Museum of Natural Curiosity: 5 Exhibits to Know About

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museum of natural curiosity

If you are looking for an excellent place for kids and family, we know just the place, the Museum of natural curiosity. Not only different activities but loads of other interactive things are there. People get to choose their preferred type of adventure for kids or themselves.

Museum of Natural Curiosity

Situated in the beautiful gardens at the Thanksgiving point Institute, the museum of natural curiosity is a unique children’s museum.

This Museum is a philanthropic place for education situated in Lehi, Utah. Not just one, but there are different creative and playful things to explore. For both kids and adults, this museum can be enjoyable.

The Museum of natural curiosity’s motives mainly spark people’s imagination and refresh how they think about different topics.

Kids usually love this place because this is not a dull kind of museum. The place has its charm to explain various topics of interest. The whole team behind this museum put in a lot of effort and collaborated on a shared vision. All of this hard work was for creating this interactive and innovative place.

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People going to this place for the first time don’t need to worry. We have got you covered. We will discuss the location, the exciting things to do there, and other important information.

1. Best Place for Kids

Here’s why the museum of natural curiosity is the best place for your kids. The museum provides a 45,000 square feet area for kids to get the most out of place. This is not a mere museum with boring things to explore, which the kids usually never enjoy. This museum provides the best systems and facilities to provide exciting activities for the best experience.

Also, this museum is known for its nonprofit educational morals.

  • The different activities even consist of places specially designed for kids under 4 years. This makes it an even better place to take your kids of any age.
  • The whole place is safe for kids, and the museum takes every measure possible to ensure children’s safety.
  • The place has exciting ways to make any knowledge-related topic even better for children.

2. Things to Explore in the Museum of Natural Curiosity

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The museum of natural curiosity consists of 5 main exhibit areas, and there are even rope courses in rafters. This is one of the largest complete museums in the US.

Thanksgiving point is also known as a non-profit place and family-oriented place. The 45,000-square-foot place for children is known best for its wide range of exciting things to do.

In the discovery garden, kids learn about the different concepts and mechanisms. The essential parts of our world are discussed uniquely, making the children even more interested.

Especially enjoy the demonstration of the science behind wind, sun, and earth, or go to the geometry garden. Visitors can also try the canopy tour if they want an adrenalin rush in their body or looking for something exciting.

2.1 Kidopolis

Among the five exhibits, Kidopolis is the most popular place. Not only kids but also adults love it here; this is where children get to explore a movie theatre, a bank, a doctor’s office, and a recording studio.

The place also has a train station that carries children on a small train. This train gives them a tour around the whole place.

While riding on the train, they also watch a screen that lets them see where they are traveling. This place is usually preferred if you have kids who love exploring exciting things. The motive of Kidopolis is mainly to give young minds different knowledge about basic types of machinery. The motive of Kidopolis is mainly to give young minds different knowledge about essential gadgetry.

The place even lets them get creative with dancing and movies and even provides music studios. In Kidopolis, kids discover different secret passageways and perform tricks at the magic shop.

2.2 Discovery Garden

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This Garden is not like the other Gardens we usually see. This outdoor playground is quite pretty and more interesting than normal ones. Discovery Garden is mainly known for learning about nature and EVS. The garden also makes kids explain nature and the six simple machines in the Archimedes Playground.

Discovery Garden is the outdoor gallery of the Museum of Natural Curiosity. It is an area designed to educate children and make them aware of our nature and surroundings. The garden consists of a fascinating and identical replica of the Timpanogos Cave. The garden also includes two different hedgerow mazes and an “eco-pond.”

The Discovery Garden also includes a Nature Explore Classroom, Arbor Day Foundation-certified. The first certified in Utah and one of the other 65 in the United States.

2.3 Rainforest

This is also one of the most famous preferred places by the tourist who have already gone there. Rainforest is always the kids’ favorite exhibit. There are different activities to try here. There is an obstacle course, a Twisty slide, and a Tower of trampoline nets to climb to the top.

There is also a hall of bravery and a trading post with all these different climbing areas.

These altogether allow kids to test their abilities in jumping and other physical activities. People also get to explore different ancient ruins and Chambers in the rainforest area. Kids even get the opportunity to get inside a 45-foot-tall monkey head. Here they can pretend to fly the piper cub.

2.4 Waterworks

We all know that almost every kid loves water. Now imagine what if water and Technology are brought together. This fourth exhibit is all about water, as the name suggests. There are a few non-water activities to try out in this part of the museum.

Waterworks consist of a tornado tube, a topographical table, a few earthquake tables, and some solar-powered cars.

Waterworks are not only about water. But it also makes kids learn about the different science behind the essential elements of life. Elements consist of water, wind, sun, and even Earth. There are even special seats for younger visitors to make them learn a thing or two about the essential element, water.

Visitors don’t have to worry about getting soaked because the Museum provides different smokes to help families from getting soaked. They also provide a wind chamber that helps visitors dry themselves off.

2.5 Travelling exhibit

The museum of natural curiosity also consists of a gallery with rotating exhibits. There is even a geometry playground, which is as exciting as it sounds. Like the other part of the museum, kids get to see and experience interactive and educational topics. The discussions held there are not made in a boring way, though.

If the kids want, they can also go for a class in one of the Dickson Academy classrooms in the museum of natural curiosity. The classroom is also full of engaging educational topics.

Not only educational but also adventurous opportunities are there to let the kids test their courage. The museum also has customized-built canopy tours. These canopy Tours are above 40 feet in the air, consisting of the high ropes course.

These high ropes let the kids see and experience the museum from above of the museum. So, kids enjoy the whole museum view and the different fun ropes course challenge areas simultaneously.

Parents don’t need to worry about the children’s safety during the canopy tour. The Museum provides the best safety measures to keep off danger and practices for the children’s safety. This is also an add-on to this list because the kids usually prefer this area for an adventurous time.

In conclusion, you always get to choose from various topics for learning opportunities. Visitors can always choose a new activity that they want their kids to learn. You can even explore new adventures, each of the different options.

Location: Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. Address:3605 N. Garden Drive.

Timings: Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Closed Sunday.


  • Adults: $15
  • Children: (3-12 years): $12
  • Seniors: $12
  • The Thanksgiving Point Explorer Pass includes one-day admission to the Museum of Natural Curiosity, Farm County, Ancient Life, and Ashton Gardens.

Adults: $24.95

Children: $19.95

But always recheck the timings and prices before visiting the place, to be sure. As the name suggests, the museum of natural curiosity makes the kids even more curious. I am curious about the natural phenomenon and mechanics of nature and natural surroundings.

Also, there are different exhibitions and other exciting things every day to take part in. So, you never know what opportunity you may get.

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They also provide cafes and gift shops so you can choose what to take as a gift from this museum. Altogether this is a fantastic place for knowledge and enjoyment in every way possible. But don’t forget to take at least 3 to 4 hours before going to this place. Taking so much time lets you enjoy every bit of the museum.

The cost of the museum may be a little high, but the activities for which you pay are worth it. And also, as this is a nonprofit organization, all your money will end up for a good cause. The museum of natural curiosity and there are other things to do. If you are visiting the thanksgiving point, try checking out other activities.


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