Mud Creek Falls: 3 Things You Should Know Before You Visit

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If you want to hang out with your family and don’t know where to go, don’t give it a second thought. Drive straight to Mud Creek Falls. You can take your kids and pets and can enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfalls.

The waterfalls are known for their accessibility. So, if you’re nearby, getting there is an easy feat! Also, basic facilities are provided.

Pack your bags and travel to this amazing destination. This is an ideal location to enjoy with your family. You don’t have to worry about the safety of these falls as it is less hazardous. Tourists visit this place to get a peaceful and divine feeling of a waterfall.

Also, the green forests and mountains are known to give a glorious ambiance. The falling water, drizzling over the stones, and the sound of the falls together take the visitors to another realm of calmness.

Mud Creek Falls

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Photo by didin email on Unsplash. Copyright 2017

Located in Rabun County, this waterfall is an easily accessible destination. One of the public waterfalls in this area is worth the visit.

With a 100 feet height, this fall is a sheer drop and cascade type of fall. These waterfalls boost their maximum during the rainy season, and you can see the water falling in full power.

This is the third waterfall on Mud Creek, counting from the bottom. Mud creek falls is popular as it is open to the public. Also called the little Estatoah falls, this fall is below the spring lake. Mud creek falls flows into the Estatoah falls in Dillard, Georgia.

Since the falls are reachable by vehicle transport systems, disabled people can also visit the falls. The parking facility is within 50-75 feet. Hiking is not required to access the falls.

These falls are nestled within the Sky Valley resort boundary. This is a tourist destination as it gives them a memorable experience with the amusing falls and majestic landscape.

Two picnic tables are available. Hiking can be done at the base of the falls. This fall is the apt location to get out of your stressful life and spend quality time with your family.

These are steep waterfalls. Interestingly, there is a golf club above this place that you won’t recognize from the base region.

The topmost part of the falls is a free fall region. The lower parts are like a stair-step cascade. During the rainy season, these waterfalls become so strong and become the most amusing falls in Georgia.

The falling of water appears like a fountain. The lush green landscape of the place and the beautiful falls make this place an excellent travel destination.

This is an ample choice for all seasons as Mud creek is a large creek. The nearby mountain gives a great view and complements the falls in their beauty.

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1. Getting There

You can reach this wonderful fall easily. It is situated at the end of a side road of Tahoe Lane. You don’t have to walk too much. Also, if you are interested in hiking, a one-mile-long trail is there, starting from Highway 246.

These are less trafficked falls, and therefore you can get privacy.

To get to the falls, the easiest path is from Highlands. Drive about 10 miles down NC Highway 106 and take a left to get into the Mud Creek Road.

If you are heading from Georgia, then take Clayton road and take a right to Highway 246. After reaching North Carolina, the road traverse to NC 106. The Mud Creek Road is approximately a mile from the border region.

Drive down the Mud Creek road for about 0.9 miles and take a right to reach the sky valley resort. Then drive down to reach Tahoe Lane, and at the end of the lane, the falls are destined.

You can park your vehicle at the base of the falls. You will reach close to the falls easily by walking.

If you need a little bit of adventure, take the trail. It gives you more breathtaking views as the trail passes many cascades and smaller falls.

2. Hiking Trails

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Photo by Jenny Smith on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

Although most people prefer drive-in access, the hiking trail is also a good option to see the falls. The trail is straightforward, and even a beginner could do it. Spring season is the best time to hike on this trail. There are no particular fees for hiking. You can see the spectacular cascades and falls while hiking.

Start by going through the dirt road from the side road of Highway 246. A parking space can be seen within 100 feet of distance. The trail progresses on the narrow road. You can see a dam structure if you take a right from the initial road. Don’t miss it! Visit the dam and get back to the dirt road. As you progress, the trail will become more narrow.

You can see beautiful cascades on your way. You will reach a side trail. It leads to a gorgeous location. Mountain Laurel forms a cascade.

Get back to the main trail after exploring the scenic cascade. The trail will be close to Mud creek during this phase of your journey. You can see the gradual ascending of the trail as you move. You will reach a footbridge that crosses a tributary of the river.

Descend some stone steps and follow the narrow way, or take the other trail closer to Mud creek. You can see a broad road in the forest. The trail ends at Mud creek Falls. You can witness the mind-blowing views of Mud creek falls.

The parking facility is off Tahoe road. After exploring the place, head back to the trail. You can avoid the side trails while returning to save time. This hiking experience will reboot your inner soul. The tranquility offered by this place is recognized as a great gift by tourists.

3. Nearby Attractions

There are many good destinations near Mud Creek Falls. The place is good for outdoor adventures. So if you pay a visit to these falls, you can easily get to the neighboring attractions and save time.

Estatoah Falls

These falls are also located on Mud Creek. Unlike Mud Creek falls, this is private property. You can view this from Highway 246. This falls acquired the name from the Cherokee Indian village.

Hiking trails are not present. This is not a pet-friendly space.

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Photo by NOAA on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

Ammons Creek Falls And Holcomb Creek Falls

Ammons falls are located in Rabun County. There is a hiking trail to access both falls and an observation deck for watching the falls. The trail is 1.75 miles long. Holcomb falls 120 feet high, and it is an amazing fall to spend time with. The trail starts at the intersection of two roads.

These falls give amazing views and are worth the visit. The trail is not a difficult one. This location is a popular place for short hikes and nice views.

Martin Creek Falls

This is a small waterfall just outside Erwin town. You can reach this fall by taking a short hike. The serene beauty of this falls; it must visit the place.

Martin Creek is a good place for a family hike. You can take your pets too! The rhododendron trees make the place more beautiful.

Becky Branch Falls

This is also situated in Rabun County. With mesmerizing views, these falls always attract tourists. Hiking trails are there. The lush green vegetation of this area is its highlight. The trail is moderately easy and family-friendly.


mud creek falls
Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on Unsplash. Copyright 2016

Mud creek falls is a great place to hang out with your family. This fall has a serene atmosphere that can revive everyone. Every tourist appreciates the scenic beauty of these falls.

No special charges are required to visit this place. Therefore you don’t have to spend too much on an outing here. Unlike many other waterfalls, this is accessible to children and pets.

There is almost no danger in bringing your pets and children. This destination also provides great photogenic places. So make sure that you are bringing your camera.

Since the hike is an easy one, anyone can enjoy the trail. The trail is also giving magnificent views, and thus no one will get bored in their journey.

If you are not interested in hiking, you can access the falls by using the roadway. Mud creek falls like a hidden gem, as it is not so familiar for everyone, but still, people find it out to get an amazing experience.

This is a must-visit place near sky valley, according to tourists. With the ease of parking and public property, Mud Creek falls one of Georgia’s best waterfalls.

Take a break and explore these waterfalls with your family and friends. Learn more about waterfalls and nature. Mud creek will not disappoint you. Pay a visit to these falls and excite yourself.

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