunity to see bald eagles, you can also double your happiness by spotting Stellar’s sea eagles. Nothing can be more rewarding for a bird lover than watching bald eagles in Alaska wildlife.

2.7. Moose

The Alaskan moose can also be found in the state’s wildlife; they can weigh more than 1200 pounds. They may be scarier and more dangerous than bears due to being seen more often as compared to bears.

2.8. King Dall Sheep

In Alaska wildlife, one of the most beautiful animals is the Dall sheep; you may find these creatures in the high mountains. Dall sheep are beautiful to spot, with curved horns that enhance their beauty.

Surprisingly, Dall sheep live for more than a decade. What is even more fascinating is that many types of research show the horns of all sheep and human nails are quite similar.

2.9. Walrus Haulouts

Walrus haulouts are not easily seen or accessible; you may see a lot of walruses lying together, but the view can only be seen during the summer.

Summers are anyways always preferable to see walruses as during summer, the sea ice will not host them, and they need to look for a different place to rest.

Walrus haulouts can be found in most secluded regions. Some spots where walrus haulouts can be easily seen during summer are Round Island, Cape Seniavinthem, and Cape Pierce.

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2.10. Muskoxen in Alaska

You can also enhance the spirit of your adventure by viewing muskoxen in Alaska wildlife. This creature has a beard-like skin which can easily be seen from afar; it also helps that they weigh 400 to 800 pounds!

Rescuing muskoxen is needed to make them visible to visitors, as the number of muskoxen is reducing day by day.

2.11. Arctic Tern

The Arctic tern is one of the best migrating birds; you may see these seabirds flying high in the sky up to 1200 miles at once. Spotting seabirds in one place is quite difficult as they migrate very frequently.

2.12. Mountain Goat

Mountain goats are a powerful version of normal goats; you may get to see mountain goats on your voyage, starting from Talkeetna Mountains to Denali National Park.

More than 3,000 mountain goats have covered most of the Kenai peninsula; you also should not miss the privilege of seeing these mountain goats.

Did you know that mountain goats are extremely powerful? They can jump more than 10 feet at one climb.

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2.13. Sea Lions

You may also see stellar sea lions in Alaska wildlife; these are some of the most adorable creatures. Sea lions are covered with dense black fur as pups but lose it while growing up as adults.

You may find female sea lions more adorable due to their muscular physique and black buff on their back.

2.14. Sea Otters

More than 80% of coastal Alaska is covered by sea otters; they also come under the protection guidelines of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Sea otters have brown, dense fur with a little, flat tail. Sea otters are claimed to have strong eyesight with a powerful sense of smell.

2.15. Wood Bison

Alaska wildlife is an astounding place for wood bison; they have triangular heads with hair on them that makes them different from mountain bison.

Wood bison could scare you for a while with the massive shoulder humps. So be prepared, as you will probably encounter these majestic creatures in the forests of Alaska.

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3. Other Things to Explore in Alaska

3.1. Prince William Sound

The sound of the Gulf of Alaska is known as the Prince William Sound. Make sure you visit Prince William Sound to see the beauty of two oceans meeting at the arm of the Pacific Ocean (Gulf of Alaska).

All you need to do is plan a trip to the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska; it is a heavenly place close to Prince William Sound, Whittier, and Cordova.

3.2. Parks in Alaska

Alaska is all about wildlife, but you can’t roam around to see these animals together. Ultimately, you need to search for centers or parks where you can see animals together in one place.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center may help you view the animals very closely without searching for them. You may hike the way towards the south of anchorage to reach the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

3.3. Alaska Sealife Centre

Birds lovers cannot afford to skip visiting the Alaska Sealife Center; the center is located in Sitka and is home to bald eagles along with many other birds. You may also see falcons, owls, and other types of eagles at this center.

3.4. Alaska Zoo

Children are going to love Alaska Zoo; it is a shelter for so many species that are part of Alaska wildlife. You may see animals enjoying their daily routines within the spacious enclosures.

3.5. Reindeer and Musk Ox Farm

A reindeer and musk oxen farm is essential for making your Alaska wildlife excursion more fascinating. The farm will present you with a group of reindeer and musk oxen to increase your craze for animals.

Buffalo River
Photo by Josh Clemence on Unsplash

4. Rivers to Explore in Alaska

4.1. Kenai River Alaska

You may try visiting this place in Alaska if you are planning multiple Alaska excursions.

Kenai River enters into Skilak Lake or Glacier Lake; the river is very welcoming for fishing lovers with the view of salmon runs.

4.2. Russian River Alaska

It is a perfect spot for enjoying the view of the river along with other facilities if you are looking for an adventurous camping trip.

Russian River starts its journey from the Kenai mountains and flows towards the Kenai River; it can be a perfect family spot to visit.

You may go hiking, fishing, and camping at this place, enjoying the riveting Russian falls while planning a visit to Alaska wildlife.

Closing Thoughts

Alaska wildlife is a true natural wonder that you need to experience at some point in your life. There are countless parks and centers just waiting to help you plan your excursion to the great Alaskan wilderness. So, don’t hesitate to book your trip to Alaska today!

While you are visiting, don’t forget to check out its many notable places like the like

  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
  • Denali national park
  • North Pacific Ocean coast
  • Kenai Fjords National Park

Also, if you are visiting to see or study a specific marine mammal or animal, e.g., southeast Alaska bald eagle, visit the National Marine Fisheries Service to plan a good travel plan.







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